A man who feared God, yet hated attending to church, sighed as he sunk into the very back pew of a Baptist temple.

''Boy, I can bet this is going to be boring.''

The words of the pastor's sermon droned on for what seemed an eternity.

''Son? Son I said what did you think of the message today?''

The God fearing man opened his eyes to the sight an elderly woman. She was looming over him with a jovial grin.

''Oh…oh, just fine mam.'' he replied, then rolled his eyes when she had left. He stretched and left without giving a second thought to the service.

Several months later, he'd decided to attend a Pentecostal church, with the hopes of the service proving more exciting.

''Looks like the service gave you a little too much excitement son!'' a voice chuckled.

''Huh?'' muttered the God-fearing man as his eyes gradually opened. The church pastor was standing blurrily before him.

A year later, the God fearing man found himself at a worship service somewhere in Haiti. A woman speaking in Haitian dialect (which he did not quite understand) was helping him up from the floor, having fallen into his usual sleep near the close of the service.

''You're never excited by God?'' he felt that she was saying to him. He forced a smile

''Of course! Just a bit tired I suppose!''

Several months elapsed, and the God fearing man was given the prognoses of having developed Pneumonia. When after numerous medical opinions, the diagnoses remained, the man found that while he was somewhat saddened that this was the end of his life, he was looking forward to a new much more exciting life in Heaven with departed family and friends alongside Christ.

He passed peacefully and was buried in a cemetery where others close to him had also been buried.

Moments later he found himself standing before Christ.

''So Lord…what is it that I can expect to be doing here, in your presence every day?''

Christ was silent, and merely lead him along a golden cobblestoned path.

The man sighed with tedium when he saw where Christ had lead him.

His departed friends and loved ones were looking back at him from the pews of the largest church he had ever imagined.