My Heart Remains in Moscow

O Moscow, I seem to have left my heart with you
There is such an ache in my breast
Where it once belonged

How I long to hear the melody of your language
In place of the harsh, clipping sounds of my other tongue

How I wish to gaze into your skies at night
To stroll along your moonlit paths
To breathe your sharp, cool air
To feel free and content under the soft glow of your street lamps

How I miss the wondrous beauty of your bustling underground
Free from the stench of piss and garbage that so often clouds my senses here
I want to marvel at your beauty
Rather than mourn for beauty long lost

How I need to taste your strong, seasoned spirit
Instead of this bland sameness so bitter in my mouth
To be pleasantly surprised by little blessings
Such feelings now replaced with cynical gloom

O Moscow, I've left my heart behind
Please return it to me
And stop this ache at once

I am working in NYC now, arrived from Moscow two weeks ago. I miss Moscow so much.

Москва, я скучаю по тебе...