Chapter 1


Among equally terrifying screams and sounds echoing through the local area and beyond, the one that disrupted the restless teen from his slumber was the unfamiliar gun shot that erupted within his home street.

Lucas, a fifthteen year old boy, jumped out of his skin and sat up wide eyed as if he had been up for hours. Only after the gun shot did he begin registering the sounds or terror coming from his near proximity and immediately he knew that something wasn't right.

From his bedroom nothing could be seen so he jumped into his clothes and climbed down the ladders where he started shouting for the rest of his family only to receive no response. After going room by room, from top to bottom, he came to the conclusion that no one was home but it wasn't much of a surprise, for someone who wakes up in late afternoons.

Whilst panicking thoughts clouded his mind with suspicions of what was going on outside, the ringing sound of the house phone made it into his head so he rushed into the front room and grabbed it off its stand and answered anxiously.

"Lucas?!" A familiar voice yelped before he managed to press the device to his ear. "I need help, help!"

"Nicole, what's happening? Are you okay?" He asked, panting from his partners frightened encouragement.

"I don't know! Shit's going crazy outside and AH-," she was interrupted, with a loud thud heard over the phone. "My parents are trying to get into the room but I do- I don't trust them Lucas," she wept, "there's something wrong with their eyes and there's blood…"

"Uh, ok-okay calm down Nicole!"

"I'm so scared…"

"Just keep them out of the room I'll be right over!"

"No you can't go outside its cr- AH!" The thud was heard again as the phone was hit against the door, along with her other hand, to try and close the door after her parents pushing past the drawers once again.

"Just stay there!"

He had no idea what was happening outside but it was crazy enough to have affected her parents all the way in Garden City so he could only imagine how bad this 'event' was outside, so just in case he ran into the kitchen and opened up the drawers to look for a nicely sized knife.

After searching the drawer nothing came near to a knife large enough to keep people off thanks to pure intimidation until he remembered that they have a holster for the larger knives near the sink, so he found the largest and clenched it in his grasp and made his way over to the backdoor to and put on his cheap branded converse.

I don't know what's happened to get everyone in such a frenzy, crazy enough for police to bring weapons to the streets, but I'm not going to sit tight whilst something happens to Nicole, what kind of boyfriend would that make me? Nobody's going to stop me, no one!

Thud… Thud… Thud…

A thud, with several slowly following, came on his glass back door which startled him and made him drop his last shoe, bouncing across the floor. A large silhouette could be seen beyond the blinds separating the two's sight thanks to the beaming sun behind them, making it seem like he was just knocking but with his face against the glass.

Wh-who is that? A burglar? A friend? What're they-!

A louder thud stopped him in his thoughts. Whoever it was, was making it obvious that they wanted to get in for some reason but he wasn't prepared to move the blinds and find out the repercussions, not emotionally, so he quietly moved to pick up his last shoe as if no one was home so he could leave out the front door instead.

He wasn't as slick as he thought and the last of enough thuds on the glass window had made its toll as the man outside fell through the shattering glass, once again startling Lucas as he landed slightly before his feet flat on his face.

The man remained motionless for a brief moment, long enough for Lucas to put on his shoe before his neck jarred upward and his lifeless eyes stared directly at Lucas, successfully draining all confidence from his spirit as he shouted in response and 're-activated' the man.

His right arm slammed on the ground, then the left followed suit before he suddenly tried to grab Lucas but he quickly pulled his leg back. The man began crawling towards him in an intimidating and clearly uncomfortable way, with his neck flailing about as if broken, so he grabbed the knife he put down to tie his shoes and ran from the kitchen through to the front door.

He grabbed the key off the hook and got out of his house quickly, locking it from the outside to keep himself safe but once outside he felt as if he had only just really entered the danger.

From his front door alone he could see a car driven through the neighbour across the road to the right's house, most likely killing that kid he really hated and his family inside. A body of a man dangling over next doors garden fence with a large puddle of fresh blood soaking into the grass and spilling onto the path beside.

The most frightening sight of them all, about to unfold across the road, being when he sees a man limping towards his neighbours door but before getting there it is opened by one of the twins, only to have him be attacked. Thrown onto the ground by the stranger in front of his brother and mother, having his the flesh from his neck torn by the man's teeth, spraying blood all up the white door and onto his family before the parent screamed and lead her remaining son out of the door, into the family car and she drove them out of the street.

What the fuck's happening… Is that a…a-

The large thud behind him from the man inside his house interrupted his thoughts once again whilst also startling him for the final time before he walked off his yard and into the street where he was introduced to a grab on the bottom of his jeans. He instinctively kicked the person doing so, only to feel terrible afterwards.

After the initial shock factor he discovered it was a woman crawling with a large chunk missing out of her waist and a large blood trail leading from deeper into the street, and after kicking her all he could hear was her crying in pain.

He didn't know what to do, so he ran. He ran away from the adult on the ground as if she had no importance and didn't stop until he reached the furthest end of his street, turned it and went into the first garden on his right which belonged to one of his best friends.

"Sean! SEAN! Let me in PLEASE!" He shouted, knocking on the door faster and harder than he had ever done to the point where his knuckles started to ache but he endured it.

"G-go away!" His father shouted.

"Alan? Alan please let me in, I need help!"

"Get out of here Lucas!" He shouted back, acknowledging who was begging at his door.

"Please I need you to help me get to Garden C-"

"I swear to God Lucas, get out of here or else I'll kill you myself! You're drawing those things here, just go!"

He stepped back from the door wide eyed by how he was being treated, how he was acting as if there was nothing he could do to open the door and lend the familiar visitor a hand. He backed away and fled the garden, running back into his street and heading straight for the other end, running past the woman he had injured who was now being eaten alive by his neighbour and the stranger who had attacked him.

They're… they're infected! This is just like in those games; Dead Island, Left 4 Dead, how did this happen?

Once making it out of his street and he stood in Caernarvon Close he was getting a clearer image of how this outbreak was affecting everyone. There were crashed cars, houses broken into, corpses on the ground and people running like headless chickens, even people being mugged at such a time as now, but it only got worse with hands-on-experience.

A hooded man with long brown ratty hair took a hold of his wrist and tried to disarm the knife from his grasp. He was caught half surprised but had still managed to grab the handle as hard as he could, keeping it out of the violent man's hands as he started kicking and punching him in attempt to take it off of him, kicking his shins until Lucas fell over onto his back and the knife was successfully taken.

With the knife in his grasp, eyes glued to it with a nervous chuckle, he apologised with tears strolling down his cheeks before running across the road beside them only to be hit by an oncoming vehicle, flying over the top and landing on the ground, broken and lifeless whilst the vehicle maintained speed and continued down the street.

So much had happened and Lucas didn't know how to feel other than traumatised. Less than ten minutes ago he was fast asleep with no idea of what was happening outside but now he was in the middle of it all and he wished he had never left the comfort of his bed.

Regardless, he had someone to help on the other side of Deeside so he had little time for dilly-dally, so he got himself up off the ground and ran past the mangled thief, heading straight on until he turned down Shotton Lane and made it to the main road, where it was only at its worst.

Cars were zooming down the street whilst narrowly navigating their way past and between the abandoned or crashed cars, people running and 'infected' killing, though sometimes drivers would ignore all and drive on through regardless.

He's unarmed and hasn't got anyone to back him up so he tries to avoid absolutely everyone whilst walking along the main road that lead through the entirety of Flintshire, which was made difficult considering the looters and infected.

When he made it to the path near Charlie's car park he could see that literally hundreds of people were crowded around the store entrance, as well as a slightly smaller amount of cars cluttering the car park, main road outside of it and even on the path.

What're they all doing?

"Everybody get back!"

A mad man, wielding and shooting his shotgun around every now and then, shouted at the people standing outside of the store whilst he himself stands alone inside with a few shot bodies around him.

"Let us in!"

"Let me through!"

"Shut it!" He shouted back at those trying to get inside, shooting his double barrelled shotgun once again. "Charlie's is mine! I have the biggest gun therefore it's mine, so go find another shop to loot and get the fuck out!"


A gunshot from the crowd of people is fired from a small firearm which hits and kills the man, releasing a wave of people into the store who quickly begin to scatter for supplies such as food, tents, clothes, weapons, and Charlie's stocks it all.

The pistol wielding man runs to the shot-gunners body shouting to everyone that the store is his now as he tries to pick the weapon up demand everyone leaves but before he could manage he's tackled by several other people who also want the weapons, piling over each other and fighting for control.

Jesus Christ.

Lucas could only hear and slightly see what was going on inside the store but he could guess the kind of chaos that was unfolding for the sake of stocking up for this 'outbreak', and he was glad that he wasn't getting involved himself since it appeared more likely for PEOPLE to kill you rather than the real problem, 'infected'.

From Charlie's he ran, all of the mayhem made him realise that it could be just as bad in Garden City and not only that but his girlfriend was already in a dangerous situation where she could be infected at any moment and he just couldn't bear the thought.

Right around Queensferrys Spar he stopped running and continued walking, he never could handle a lot of running since his stamina was so bad, the main reason why he wanted to start going the gym again. He brushed his short brown fringe that had begun sticking to his forehead with sweat and he rolled up the sleeves on his chequered shirt to cool himself down a little in the hot weather, though he didn't want to take the shirt off in case he ended up being outside overnight. It was obvious at this point that this thing was going to last more than a night, and wasn't going to blow over by tomorrow.

Just before you reach the blue bridge that lead into Garden City there's an army cadets base, where weapons with live ammunition and soldiers trained to use them were staying so they should be rolling out eventually to sort out the mess unfolding around them, which was a lightening thought, but now it seemed unlikely.

When passing the military base, the sight of Lucas caused the soldiers to raise their rifles from the other side of the fence, at which point he crouched and raised his hands whilst begging for them to hold fire. Thankfully they did but this was the only indication, no one said so or lowered their weapons, the fact that they hadn't shot was what Lucas took as an 'okay' before he ran away, still with his hands up until he was on the bridge.

What the hell're they doing? Why're they hiding behind their fences when they should be out HERE helping us! It's their job, what they enrolled to do! This is BULLSHIT!

Complaining about the whole situation wasn't going to get him anywhere so there was no point wasting time on it, instead he continued until he had made it to Ferry Bank, the first street when you enter Garden City from the bridge, where his girlfriend lived.

Her house was in the corner of the street, one of the first you'd see when entering, so he ran and tried to open their front door but it was locked. He kept trying until he could hear Nicole screaming from the bedroom in the front of the house, her parents, so he backed up and shouted up at the window until she ran over and opened it.

"Lucas! Oh my God, help me please!" She begged.

"I can't, I can't get in, and I don't have a weapon or anything to get them away from the door!"

"What're you going to do the-… just please help!"

Her cries had gotten louder and sounded painful enough to tear her throat so he told her to stop shouting while he looked for a way to get her out, starting with her dad's car. He was a builder, so it was easy to assume he'd have a ladder of some sort in the back of his jeep, but he didn't. The one that was usually against the wall beside the house was gone also.

"I can't find anything, you're just gonna have to jump!" He shouted to her.

"I ca- I can't jump from here, you're not strong enough to catch me!"

"Trust me Nicole, there's nothing else I can do!"

She didn't like the idea, she made that clear, and it was obvious she still didn't want to while she was lifting her legs over the window frame. She dangled herself out with only her hands on the frame, to lower the height she was dropping from, but like Lucas she wasn't very strong and couldn't even hold herself up, so she fell prematurely.

It was lucky that Lucas was able to move into position quick enough to break her fall, but in the process he injured himself whilst only slightly cushioning Nicole, so she was still hurt regardless.

"We… need to get out of here, now!" He stated.

"I know, I know. We could take my dad's car?"

"Where're the keys?"

"They're on the kitchen windowsill, just break the window or something, they should be right there."

Lucas looked around for a large enough rock to throw and managed to find one but whilst doing so he noticed the larger number of infected now in her street and they were only going to swarm once they hear the window smashing.

If the keys aren't there… we're fucked.

He threw the rock as hard as he can and shattered the glass but he didn't have anything to break the remaining glass sticking up from the frame so he hopes the keys aren't too far but when he has a look they weren't where Nicole said. Instead they were on the kitchen counter beside the sink, which is only a little further but he didn't want to risk cutting himself.

He reached in as far as he could but they're just slightly out of reach but after pushing himself a little further he managed to grab them but simultaneously several loud thuds terrified him as Nicole's parents fell down their staircase together. Their fall resulted in him cutting his arm on the glass and it was quite deep but he was more concerned when he saw her parents, the emptiness in their eyes as they reached in his general direction and let out scary gasps.

They got into her father's car and turned on the ignition but neither of them had ever properly driven, only his girlfriend had experience with driving up and down their driveway when she was younger, but Lucas was behind the wheel.

Nicole put her past experience and researched knowledge together with Lucas's driving experience on Xbox games and they manage to figure out the basics. He reversed away from the house and turned them around but in the process manages to crash into Nicole's kitchen, damaging the wall and jeep slightly.

She disregarded it and tells him to drive so he floors it out of the street and sloppily manages to turn to their right and continued along the straight road, which eventually made it to the motorway and he took a certain route.

"Where're we going?" Asked Nicole.


"Why there?"

"You got a better option? I don't know where the fuck to go. I don't even know where my parents are and I left my fucking phone back at the house!" He shouted back accidentally. "We're just gonna go to Chester and see whether we can find Charlie, okay? Hopefully he doesn't shut me out," he mutters the latter to himself.



It took little under little under fifthteen minutes for them to reach Chester without any traffic, only other cars speeding past one and other far over the speed limit and often crashing due to this, and once in Lucas kept on the precise route.

"How do you know where you're going?"

"This is the bus route," he replied. "I don't know any other route into Chester. So if I want to find Charlie's house I'll have to walk from the bus statio-"