The sun beats down with a warming gaze,
A luminous orb hung with glittering rays.
I looked up, staring blankly aside,
Faintly wondering what of this world shall betide.

The light went straight into my thoughts,
Scattering memories of sorrow and fraught.
I leapt to my feet, heart held in hand,
To these inner terrors my mind would withstand.

I trudged out the door, against all resistance,
For one can prevail with enduring persistence.
Miles down the road, I found my troubles,
Demons in triples and monsters in doubles.

I fell to the ground, yelling blindly,
As the demons shrieked and cackled unkindly.
But I pulled out my words, prepared for battle,
The ground shook with fear as the heavens did brattle.

With a wisp of wisdom, I set up a plight,
Although the demons were brutal and put up a fight.
With a clamor large and dangerous, too,
Ten hours of fighting and rage did pursue.

But in the end, words gained control,
I conquered the demons and rescued my soul.
With a great final war cry, I bid them adieu,
My story is done and my tale shall ensue.

And to all ye who read this, whether near or far,
You know of my life and adventures bizarre.
And my final message to you all shall be,
Fight for your mind, or you'll never be free.