For what seemed like eternity, Lucas stared at the clouds that hung above, the ones which were casually floating amongst the birds and the cool morning air. There was no apparent reason for the course of action he had taken, but human instinct alone more than made up for the lack of complete thinking and strategy at this very moment in time.

The sky was unusually dark, streaks of blue lightning struck from the heavens every so often, scarring the very earth itself. Nearby, sudden bursts of wind ripped the gravestones apart, scattering the remains from the comfort of the soft, familiar ground and into the unknown far away distance. Even for this type of carnivorous and desolate landscape, this particular weather phenomenon was a first it had yet to experience.

Its inhabitants however had absolutely no intent to submit themselves to nature's will. They rebelled by crying towards the wind, as if to say "Who the damn hell do you think we are?!". Nature seemed to respond to these defiant, desperate cries through its intense and frequent flashes of lightning, bringing about more futile resistance from the helpless inhabitants.

Lucas, who knew the truth immediately recognized Nature's destruction as the doing of the king. His senses, which were adept at noticing dangers automatically went into overdrive. The king is growing stronger Lucas thought That bastard, what did he do to achieve such power? For Lucas, power was all about drawbacks and consequences. The riskier and unreliable they were, the stronger and stable one's power became. Currently, the king's power were equivalent to that of a master assassin and from his near death experience with one, Lucas knew very well the true style and technique of the king.

Soon, morning would turn to dusk and the terrain would succumb to near absolute darkness. Examining his newly recovered arms for signs of additional injuries, Lucas decided to stop with the healing and thus disabled the forcefield around him, letting the sound of an enraged bear become audible again.

Seizing the opportunity to advance and strike Lucas, the bear awakened it's "Crazy Claws" and lunged for the kill. "Crazy Claws". an ability unique to the three armed bear of this region. It increases the user's strength by 250% and also enables the user to move at 250 m/s for a short period of time. This technique is usually used to one-shot kill a prey through the element of surprise and speed. Lucas only survived the attack as his eye power had allowed him to see the bear's movements. Using the limited amount of time he had, Lucas held up his arms to block the impact and then afterwards ran far into the woods, where he had set up the forcefield.

Having remembered the bear's presence only a mere two seconds before the bear struck, Lucas powered up and narrowly dodged the bear's onslaught, sidestepping left and right to avoid the bear's attack. It would only take one moment, one second of carelessness for the bear to connect and it would be all over for Lucas. As Lucas moved to the right, the bear realised that Lucas's speed had dropped slightly, creating a window for the bear to attack. However, Lucas was no fool. He had purposely lowered his speed for the bear to lunge in close, so close that the claws almost pierced his skin, that the battle almost ended right there.

It was at this instant that the victor was decided. Lucas had used his own version of "Crazy Claws", and although imperfect managed to out speed the bear and overpower it, landing ten deadly blows on the bear's body as a result. Swiftly, while the bear was still down, Lucas connected his 100% full strength punch on it, brutally destroying the it's insides, bones and everything, rendering it undeniably dead.

Taking a moment to rest, Lucas sat down and looked at the remains of his fallen foe. It had turned into a grotesque mess, bones and flesh sticking out everywhere, without any indication that it was even a bear in the first place. It was one of those rare instances where Lucas had to use his true power, to utterly obliterate an opponent. He didn't feel bad about killing though. As long the reason is survival, anything is justifiable.

As Lucas began to stand up, a sense of sudden dread overwhelmed him. There was no light. His fight with the bear had distracted him from looking at the sky, from looking at what remained of sunlight. It was far too faint to hunt his target now, his fighting capacity would be dulled in the darkness, weakened to the extent of the three-armed bear. Muttering a silent curse, Lucas contemplated his next course of action. His survival was at risk here, his target would have to wait until the king was done with his spell.

Scanning his surroundings, Lucas found a spot where dim light was shining through, sufficient light for him to defend against any attack. Focusing his main objective to moving towards the exact spot, Lucas had subconsciously directed most of his power to his legs, leaving him vulnerable to any powerful attack.

It was this very instant that Lucas had reached the spot that an unexpected attack from behind came, paralysing Lucas for a short moment. At the corner of Lucas's eyes, a vaguely humanoid silhouette flashed past him, retreating to the darkness of the woods. Even then, as Lucas felt flat on the ground and blood erupted from his back, his calm composure was still maintained and his brilliant brain was already formulating a plan.

To sneak up on me like that, to deal this lethal blow, this creature would have to be stalking me all this while, biding its time until it could ambush me, to secure victory, to make sure that I would not have the capacity to fight back Lucas thought, comprehending his current situation.

From that single conclusion, Lucas figured out his opponent's characteristics and the next course of action he should take.

Awaiting the creature's next offence, Lucas dedicated the last of his remaining powers on defence and eye power, determined to find a single moment of weakness to exploit while the creature struck, to win the battle before it was won.

At first, the creature was a blur, blending in perfectly with the darkness, showing no traces of movement. Slowly, as Lucas became more accustomed to the darkness, the creature became more solid, its features more detailed, more definite, until Lucas could see the creature as a single entity and not an extension of the darkness itself. This was when Lucas finally realised that the creature was not one of king's creation at all; it was its servant, a demon of darkness forced to abide by its master's will.

It all came full circle now, the king's obsession with the dark arts, his quest to hunt down a creature of the wild, deterred by the darkness generated by the thing. The demon was the very essence of the power the king sought and he, the master hunter was tasked with the responsibility of destroying it, to make sure that the king never reaches the peak of his true power.

Cursing himself for failing to identify his target sooner, Lucas silently began counting down the seconds, thousands by thousands, syncing with the demon's rhythm, the repeated pattern of its attack. The creature is impatient, it would seize every moment to attack. Its repeated motion of offence would be its weak point; it would require time to retreat into the shadows and strike again and that time lapse would prove to be its undoing.

When the demon finally finished its current onslaught, Lucas had decided that it was time to strike back. There would be no more defence and sight, only power and speed alone. His trump card that he had been saving all this while, the final slot of his "copy" ability would need to come into play now and absolute precision would be required for it to succeed. 5 more seconds, and then all will be decided,


The demon would be turning around by then, positioning itself to lunge mode.


The darkness would enshroud the demon, boosting its cloaking and offensive capabilities.


The demon lunged forward towards Lucas, overwhelming the area around it with absolute darkness


The demon is surprised by Lucas's vulnerability. His resilient defence was not working for once, proven by how easily the attack got through and the loss of an arm.


A sudden grab by the leg, a grab so forceful that the contacted surface would melt with a mere touch, like being burned by magma itself. The demon turned to face his foe, stunned at the sudden development. Its right leg had been burned off entirely, not even the bones remained.

Enraged, the demon lunged at Lucas once again, wanting revenge for the humiliation it had suffered, the ridiculousness of it all for a demon to lose a body part to a mere human.

Standing there with all his energy fully drained out, Lucas looked exceptionally vulnerable, like even a slight touch could blow him away. His technique, the mirroring of the sun's rays itself had rendered his body fully unable to move or feel, making the loss of his right arm insignificant in comparison. Impending doom was approaching him but he could only watch and look as the strike moved closer and closer to him.

Unbeknownst to the demon, Lucas was still mirroring the rays of the sun, a devastating after effect of his final trump card. The strike would kill both the demon and him instantaneously, ending this long protracted battle once and for all. As Lucas accepted his dying fate, no regrets, no promises, no nothing, a paragraph formed in his mind, saying out his last moments in life. I did all I could, and that is good enough. At this very moment in time, death does not scare me. It is the future that scares me, the future that is up to my pupil to create. For many generations, the reins are passed down from master to disciple, disciple to pupil. My pupil, you are the final link, the only hope left to stop the tyrant king. Good luck my pupil, you would most definitely need it…..

As Lucas descended into the void of hell itself, the tides of war had turned. Little did Lucas know that his sacrifice would play a big role in the grand scale of things, destined to shape the future for eons to come…

Written for creative assignment, topic about tension. Threw it away cause writing bout fight/a tad engrossed. Given that this is a "ninth grade project" as you guys call it over there, how much would you rate it out of 15?

[Actual marks is 12/15]