Season of Dreams


Spring dawns now,

and I await my dreams.

A mortal amongst men,

still, I await them with great hope

Shower me with wishes,

heart that knows no bounds.

Fill me with ambition

Ebb my mind full of life.

It is late that good season,

and still I await my dreams

Though they wait not for me

like horsemen galloping,

they are lost tonight.


It is springtime now!

and I await the dreamer.

Capture me with lust,

birth me in your tears.

I am meant for one ambitious,

prove your worth before me.

Seek this horseman galloping,

so far into the night.

Light a torch with dignity,

light the night with pride.

Fill me with creativity,

that in your heart

I can rest quiet.


It is Summer Now,

my imagination lives.

Still I becon,

the call of my master.

The spirit within,

the heart that speaks,

compels me to passion.

A friend that becons,

dangles me on his string.

Have you met him?

This horseman often late

Have you seen him,

watched him gallop tonight?

It is summer now,

yet I am not far from thee.

Still one might catch me

with eyes that wander,

prone to seek,

prone to discover.

Find me out,

heart so bold.

Spark this spirit

youth, draw nigh.

The time is now

For summer must end.


It is Autum now,

and winter whispers.

It is felt in my veins,

treads close by.

With every step,

my dreams are near me

They cannot be far off,

for spring I chased them,

though again, summer I lost.

Come to me passion,

enthrall me art.

Show me thy victory,

burst through me like flame

It is Autum now,

And I grow weary of waiting.

Show me the youth,

Make him worthy of this wait.

Quicken his pace,

Unfold as his map.

For his loins I must furnish,

I will pump every vein.

Grant me this wish,

for cold draws ever near.

I'll await no more seasons,

I'll be Dream alone.

It is winter now,

And I lay frozen.

I am covered in snow.

My stomach is numb,

and my blood runs short.

I can imagine little,

for strength has left me.

I long for the dream,

but I've neither sight nor sound,

Of the horseman of night

It is winter now,

and I am lonely

I'm cold.

Like a child in the womb

I long to be free.

Relinquish this birth,

what the youth cannot.

For Ill find him myself

go where he dwells.

For ye we are one

with the seasons we dream.