Atomos the Unbreakable!

"Bullshit," he said as he spat his coffee out on the floor.

"I'll be back to pay later, Joe." he said as he grabbed his long brown coat from the back of his chair.

The man's name was Ronald Young, better known as Atomos on the streets of Solarium. He left the crumpled newspaper at his table as he walked out the door. The headline read "Newest Hero Challenges Solarium For $10,000!" but what had caught Atomos' attention was the subtitle "Self proclaimed strongest man alive challenges one and all to test their might."

By this point, the people of Solarium knew that when you felt the thunderous footsteps of Atomos coming near, you moved! Even the cars stopped for him, the basic equivalent of a red light. Not even ambulances dared drive near him on the days he had anger in his eyes.

Today was definitely one of those days. Even through his dark sunglasses the people could tell how angry his sharp blue gaze was.

Yes, he certainly had presence, which made it all the easier to bust through the press congregating around the podium stationed outside of the massive "Amphitheater" exhibition center. Behind the podium was a man in a white robe with shoulder length blond hair, glittering golden eyes, and the biggest shit eating grin that Atomos had ever seen.

"Hey Jackass!" Atomos bellowed. Not even the air dared to blow after such a noise. When he was sure that all eyes were on him, he continued,

"If you think you're the strongest in the city, then you'd be mistaken! That title belongs to me, goldy locks, and I don't like it when people steal from me because that means I gotta get up and pound their ass until it's blue and six feet under ground!" This shocking proclamation sparked a reaction from the city's newest hero.

"Ha ha ha! Finally! A real man has emerged! And with such a mighty proclamation! You seem like a worthy challenger! But none can even hope to beat the mighty, the fabulous, the Astonishing Heracles!"

"Whatever, golden boy. I'm Atomos! That means I can't be cut, smashed, broken, or beaten. If you think I'm scared of a pretty boy like you who can barely lift his face under the weight of his own makeup, then you'd be mistaken! So when I'm kicking in your teeth on live T.V. and I bend that pretty face of yours, I might just give you a chance to beg for mercy before I rip out your tongue!"

"A challenge it is, then! I'll have my boys lead you to your dressing room and we'll fight at noon! Deal?"


At that, 4 neatly dressed and finely groomed men came out of the swinging front doors to bring Atomos to his dressing room in which he found an assortment of flashy costumes for him to choose from.

"More of his flashy bullshit,"

He said as he ripped each and every one in half with his hands, causing the attendees to run scared from the room. Atomos hung his jacket on one of the coat hangers and left his white tank top on the floor. For the next four hours, thunderous cracks of knuckles hitting sandbags could be heard echoing throughout the halls.

In the short time since the fight had been announced, a surprising amount of people had filled the thousands of seats and they were all cheering and representing their chosen fighter. No doubt there were bets being placed in bars and back alleys all over the city. It was shaping up to be the biggest event of the year and it had only been a short while. The people of Solarium loved nothing more than a fight between two of the city's altered residents!

When the clock struck 12, he emerged from his room in only his green cargo pants, his jet black boots and his signature sunglasses.

As he bounded out to the ring, some rock song was playing. When he reached the ring, he grabbed the steel stairs and hurled them at the speakers which had saluted his entrance. The speakers exploded and rained sparks over the crowd below.

"That should shut 'em up," he mumbled. But, to his surprise, his display of strength only brought the crowd to even louder cheers.

Then it was Heracles' turn. He spared no expense. Lasers, smoke, a giant golden robe with matching shorts and boxing gloves, playing a remix of the national anthem and flying over the crowd. He ended by floating gracefully over the top rope and into the ring.

The fighters approached the center of the ring, they bumped hands, fist to glove, and went into their respective corners. Heracles tossed his robe out into the crowd and a hard light grid was projected around the arena to protect the crowd.

On a screen high above the arena, the emblems of comedy and drama were shown and an echoing male voice announced the fighters:

"In this corner at 6'3" weighing in at 230 pounds of pure punching power is the piston punching possessor of power, Heracles!"

the crowd went wild

"And in this corner at 7'2" and weighing in at 350 pounds of unrelenting uncut muscle, The Solarium Slammer, Atomos!"

to Atomos' surprise, the crowd was no less quiet than before.

"Round one, fight!"

the screen cut away from the masks to show Heracles' fist already making contact with Atomos's gut.

Atomos' skin rippled and he was pinned up against his corner post.

Heracles' gloves moved like a blur, delivering devastating combos to Atomos' gut and jaw. Heracles wound up to deliver another blow to the jaw but pulled back, a feint! He tried for a left straight but Atomos grabbed him by the glove and crushed it. He then tore it off and threw it to the ground. Heracles cried out in pain, cradling his shattered hand. Heracles recuperated and attacked with his right, making contact with Atomos' giant arm. Atomos kept his guard up, allowing Heracles to continue pounding into his arms with only his right. Heracles grabbed Atomos and threw him out of the ring, making a huge impact against the hard light. There, Heracles kept Atomos pinned against the wall in mid air with his guard dropped. He began pounding against Atomos' diaphragm hard enough to dent the hard light barrier. Finally, Heracles grabbed Atomos and flew him up in the air over the ring.


The announcer exclaimed as Atomos was smashed head first into the mat. The weight of the impact broke through the mat and threw sand way up in the air which filled the ring, outlining the hard light grid. A hush fell over the crowd as they halted and waited in stunned silence for a victor to emerge. As the dust settled, a figure emerged. Hunched over, panting and coughing up sand. Golden hair in tangles, Heracles stood triumphantly. The crowd went insane! The announcer began a ten count to which the crowd echoed


Atomos was spread out on his back, dazed from the shock that had reached his brain.


At the eight count, Atomos leapt up like it had all been just a game. He removed his sunglasses and spoke directly to Heracles

"This porridge is too cold."

He unleashed a right straight that sounded through the arena like a cannon shot that sent Heracles flying against the barrier. Heracles staggered to his feet, nearly slipping on the blood which was gushing out of his lip.

"You... How... You were..." He managed to sputter out.

"Why? I'll tell you why, blondy." Atomos flashed his startling blue eyes and stood face to face with Heracles, bent down to his level.

"Because I'm bigger than you. Because you're just a poster boy for the mayor to pose with and spout bullshit about this city being safe. Because you have never fought a real battle, between real men. But most of all,"

Atomos was the only noise. It seemed that even the air had stopped moving to listen to his subtle tones.

"The one, true reason that you will never beat me is this: I AM ATOMOS! I AM UNBREAKABLE! AND I AM GOING TO RIP! YOU! IN HALF!"

Atomos punctuated each sentence with a bone shattering punch and shattered Heracles' jaw with an earth shaking uppercut that echoed throughout the arena and rocketed Heracles upwards and through the hard light roof, sending glittering shards of light sailing out over the crowd, stained with blood, to fizzle out on the floor. The announcer could barely be heard over the crowd


Later on, Atomos could be seen walking into Joe's coffee shop with a duffel bag of fight earnings.