Chapter 6

Milky Way Wishes

Nearly over a dozen cats slowly started to pull a chain as Hoy, Anlage and Rully all sat on a wooden platform. Above them was a hole leading to the night sky.

"We were down here for a while huh? It's already dark!" Hoy laughed as Rully sighed.

"Yes, and because of all these stops I missed an entire day of reading, I hope you two are happy!" Rully glared at the two friends as Anlage merely shrugged.

"It's not like you were going to read anything important, probably a rule book on how to cook beef jerky or something," Anlage just threw out a random statement as Rully's eye twitched as she turned her head.

"A-absolutely not, I was planning on reading something a bit more exciting, like a dictionary!"

Anlage didn't know what was sadder, the fact that Rully was such a terrible liar or that she thought a dictionary would have made it any better.

"Oy, we're moving! I always wondered what Radiant Hills looked like from here!" Hoy laughed as the platform slowly raised to the top as it locked in place. They were indeed on top of Variegation Hill. Despite it being a rather clear night it was chilly and breezy. The clouds looked like they were only a few feet above them as the stars in the sky flickered above them.

The hilltop was a flat and plateau like. There was no risk of falling off if one kept mindful of the edge as Hoy walked over to the side with Anlage still on his head. Both of their eyes widened as the stared at the view.

"Golly, I can see my house from here!"

"I can see where the forest ends! It's so fun; it's like being a bird!" Anlage giggled as Rully rolled her eyes and gave a rather harsh cough.

"Aren't you two forgetting why we are here?" Rully placed her hands on her hips as Hoy snapped his finger. He reached around to his back and pulled out the backpack his mother had given him. Once again, for some odd reason, it felt empty as he reached his hand inside of the back, almost as if it was far deeper than it appeared to be as he pulled out the blue orb.

He raised it to the sky and...

Nothing happened.

"Hmm, I guess that didn't work," Hoy frowned as Rully gave a huff.

"What do you mean it didn't work, please don't tell me that was your plan!" Rully raised her voice as Hoy flinched a bit before crossing his arms.

"I know...Oh blue orb thingy, please return the stars to the sky!"

Nothing happened.

"Hmm, maybe try throwing it into the air Hoy!" Anlage recommended as Rully bit her lip. She was wondering how many puppies she kicked in a previous life to deserve such companions.

As Hoy and Anlage spoke nonsense to one another, Rully noticed something in the sky. A star above them was flickering wildly as if it was growing bigger. She tilted her head slightly and narrowed her eyes. The star wasn't getting bigger; it was getting closer.

"H-hey, you two..." Rully stuttered as she pointed to the oncoming star that was heading towards them.

"Huh?" Before either Hoy or Anlage could react something crashed into the hill flinging them in every direction. As the dust settled, Hoy held his head as Anlage and Rully only groaned in slight pain. All three of them walked towards the impact site as Hoy tilted his head.

It was an odd diamond shape object, entirely transparent with something stuck in the middle, or rather someone.

It was a tiny fairy, as small as Anlage trapped in a strange orb. She had bright pink hair and rainbow colored wings. Hoy tilted his head as he lifted the crystal.

"Ouch!" He flinched as he dropped the diamond like object as Rully sighed.

"What did you expect to happen, that thing fell from the atmosphere. Of course, it is going to be hot,"

"Golly, I don't know what balls have to do with why something is hot, but it looks like someone is trapped in there," Hoy pointed out the obvious as the diamond-like object as it finally cooled down. "I wonder if it made out of diamond, I can't break diamond, maybe if it was metal..."

Hoy crossed his arms as Anlage jumped off of his friend's head and tapped the crystal. He then pressed his head against it and gave it a lick.

"You fool, don't go touching things randomly!" Rully snapped as Anlage ignored the red monster's words.

"Hmm, I think this is closer to glass and ice than diamond, Hoy you could probably just break it by lifting it and smashing it into the ground," Anlage stated.

"Hoy then smiled as he lifted the diamond above his head as Rully vigorously shook her head.

"Don't you two ever think before you do something? We don't know what would happen if you do something like that!"

"Oh you worry too much Rully, you said the same thing when you first met me and Anlage," Hoy pointed that fact out as Rully gritted her teeth.

"You dummy, that ended with my house burning down and me being run out of town!"

"Hey, you can't blame all of that on us, that ostrich had it coming," Anlage said as Hoy sighed.

"At the same time Rully, the fairy in here might need our help. I can't just leave someone hanging like that; I'm pretty sure if you were caught in a weird crystal thing you would want someone to help," Hoy stated a fact as Rully only rubbed her head. She really couldn't argue that as Hoy nodded and smashed the crystal breaking it into hundreds of pieces.

It was like glass as it fell to the ground, however unlike glass it slowly crumbled away into dust before being taken by the breeze. The fairy laid sleeping for a moment as her eyes snapped open and she started hovering.

"Curse this, curse this, did they follow me?!" She was quickly looking around, desperate to find answers as her gaze finally fell on our three heroes. Hoy only raised his hand with a great big grin.

"Hoy, I'm Hoy!" That was his first sentence to the fairy who remained silent she gave a sigh of relief.

"It looks like they didn't follow me, but it's weird. I swore I made sure to mark it to the nearest dream-catcher... It seems like I just landed on a backwater planet," she was saying things that Hoy didn't really understand as she looked at back to the trio.

"You three, have any of you seen a strange orb-like thing. Circle, its shines with color?" It was an oddly specific question, but Hoy quickly nodded and held up the orb they had acquired. The fairy's eyes widen as she started to chuckle to herself. She slowly floated towards the orb, her hands outstretched. However the moment she touched it a searing sound was heard as she let out a scream.

Her hands were sore and red as if they had been burned.

"Golly, that's strange," Hoy stated as Anlage whispered into his friend's ear.

"She seems weird Hoy, maybe we should just walk away..."

"N-no!" The fairy snapped as she quickly shook her head and giggled. Her entire demeanor changed, now she was bobbing her head and giving them a broad grin despite her hands still smoking.

"Oh I am sorry, I was oh so painfully rude. Let me introduce myself," she cleared her throat as she gave a small bow. "My name if Flyia the Fairy, and what you have there in your possession is one of the seven dream-catchers!" Flyia gave a small cheer as Hoy, and the others remained silent.

"You all probably wondering why the stars have been vanishing right? Well, an evil fairy has used the power of the dream-catchers to do such an awful thing. What's worse is that they place a cursed on me that I can't even touch them to help!"

"That's terrible," Hoy covered his mouth in pure shock and terror as Flyia whipped a single tear from her eye.

"I know right? But there is still hope; I have a feeling that the dream-catchers have landed somewhere on this planet. If someone would collect them and bring them to the highest point on the planet, then we will be able to wish the stars back to normal!"

It was incredible, someone just randomly came from the sky and indeed gave them an answer to all of their problems. Hoy really couldn't see why they wouldn't help. However, that brought up a point that Anlage had to say.

"That seems simple, but we have no idea where to look...I mean they could be all over the world," Anlage had a point as Flyia grumbled slightly before tapping her head.

"I don't really know this planet well if we had a world map I could show you the power the dream-catchers have on locating one another..." Hoy had no idea what the fairy met, but he scratched his head and dug his hand back into his bag. Perhaps his mother had packed him a map of some kind or something. Almost at a snap of a finger Hoy pulled out a decent size map as he rung it out like a blanket. It then fell open showing a mass amount of continents and seas.

It was indeed a world map as Flyia spoke.

"Now hold the orb on the map,"

Hoy followed the instructions as the moment he did the dream-catcher started to glow faintly. He moved it to different spots on the map before the glow turned into a blinding light over a particular location.

"Hmm, that is Alizarin Plains," Rully said, showing her general knowledge of the planet as Anlage grumbled.

"That's really far away...we would need to plan a whole trip around it, not only that but we need to find six of these..." Anlage started to whine as Hoy face twisted with what could only be described as determination.

"We'll find them!" Hoy said as both Anlage and Rully flinched.

"Don't just go blurting that stuff out, do you know how long it would take for us to go around the world trying to find these tiny orbs?" Rully poked Hoy's chest as he merely frowned.

"Well...Flyia can't get the orbs herself, and if we don't do something then all the stars will vanish from the sky, we don't want that to happen right?"

Rully remained silent before Hoy laughed, "don't worry about it, if you don't want to go Rully you don't have to," Hoy said as Anlage grumbled.

"Well, wherever you go I go if you want to make the trip, I'm sure Purrsian will be able to go all around the world!" Anlage giggled as Rully remained silent for a moment before grunting.

"Oh very well, but only because it makes me nervous leaving the fate of the stars with you two..." Rully then glared at Flyia, "I'm just concerned on whether or not we can trust her..."

Flyia only giggled again, "Oh come on, would a cute little girl like me ever lie?"

"...She has a point Rully," Hoy said as Rully's tail twitched.

"It's precisely that reason why I'm a bit skeptical,"

"Welp too late, you already agreed, I'll try to contact all of you when you get the next dream-catcher. Best wishes!"With those words Flyia flew away, leaving Hoy and the others with far more information than they had before.

"Well, we should talk to my mom first before we set out! I'm sure she has a bunch of important stuff for us!" Hoy stated as Rully rubbed her head once again.

"The fact that you can be so relaxed about this is concerning,"

"If he wasn't then he wouldn't be Hoy," Anlage said as Rully remained silent. Once again she really couldn't argue with that logic.

"Welp, let's talk to Purrsian and head home!" Hoy grinned

This was the start of a journey after all. One that would be far longer than any of them had anticipated.

"So, that's pretty much it mom," Hoy grinned as he and his friends all sat around the living room. Anlage was typing on the small computer in the corner of the room while Rully and Purrsian were sitting on the couch watching television.

Hoy's mother examined the orb once again before glancing at the map. She groaned at the entire situation before gaining a rather large grin across her face. "Well, I guess you've made up your mind about this huh? I suppose if you guys don't do it no one else will,"

Hoy crossed his arms for a moment, "yeah it seems like that. I don't really understand completely myself, but we should probably take care of it before things get worse,"

Miss Ciao bobbed her head for a moment before glancing over at the bunny girl, "Princess Purrsian right? Do you have a place to stay tonight?"

Purrsian's ears twitched for a moment as she tilted her head. "Um, I was thinking about staying with Rully for the night. A lot happened today and I guess we are going to be leaving tomorrow morning right?" Purrsian asked as Miss Ciao chuckled slightly.

"I assume that is your guys plans, which is good for me since it gives me time to prepare something," Ciao then yawned before stretching slightly. "I'm going to be in the garage, try not to stay for too long Rully, Purrsian, both of you need your rest for tomorrow. Same goes for you two,"

Ciao looked at her son and Anlage who simply smiled.

"Okay mom, see you in the morning," Hoy waved as Miss Ciao exited the room, soon after both Rully and Purrsian stood up.

"I suppose we shall be leaving as well, I must make preparations for the trip..." Rully said as both she and Purrsian left the house with a wave leaving Anlage and Hoy to their business.

"Gosh, we are going to see a bunch of new places tomorrow huh? I wonder what mom's going to give us?"

"Probably something old," Anlage replied before letting out a yawn. Which was odd considering he was a plant. "Well, I'm going to bed Hoy...see you in the morning?"

Anlage dragged his roots to the back of the house before crawling through one of the many doors. Hoy just shrugged before laying his head on the couch before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

The next morning Miss Ciao insisted on everyone standing behind her house for something. The sun was still rising in the sky as Hoy gave a giant yawn as Anlage sat on his friend's head. Rully was standing straight, her head tilted slightly as Purrsian sat in the dirt. They all were staring at what appeared to be a giant metal door.

"Uh...Hoy, what is this?" Purrsian asked as Hoy shrugged.

"I don't really know. I've seen this door before, but never what was on the other side, maybe it's a rocket ship?!" Hoy grinned as Anlage grumbled slightly.

"I doubt even your mom would be able to make something like that..." Anlage said as the door slowly started to fold open. They all sat eyes widened as a laughed echoed.

There Miss Ciao stood in front of what appeared to be a rainbow colored van of some sort. It was large and clunky, what some would call an RV of some kind.

Hoy eyes widened, "s-so cool!"

"So lame..." Anlage added as Miss Ciao simply coughed ignoring the plants reaction.

"This seems perfect for you guys, I used this thing when I was still traveling around myself..." Ciao's eyes almost glazed over recounting moments of her past as Rully tapped her foot trying to get the woman's attention.

"That is fine and all, I assume that you will be looking after my home while I am away helping your son..."

Ciao eyes narrowed, "a bit blunt aren't we? Fine whatever, I'll check into your house once in awhile to make sure everything is hurry up and look inside!"

Ciao opened the door as Hoy and the others slowly walked into the vehicle. For some odd reason it seemed far larger on the inside than on the outside. Almost like it was able to fit at least ten creatures at the very least. There was even a tiny kitchen and bathroom that was able to be squeezed inside.

"Wow, I didn't expect this!" Purrsian opened one of the may cabinets as Ciao chuckled.

"It's made with a similar material as Hoy's bag. It still has a limit though, so please don't over do it!" Ciao said as Hoy nodded.

"Thanks a lot mom, I guess Rully is driving then!"

"Wait why me..."

"Because none of us have our license, safety first!" Purrsian pointed out as Rully grumbled. Perhaps this was one of the many pitfalls of being the oldest.

Ciao chuckled as she walked out of the vehicle and into the garage once again. She came back out with what appeared to be a bag of food, clothes and other items for a long trip. She handed them to Hoy before also handing him what appeared to be a Cell-phone.

"I am going to call like crazy okay, you guys better be save," Ciao eyes narrowed as Hoy looked at the Cell-phone as if it was an alien device before Anlage quickly snatched it out of his friend's hand before nodding.

"Don't worry Miss Ciao, I'll make sure Hoy gets your calls,"

Ciao sighed before looking at the four. She slowly stepped out of the vehicle and smiled faintly. "Well, I suppose you guys should get going, your first is pretty far from here. Though you are going to have the cross the Sky Cloud Bridge to reach Alizarin Plains, just be careful,"

"Don't worry we will, come on guys, let's get going!"

"W-wait, we're just leaving like that?" Rully frowned, "shouldn't we plan more? I just woke up, and I am a bit rusty when it comes to driving..."

"Nah, if we think too hard about it, we might get too scared to do anything so it's best just to do this type of thing on a whim!" Hoy replied.

"Well okay..." Rully looked at the ignition, the key was already in as she sighed before turning it. The vehicle started to sputter for a bit before it rumbled.

"Wow this is the first time I've actually been in a car!" Purrsian smiled as the doors finally closed as Ciao waved to her son and his friends.

Without anymore words the rainbow colored RV drove in the direction of the sun leaving their home behind.