An astute Bible believing young-man man passed by a drunken, ragged homeless man on his way across his college campus Thursday morning, en-route to ''The Secrets In Theology'' his favorite course, which was located in building 19, behind which the homeless man liked to spend his days.

''Can you spare a few coins there?'' the homeless individual inquired of the young-man each Thursday morning upon spotting him, in the same way, and each time he also responded in the same vein as he always did.

''God bless you sir! This will keep you fed alot better than physical nourishment will.'' he would say as he handed the starving man a pocket sized ''Gideon'' Bible.

''Not another one!'' he would protest, shaking his fists at the young-man.

''Can't you see I'm starving here!''

''You wouldn't be if you'd only read it!''

One fine spring day, while interacting with the homeless man in the same manner as he always did, they both found themselves the victim of a terrible accident, the result of construction via the remodeling of their favorite Building 9.

Not long after they stood before Christ.

A large banquet was being held, the grandest that the young man and certainly the homeless man had ever witnessed.


God had spoken, who was at the head of the table.

''Oh sovereign Lord!'' the young man exclaimed, bowing graciously as he and the other man advanced towards the feast.

''The other.''

God motioned towards the homeless man, while the other stood perplexed.

''But Lord…I…do you not mean me as well? I too am starving.''

''Don't worry.'' God answered, lending a smirk.

'' We have something special for you.''

The young-man grew immensely excited, caressing his hands together in anticipation at something that could be better than the otherworldly banquet stretched out before him.

He suddenly heard something falling from above, piercing the glorious golden clouds enshrouding this plane.

''Oh my!''

Thinking it might be Mana from heaven or something so extravagant, the youth stood with head leaned back and mouth wide agape as a colossal set of ''Gideon'' Bibles thundered down upon him without cease.