''Sorry, In a Hurry !''

A man lie clutching a wound in the center of a highway. He had been injured somehow.

He pleaded to a middle-aged man as he drove by, asking for him to carry him to a hospital

''Sorry sir.'' He said. ''I have to get home to my family''

He pleaded to another individual, a young woman as she drove by.

''Sorry sir.'' She replied. ''I'm already late for work.''

A third person drove by, a young-man.

''Sorry man, I'm totally late for this party I'm going to. Someone else should have time to help you out though, I'm sure. God bless dude.''

The man died.

Not long after, the three individuals who had driven by him without helping, were involved in a simultaneous car crash that proved fatal.

Not long after that the four of them found themselves standing before God, who held the three accountable for the man's death.