Grace be with us, as we begin a brand new day.

May it steer us ever clear, of every frorward way.

Pray it remove every obstacle preventing the destined path.

Lift every mountain, unfold every map.

Grace be with us, as we turn each gaze toward the sun.

May it remind us of the lamb, the eternally holy one.

Pray it strengthen the wounded spirit, invigor the broken heart.

Renew every mind, inspire works of art.

Grace be with us, as we cry out towards heaven.

May it make special our prayers, provide us good leaven.

Pray it give you good courage, to stand tall after falling.

Make ye of sound mind, that you might finally discover God's calling.

Grace be with us, as day gives way to night.

May we never surrender, never quit the fight.

For the lamb ever watches, guides us ever true.

Forever it shall love us, uplift me, uplift you.