Chapter 1

Spring Breeze

The pale boy gave a small grunt as he picked up two large tree trunks from the ground, his red eyes reflecting the sun and his sharp nails digging into the wood. He fixed his hat ever so slightly, careful not to drop anything. The monster child yawned. His eyes were a bright red; his teeth were as sharp long and sharp as his nails. Shorts and wrapped his lower body along with everyday shoes.

" better not drop anything," a grumbling voice as a crimson-skinned girl sat on a rock and observed the work. She had long white hair with two small horns protruding from the side of her head. Her canine teeth protruded slightly out of her mouth. She had her legs crossed as her spike tail whipped against the rock. She had a somewhat pouting face as large as her body scythe sat next to laid next to here, of course, such a thing was used for gardening.

"Golly, Rully don't have such an angry face, your house is almost finished!" Hoy gave a broad grin as Rully sighed somewhat before the dirt beneath the pale boy split ever so slightly. A small plant like creature pulled itself out of the dirt; it was no larger than Hoy's knees. Its gender was indescribable, so we shall call it male. He was the size of a tiny child, the leaves across is body made somewhat of a small dress as his hair was made of vines, and roots shaped his arms.

"Yeah! You should be nicer!" The plant-like creature yelled as Rully grumbled as she flipped her hair.

"Normally I would agree, Anlage, but if it weren't for you two I wouldn't have been chased out of my town!" Rully's face became redder as Hoy looked down towards the ground in shame.

"Golly Rully, we said we were sorry, plus..."

"Plus, if you followed the rules and laws that were so important to you, you wouldn't have been chased out with us..." Anlage stated as bluntly as he could.

Rully's lips quivered as she pulled her hair. "You think I don't know that? If I ever have the choice of doing the right thing or following the rules and laws again, I will always follow them, always, always, always!"

Hoy ignored the outburst as Anlage hopped on his friend's back as he finished carrying the chunks of wood and threw them into the pile. It was a giant stack of leaves, twigs, and other wood-like objects. There was no shape as Hoy pulled out a scroll from under his hat.

"...Gosh, I wish I could read," Hoy frowned again as Anlage giggled.

"No worries, everyone's idol is here!" Anlage grabbed the scroll from Hoy before turning it. "Sheesh Hoy, your mom, has appalling handwriting, but she said it was a simple spell so..." Anlage gave a small cough before reading the incantation.

The light shined from the paper as the glow threatened to blind them...before it completely petered and like a wet fart.

"...I'm pretty sure I didn't say it wrong," Anlage tapped his lips as Hoy looked at the corner of the pile.

"Oh, I think I know the problem!" He smiled as he walked towards what appeared to be a root poking out of the pile. Hoy took hold of it and slowly started to yank it up. Inch by inch the root came up, and with one final pull Hoy completely yanked up what was causing the problem, it was a giant stump that was firmly rooted into the ground as Hoy lifted over his head.

"I guess this was the...root of our problems!" Hoy grinned as both Anlage and Rully groaned.

"I'll ignore that..." Anlage coughed once again a he spoke the spell. The scroll started to shine as the pieces of wood they gathered began to shake. At that moment, they began to shift and break themselves apart, slowly cutting and destroying themselves to fit the shape of a house. After a few seconds, house made of wood was created as Rully gave a great big smile.

"Finally, I don't have to live with Hoy and his mom anymore!" Rully giggled slightly as she jumped off the rock and admired her new home. "I have to make sure I get an internet connection among other things; I also need to get some furniture..." Rully crossed her arms as Hoy shrugged.

"Well, I'm really hungry after all that work! We should head to Grill Grills!" Hoy stated as Rully merely shook her head.

"I would love to, but I need to make measurements. I'll meet you guys over there, and make sure you follow the rules..." Rully eyes narrowed as Anlage simply laughed.

"Don't be silly Rully, there aren't any rules in Radiant Hills!"

Rully shivered as Hoy and Anlage waved to their friend before heading back to town.

The trail was a short one covered with leaves. Spring had arrived, and it carried a breeze. The leaves twirled in the air as Anlage held onto Hoy's head tightly. The trail slowly curved upward as the large hills appeared in view across the plain. The largest was in the center; it was as big as a mountain in fact. However, that wasn't where the duo was heading.

The town they lived in appeared, the arch over the entrance read Upside Town. Yes, the name was indeed a pun. As both Anlage and Hoy entered their comfortable home, the sight of monsters running around going about their daily activities filled them with energy as they passed by the many structures. Some made of wood and stone.

"Golly, I wonder why Rully didn't want to make her house in the town, there is plenty of space..."

"She told me she likes her quiet time; that's probably why she prefers the outskirts...let's stop talking about her and get to Grill Grills! I'm starving!"

There was a moment of silence before Hoy remembered something, "Ah, but Anlage, you're a don't eat food!"

"I know!"

Both of them laughed, however, out of the corner of his eye, Hoy noticed someone that wasn't sharing in their laughter. A giant fly monster that was sadly hovering around town. His arms and shoulder slumped over, his will to live seemingly broken.

"Gosh...isn't that Flyguy? I wonder why he looks so sad?" Hoy tilted his head as he looked around.

"Yeah, not only that but isn't Queen B usually with him?" Anlage gave it a passing thought before shrugging. "Oh well, let's get to Grill Grills!"

A moment of silence as Hoy merely shook his head before poking Anlage. "We can't do that Anlage, Flyguy probably needs our help, he would do the same for us. Plus...he's a guy!" Hoy laughed at his joke as Anlage grumbled.

"Fine, fine, just don't make another pun like that!"

The two walked up to the rather sad looking fly monster as Hoy raised his hand.

"Hoy, Hoy's here!" Despite Hoy saying his name twice, Flyguy still turned to face the duo.

"Oh...Hoy, Anlage, hello" even Flyguy's hellos sounded empty and sad as Hoy crouched slightly and tilted his head once again.

"Wow, you don't look so good Flyguy, what happened? Where's Queen B?"

Flyguy remained as silent as a fly could, despite his constant buzzing he slowly planted his feet or whatever fly's had on the ground before sighing. "Well, you see, not too long ago something fell from the sky. Being the smart fly that I was, I picked it up. It was a glowing red orb, as red as the sun. You see, Queen B loves red things, so I decided to give it to her, but once I did she started acting weird...constantly looking at herself in the mirror."

Anlage simply scoffed at the comment, "Yeah, but Queen B is always checking her makeup and looking in the mirror, that's not weird for her at all..."

Flyguy simply shook his head, "no, this time, was different. Sure she could be a bit vain at times, but it got to the point where all she could do was sit in front of a mirror all day and look at herself. When I kept bothering her about it, she freaked out and took her mirror and ran into the woods to look at herself alone, that was two days ago..."

If flies could frown than Flyguy would have been frowning, Hoy looked up at Anlage, who was still gripping his head as Anlage grumbled; he knew what Hoy was about to say next.

"Don't worry Flyguy! We'll check on Queen B; she shouldn't be too hard to find in the forest, she always smells like honey after all!" Hoy grinned as Flyguy looked down.

"I-I know I should have gone myself, but it's so scary in the woods..."

"Yeah, yeah, we know you're a huge coward..." Anlage was not happy with Hoy's decision, but he would rather hang around Hoy than be alone.

Hoy and Anlage headed to the back entrance of the woods Flyguy waving as they walked away. It seemed that Grill Grills would have to wait for a bit, right now they had a bee to save.

The forest had a soft nature to it; it was the kind of wood someone would play around with friends in, nothing evil happened during the day in the woods after all. The sun was still barring down in between the leaves as Hoy's nose twitched slightly as he took a large whiff of the air. "Hey Anlage, do you smell that?"

Anlage nose twitched too; one would have to ask what a creature that couldn't eat solid food need with a nose. However, that wasn't here or there as Anlage nodded. "Yeah, it smells like honey..."

Hoy smiled, despite not traveling too far into the forest, they already had caught her scent. Then again, her scent would probably just lead them deeper into the woods. The two followed their noses deeper and deeper into the forest; the leaves above got thicker, and the light got softer. Soon, they started to hear the faint humming; they knew the voice.

"Golly, that has to be Queen B!" Hoy smiled as he pushed more leaves out of the way. Anlage slowly crawled under Hoy's rather a large hat before peeking out slightly.

After they had cleared another patch of leaves, they entered a clearing, with a figure sitting in the middle. It was a thin woman like figure. However, she had a large stinger attached to her tail-end and four large wings with four arms. She had blonde hair as her antennae twitched, she was looking into a mirror while combing her hair. However, the biggest oddity was the large blue jewel that seemed to be stuck to her chest.

It was no doubt Queen B as Hoy lifted his hand and called out to her.

"Um...Queen B, are you alright?"

A simple question as she turned her attention to the duo before tilted her head. "Who are you?!" Her voice was harsh as they both winced, Anlage lifted Hoy's hat.

"Huh...y-you don't recognize us?" They might not have been the closest, of friends, but Hoy and Anlage knew Queen B long enough that they were at least on speaking terms.

Queen B glared at the for a moment before she let out a low growl, she bared her fangs ever so slightly. "I know who you are here to take my mirror away! You're all jealous about how beautiful I am, aren't you?!"

"What?! No!"

"Yes, yes you are!" Ga hahaha, but I won't let you...I'll remain beautiful forever!" At that moment, Queen B's body started to twitch and expand. Hoy took a step back as his and Anlage's eyes widened with shock. Her face split open, and she grew an extra pair of arms, her stinger sharpened as her voice slowly distorted.

"Kekekeke, I'll show you want happens to those who try to take my beauty away!" Queen B lifted her lower body as her stinger twitched before she started firing them towards Hoy and Anlage.

Hoy didn't hesitate as he quickly moved dodging most of the sharp pointers, only to be nearly blindsided by more. On reflect he lifted his foot and kicked the rest away, which was an impressive feat considering they were the side of his body.

Queen B let out a screech as she continued to fire stingers as Hoy continued to dodge them, trying his best to think of a way out of the situation.

"Hoy! what are you doing, fight back!" Anlage screamed as Hoy frowned as he continued to dodge Queen B's attacks

"I know, but something's not right, I don't want to hurt her..."

"You think I don't know that? We don't have to hurt her too badly anyway; you noticed the glowing thing in her chest? That is probably what Flyguy was talking about; we just have to knock her down or get close enough that we can take it out!"

Hoy smiled at Anlage's plan. "Gosh, what would I do without you Anlage..."

"Well, I am everyone's idol...anyway, let's do this!"

Hoy nodded as he noticed a he was coming up to an unusually large tree. He looked behind him, seeing a trail of stingers following his every move. Hoy quickly ran towards the tree, positioning himself behind it as Queen B merely laughed.

"Idiots, I'll just cut right through the tree to get to you!" Queen B continued to shoot stingers at the tree, each one impaling the bark and each one nearly forcing the tree to tip over. Right, when the tree seemed like it was about to crumble, Hoy kicked it, he kicked it as hard as he cooked as it was launched off of its stump and slammed directly into Queen B.

"Gah!" A grunt of pain as the Queen B spun for a moment, narrowly avoiding be crushed by the trunk. Hoy Quickly jumped from his hiding spot and ran towards his foe. He grabbed the jewel embedded in her chest and yanked it out. With another twitch, Queen B nearly deflated, losing her extra arms and size, her face slowly forming back into its more person like shape.

Hoy gave a sigh of relief as he looked at the small orb that was in his hand. It was a bright red indeed, and it was still glowing. He was still wondering how it would have caused Queen B to go crazy.

"H-Hoy, she's waking up!" Anlage pointed as the Queen moved ever so slightly as she shook her head. Her wings started to flap as she hovered in place, obviously still drowsy from what happened.

"Oh, my...what am I doing in such a dark dank place like this," her gaze then shifted to Hoy and Anlage.

"Why, hello Hoy, may I ask what I'm doing here?"

Both Hoy and Anlage expression was that of pure confusion. Queen B didn't have any memories of what had just happened, however before Hoy could talk about it the sound of frantic buzzing filled their ears as the bushes behind them parted. It was Flyguy towards them if a fly could show concern he would have.

"You're alright Queen B!" His voiced was peppy as Queen B tapped her lip.

"Well, of course, I'm alright, why wouldn't I be, or maybe I should say bee..." she giggled slightly. "Well, regardless, I want to go home, let's go Flyguy!" Queen B looked back at Hoy and Anlage as she waved before leaving.

"T-Thanks guys for looking out for her, good thing nothing bad did happen!" Flyguy bounced slightly as he quickly followed after Queen B leaving Hoy and Anlage with the strange artifact.

"Well, I'm glad we helped, but we better take this orb to my mom and see what it does..."

Character Bios.


Hey, it's the Hero from Radiant Hills! The only thing that matches the size of his strength is the size of his heart! He will never turn down the chance to help someone even if it would take him halfway across the world. He lives in Upside town though he loves traveling to the other areas anytime he gets the chance.


Hey, it's everyone's (self-proclaimed) idol! He isn't much for fighting, but when it comes to healing his friends and being the brains to Hoy's brawn he has it covered. Despite his somewhat stand-offish attitude, he really wouldn't hesitate to help someone in need if they needed it. He's been Hoy's best friend since he was a bud...or whatever a flower is when they are small!


Rules, and laws, those are really important! Probably the most important thing to her, unlike Hoy and Anlage she isn't a natural resident of Radiant Hills. However, after being kicked out of her home for protecting Hoy and Anlage from a particular event, she was forced to take up residency there. She might seem a bit snooty at first, but she can have just as much fun as the others. Plus, despite carrying a large scythe (And knowing how to use it,), she would never seriously hurt anyone.