The melancholy woes

They hide inside

Surround my soul

and cry, they cry

They ask

"Reach out thy hand

Thou has at birth

And feel for us

For we feel for you

So cry... cry"

But misery loves company

And I am but alone

I need to war against this

But the kiss of the woes

It draws me deep into the dark

Where I cannot see a thing

And I fall, and the foe

It has me tight in its clutches

And calls

"Cry! Let us cry!"

Let me out! I roar

Let me see the day

The sun awake in the sky!

Let me out! I pray

It departs it's lips

I take a breath

The tears have come

They've soaked in the bed

I peer out the window

And see the golden light

But I shiver, and tremble

For it lingers

The melancholy woes

It's kiss seldom fades

It always stays

It always preys...