The Zilos Chronicles Maelstrom of Wills: World Database Version Two

Well this is mostly the same as the one in the first book with a few minor updates for those who care lol.

Section One Dramatis Personae

Richard Zilos; Third prince of the Aurino Republic, currently leader of the order of the Crimson Tengu Ravens

Dan Nicholson; Former leader of the Hammer Wolves Gang, currently a member of the Crimson Tengu Ravens

Voltaire Joachim: Oldest son and heir to the Joachim Enterpise, substitute Electro Ball Player for the Midas Falcons and unofficial member of the Crimson Tengu Ravens

Claire Da Lune; Former inmate of Rycroft Asylum and current tech specialist for the Crimson Tengu Ravens

Greymont; Undetermined transforming life form that resembles a dragon and has Techno Organic qualities

Alphonse; Enhanced command type Jaeger Drone reprogrammed by Claire

Ares: Leader of the Ibis Corps and lobbyist for the Barney Mega Store and various corporations.

Zandoris: Majin Chevalier of the Ibis Corps

Deacon Cortez; Voltaic Kazejin of the Ibis Corps

Cucuzza Meflia: Venomous Suijin of the Iblis Corps

Professor Kath Fraction: Head of the Fraction Foundation

Donald Strickland: Crime lord in the Los Midas region.

Kill-Zone: Contract Killer

Andross Von Zilos; King of the Aurino Republic

Nathan Zilos; envoy for the Aurino Republic

Orion Zilos; First prince of the Aurino Republic and a member of the Magna Centurions

Raphael Zilos; Second prince of the Aurino Republic and member of the Magna Centurions

Troy McGuire; Former member of the Hammer Wolves and member of the Crimson Tengu Ravens

Kristen Thereon; Student at the Sinclair Academy and a Interior Decorating Intern for the Aurino royal family

Roxanne Starlin; Los Midas Homicide Detective

Decosta Ortega: Los Midas Chief of Detectives

Section two; a newcomers introduction to the history and nature of Marvados, (Abridged Version) History of the Three Great Nations; Despite the fact that all humans in Marvados are indeed all humans, a vast amount of theses humans see people from different cultures as the "other".

In great times of crises people can put aside their differences to work for the common good, and it was such a cause that allowed humans to come together to over throw Xorgoth and the dragons and collectively grasp freedom for humanity.

In this time there were only small divisions between the various human tribes, the humans form the planes, the humans from the mountains, and the humans from the forests. As trivial as theses differences may be theses differences would be what would cause many wars to erupt over time.

While the first group of humans under King were able to live without too much conflict as the memories of the cost of humanities freedoms faded over time the various groups of humans became petty and saw other groups as inferior for various reasons.

Those differences over what made up a superior culture would cause to clashes, and in time theses clashes would escalate till they turned in to brutal wars.

While the different groups would take various forms the most current states of these groups are the Aurino Republic, the Rakthia Empire and the Jiodisa Union.

There are other nations in Marvados that have some degree of independence but even if they have their own leaders and culture the fact is wither they like to admit it or not they are a part of one of the three great nations, those that resist this reality pay one price or another for such delusions.

The Aurino Republic: A Republic directly formed by King Charlemagne Auro, the warrior who liberated humanity that has mostly held together for over a thousand years.

In a time so shortly after being rid of the tyrannical dragons, there may have been three different nations, but humanity mostly lived in peace within their respective nations.

The country's charter itself heralded that the primary responsibility of the monarchy was to ensure prosperity and good treatment for as many as possible—and it did just that for quite some time.

However, the drawback to a monarchy, or any dictatorship, was always that it was only as good as the one individual who was in charge—eventually there was a black sheep who came to power; in this case, King Mickey Auro, better known as "Mickey the Despicable".

He was a dictator who not only tried to expand the borders of the Aurino Kingdom into a world-wide domain, but sought ethnic cleansing of the worst kind to "rewrite world history in his image"…hence the dissolving of the original Aurino Kingdom and the formation of the Aurino Republic.

As the name suggested, it was a democratic republic, relying on subdividing the nation into districts and electing senators. That too endured for many years of prosperity.

Yet democracy was not without its own drawbacks. Over time, the parties became less about protecting individual interests and more about protecting their representatives.

Small interests, trusts, and "fat cats" began to take control of the republic and dole out representatives, money, and favors to who they saw fit, when they saw fit. The nation took up squabbling as oligarchy reigned supreme. After a bit of bad fortune, in the form of a decade of a failing economy and several bad decisions leading to numerous nationwide disasters, the Rakthian Empire sought the opportunity to finally annex one of its long-standing rivals into its domain.

They nearly succeeded before a savior arose, in the form of a man named Alexander Regulus Zilos.

While there was still some dispute over his origin, most historians agreed he ironically could trace his lineage back to the original Charlemagne—but the important part of his identity was how he rallied the nation when it stood on the brink of destruction, and managed to repel the invaders more or less by seizing control of the nation himself.

Alexander then railed the populace behind the idea of empowering the monarchy once more, so that the nation would not be allowed to be led astray by corruption and gridlocked leadership.

Having sampled from the best and worst of both worlds, the new form of government was something of an enigma; by now the nation had seen the power and speed of having a single autocratic ruler, and the danger of what happened if the royal line was to go corrupt or mad. They saw the potential for control and civility from a republic institution, but also the stagnation and potential to be bought.

In the end, the kingdom was restored as a republic monarchy. While there was still something of a Senate in power, it and the Doge that directly oversaw the various zones wielded very little power compared to the king—only matters that pertained to each district and were not of national importance were handled by them; most real power was wielded by the monarchy. However, the monarchy itself was no longer a matter of hierarchy or lineage.

Rather, the "monarch-for-life" was democratically elected, and the people had the power to remove him if he was found to be in conflict with the charter of the king's position.

It seemed something of a contradiction to ensure prosperity for most by giving a single man near absolute power, not to mention the risk of him deciding to overthrow the government and simply initiate a new dynasty…but it had worked remarkably well so far.

With no party systems or factions, it was considered impossible to have the supreme law of the land biased in favor of one particular group, and it had the power to execute decisions with speed.

This new method resulted in a reality strong and stable government up to present day. It's far from a perfect system but while there are flaws compared to the near absolute fascist policies of the Rakthia Empire and the fanatical warped religious and caste based government style of the Jiodisa Union the Aurino Republic, with it giving at least the hope of any person having the chance to be treated fairly and have a chance to prosper, still makes it look like a well oiled political system in comparison.

The currency of the Aurino Republic is a system of Auro dollars and Auro coins that both show images of beloved leaders of the Republic's history. Its flags is the a red green and purple colored flag with a cross fitted crystal in its center to symbolize the holy radiance of the Aurino nation. The official government system of the Aurino Republic is that the King, currently King Andross Zilos with the senators being in charge of the sectors that make up the Republic's territory.

The Rakthia Empire; For centuries foreigners to the Rakthia Empire call most of the people there as a cold blunt group, but to Rakthia citizens they just see this mindset as the most natural way to act.

The Rakthia Empire was founded by people from the ancient times who lived in the mountains and other harsh landscapes.

With some of the most cold and unforgiving living conditions of all of Marvados those who could not live in such conditions promptly died and the survivors just saw this as proof that life belonged to the strong.

While the people who would found the Rakthia Empire joined the rest of humanity in overthrowing dragons, it is this same group of people who nearly saw that this rebellion ended in failure.

Milosz Rakthia was a military commander who was friends with Charlemagne and the other war hero's, but also had different and at times more extreme and harsh ideas on how to win the war. In his and his tribes eyes only the strong deserved to survive and if many humans had to die to prove the superiority of humans then that to was fate because they were too weak to have the right to live.

Charlemagne and Milosz did not see eye to eye and Milosz launched a operation that killed many dragons, but also killed humans in the process and while this was a military victory this also caused a bunch of bitter humans to defect to the dragons when they saw a era of humanity as being little better then there current state of life.

While the humans were able to survive this treachery and go on to win the war, people would still view Rakthia and his tribe harshly for their actions, while in return this group just saw the others as weak.

This division would cause the first Rakthia citizens to have disdain to others who had easier living conditions, and the Rakthia Empire would slowly turn in to a harsh government where those with power ruthlessly repressed the weak, seeing it as natural providence.

The Rakthia people as a whole have disdain for most forms of artist expression, finding it as just diversions that the weak use to make up for their weakness, what art that does get approved to be official Rakthia culture is often blunt and fierce.

Despite having an ideology of practically there is also a strong current of paranoia, suspicion and persecution in Rakthia culture. In early times when people found their crops in ruins because of a bad harvest rather than admit to bad skills or timing people often blamed it on the act of curses caused by devil worshiping witches or wizards.

While a few magically adapt individuals did use their skills to cause misery to those around them the Czars and smaller beings of political powers would eagerly round up any known magic user as a scapegoat to blame others for failings.

Between this and the desire to blame magicians as weak cheaters who don't have true strength magic users are seldom in the Rakthia Empire by choice, though despite such persecution the Rakthia Empire is not above using magic to empower themselves, such as when Ivan harnessed the powers of a Dragon Helix Emerald to try and concur the world.

With a natural disdain for foreigners the tendency for the Rakthia Empire to launch hatefully aimed Pogroms on Zenjyu and other minority groups in tandem with the Orthodoxy Marvados church makes Rakthia seldom chosen as a tourist spot.

With poor relations with the rest of the world the various leaders of the Rakthia Empire were some of the first to embrace the power and variety of machines and with the sheer size and natural resources of the Empire many Czars eagerly tried to force the world to admit that Rakthia culture and the citizens who embrace that culture are the strongest, purist people of Marvados.

While the Rakthia Empire has managed to size much land over the years, sooner or later other governments would be able to take that land back.

Having nothing but disdain for the Magna Centurions and the various wizards and magically enhanced creations of the Jiodisa Union the Rakthia Military fervently pushes for more powerful technological weapons to prove that there superior creations can trump the might of any organic being.

The Rakthia Capital City of Grizagrad being right in the middle of the coldest parts of Marvados and using a gigantic dome to shield the city from the cold is a testament to the Rakthia people's desire to prove that there will can subdue nature itself.

Currently Czar Dmitri Grizdosky is one of the most determined leaders in the nation's history, with a dead set will at insuring that the Rakthia Empire proves its superiority to the world, a leader who while is patient like a cold blooded lizard, is also reported to be determined to get the rest of the world to give his nation proper respect no matter what it will take to accomplish such a wish.

The currency of the Rakthia Empire is the Gri, the nations flag is a drill and a plow in a x shape formation under a gray color, symbolizing how the creed of the Empire is one that favors strong productivity over all else.

The leadership in the Rakthia Empire is commander by the Czar and such ascension must be jointly approved by the military and the counsel. While the Czar has more power than any king or Emperor from another nation most Czars' forgo much glitz to their position, seeing such fancy trends as a showing of weakness.

The Jiodisa Union: To an outsider the customs of the Jiodisa people may come off as bizarre and illogical but from a certain point of view the same could be said about the customs of the outsider.

Never the less the Jiodisa Union does have things that set it apart from those around them. From the start the Jiodisa people have been proud of their heritage and unique customs. The people that would make up the Jiodisa Union originated from many tropical forest landscapes, lands where people often where in tune with nature.

The ancient people of the Jiodisa Union were the human tribes that were on the friendliest terms with Dragons. In the time period where Dragons ruled Marvados Dragons often chose the areas that would become the Jiodisa Union to have shrines and other constructs be forged.

The humans that pleased them were given better treatment then more hostile groups, and in return several of the most skillful servants were rewarded with some of the wisdom that the dragons had. The people that were given such privileges would in time be known as sages.

While some of these people did join their fellow homo sapiens in rising against dragons it was because most people from these tribes thought that Xorgoth himself was a mad tyrant that was causing a imbalance to Marvados, most of the humans in the region did not see Dragons themselves as swore enemies to humanity, and where promptly horrified to see their fellow man attack dragons to extinction.

Once Dragons were no more the sage Jiyamoto formed the Jiodisa Dynasty out of the idea that the most enlightened people had the mantel to rule. To this day the inner secrets of the Jiodisa Union inner history has not been discovered by any outsider, those who get close to such secrets have never been able to live long enough to divulge just what they are.

The ideology of the ancient Jiodisa scholars was primarily was that all beings should be treated with a equal amount of respect, however not all humans were seen as the same being.

While most of the other nations of Marvados had a majority that's religious majority was to the Marvados Church the most prominent religion in the Jiodisa territory was one based on spiritual system.

Rejecting the idea that Marvados was the savior of the world the religion viewed that human spirits were reincarnated, and that people with nobler spirits showed there true character and took up the spiritualism religion Nidoism.

This religious cast system hierarchy gave people a sense of purpose, and there was the chance that lower class spirits could evolve in to nobler souls, giving those in bad standings enough incentive to not be defiant.

The person in top of this spiritual hierarchy was the Emperor or Empress, who was the reincarnation of the planets heart, making them the person who has the mandate of the planet. This system may have required a lot of assumptions but for the most part it was able to take the shape of a stable government that lasted for centuries.

In part because of this enhanced spiritual side the Jiodisa Union has the most amount of magic users in all of Marvados. The Jiodisa Union also claims that this enhanced sense of spirituality, this synchronization with the planet is what allows the denizens of the world to come to their aide in the shape of their various bio monster armada.

However most intelligence indicates that the Bio engineered monsters are no calling from god but merely the work of the Jiodisa Union's highly confidential bio engineering program.

Wither such information came from Dragon's or had nothing to do with divine intervention but what is undisputed is that the Jiodisa Union's engineers and alchemists are able to seemly mold any kind of creature in to existence.

From bug sized cretins that can act as drones to gather information to snake like creatures that can form independently moving swords and whips on a soldier's armor, to giant avian creatures that can best the most advanced battleships while the Jiodisa alchemists may not be able to recreate the Dragon's that they so fanatically worship at this point of time only the most foolish would underestimate the power of this group.

The inventiveness of the mages who could manipulate life is not limited to just military based monsters, as they have also been able to create living suits of armor that neglect the power of magic and energy weapon's, to being able to create a living forest around the capital city of .

With this abundance of magical skill the mindset of the Jiodisa Union is nearly polar opposites to the mindsets of most people in the Rakthia Empire, since they see that people who rely purely on technology for power are weak in will.

While the Jiodisa Union does not entirely dismiss the worthwhile of machinery and they will allow machines to be used in port and tourists cities most of the Jiodisa leaders take pride in assuring the major Jiodisa cities are run and powered by entirely magical sources.

While many outsiders are put off by the extreme pride that Jiodisa citizens have in their methods such arrogance is not entirely baseless, any invasion on the Jiodisa Union has barley ever gotten past the port cities before being repelled, and the current capital city has never been invaded.

The Jiodisa Union's forces nearly launched a successful invasion in to the Aurino Republic, before the Kaisonite Meteor promptly changed the shape of warfare in Marvados. With Kaisonite mostly enhancing the firepower of Aurino and Rakthia weaponry the Jiodisa Union found themselves suddenly being overpowered in many fronts.

While the bio alchemists tried to make up for this set back by trying to create even more powerful monsters , being outraged at this sudden shift in power many key officials in the Jiodisa Union are fanatical about finding new sources of power, regardless of how far-fetched the idea may be.

The flag of the Jiodisa Union is a jade green color with a dragon encircling the sun, symbolizing how the spirit of the Jiodisa culture encircles the cosmos. The currency is the jade coin. The official term for the Jiodisa Union's government is that of a, the people elect for their providence overseers, the Shogun's, but it's up to the Emperor/ Empress and the high council of Mandarins make the ultimate decision.

The decision of who sits on the royal throne comes down to who pasts the royal trials and are over seen by the Mandarins , who guide the Emperor or Empress and act as there will. The most common currency in the Union is the Jido coins and the Jiminbi dollar.

Database Section three: Summary of major organizations of importance

Magna Centurions;

The Grand Order of the Holy Magna Centurions of the Aurino Republic", better known simply as the Magna Centurions, was as old as the second Aurino Kingdom itself; they had originated as Alexander Zilos's main combative force.

They were seen mostly as raw engines of destruction on the battlefield, almost like living storms—angels of judgment to some; demons of wrath to others. Initially, they were simply soldiers—powerful and effectively demigods in their own right, but at the end of the day grunts, at the beck and call of their king.

They soon became as symbolic of the lasting power, prestige, and even tenets of the Aurino Kingdom as the old structures and Constitution were; far from being basic shock troops, today they were seen as standards of everything good about the kingdom: honor, loyalty, nobility, justice, decency, courage, and devotion.

Nowadays, they were the best of the best; the elite soldiers of the kingdom. While simply holding the rank was no guarantee of commanding authority, most who took the role had to demonstrate competent leadership; even the lowest underling could get field promoted to a commanding officer over a division of troops and be expected to handle them. The King had the power to instantly place large sections of the military proper under their command, as well.

Strictly speaking, no one could "apply" to be a Magna Centurion. The best you could hope for on skill alone would be to become a "Millenian": a "silver" or "intern Magna Centurion". That rank was awarded through demonstration of skill and power, but it too was rare to get at the onset. Traditionally, one had to start even lower, in the "bronze" or "rookie" class, and show your worth even to gain a worthwhile apprenticeship.

The final component, battlefield competence, was something that could only be earned by experience. Once it was demonstrated clearly enough, the head of the order, the current "Saintly Commander Platinum", could name you from "silver" to "gold" standing.

Yet the fact that it was so hard to "get ahead" in the order, or even to get in, was what made it all the more appealing—not only to Richard, but to the public in general.

Someone who managed to gain entrance into the Magna Centurions was known as someone who represented everything people loved and aspired to in the Aurino Republic. A standard of excellence to the public; a heroic status to aspire to for the individual; the greatest mark of distinction. Money, prestige, authority…the rank of a Magna Centurion was esteemed above all.

It was said every blood descendant of Alexander Zilos, himself a descendant of Charlemagne, was a Magna Centurion. King Andross was no exception.

He was current Saintly Commander Platinum as well as the reigning monarch. All of Richard's brothers were members of Gold standing. Nathan himself was also one of the highest members of the order.

Magna Centurions are not generals but can amass as much authority as a commandant and command a battalion of soldiers with permission from the King. A Magna Centurion can also serve as a spy with all the powers of a spy if their skills qualify for the job.

Besides the Magna Centurion there are also "sliver" ranked apprentices or Millennnian that can serve as intern Magna Centurions in emergencies and bronze ranked rookies who act as understudies and other minor roles.

At the current moment while all official Manga Centurion members are ranked as gold Centurions King Andross himself, being a former Magna Centurion, is ranked as a Saintly commander Platinum class.

The oath of the Magna Centurions is

On my honor I pledge to be the sword of justice.

I shawl be the blade that does not waver in the fiercest storm,

the pillar that endures the hottest fire,

the light that shines through the bleakness darkness,

the bane of all sinners, I pledge to be the constellation that shines throughout the land, I pledge to be the beacon of justice to all in the realm.

Let all evil be were, I pledge to be the will of justice, a Magna Centurion!

The Barney Mega Stores Corporation; A Mega Corporation run by CEO Barney Whitman since its inception the Barney Mega Stores Corporation or the BMS started as a simple shopping mart that sold food at low prices, till it evolved to a shopping mart that managed to sell many things at low prices.

As Barney's influence grew and he was able to include both energy and houses in to branches of the BMS's items this not so humble president quickly amassed so much wealth that entire smaller nations are nothing more than buyers to him.

While the BMS's growth seems to have reached its zenith, President Whitman is always looking for ways of expansion and rumors are that he is finding legal loopholes to become a weapons manufacturer as well.

The News Every Second Network: Founded by former reporter Russell Bluth the News Every Second or NES network's primary function is to give people up to date news as swiftly as possible. This ideology does make it the bane of people who are not fond of nosy reporters though.

Joachim Enterprise: Joachim Enterprise is the conglomerate composed of the Joachim Transport, Joachim Pharmaceutical, Joachim Housing and many other divisions that effect many aspects of society and the Joachim Enterprise has been a part of the esteemed noble Joachim family for centuries. Founded by Rinaldo Joachim and currently run by Isaac Joachim with Voltaire Joachim being the planned heir.

The Joachim Enterprise is renowned for treating its employs fairly and giving citizens of the Aurino Republic many avenues for happiness, though currently the BMS Corporation is trying to surpass them as a bigger more influential corporation.

Neo-Balgeta Federation:While most were happy that the Aurino Kingdom brought security to the land...their were more then a few who would have rather seen their nation be defeated by the Rakthia Empire then see their ideas be compromised. More then half of the citizens of the nation disagreed...but those who cherished the desire for their people to have the freedom to live how they choose were united by Degwin Jackson Balgeta.

The man was the Doge of the western cost...but he convinced nearly half of the Aurino Republic's provinces to form the Balgeta Federation and seceded from the Aurino King. The Civil War that resulted from this declaration lasted five years...but while Balgeta and the other separatists figured the Aurino forces would be weak after their recent battles with the Rakthia Empire. However the Balgeta Federation paid dearly for underestimating what lengths the new Aurino King would take to keep his honor.

While the Federation forces were able to score many victories they lost when the Aurino King convinced many in Federation territory to rebel...and took advantage of the desire of the mixed feelings that many of the minority groups in Federation states had over some of the states desires to bring back slavery and in the end this clash of interests weakened the Federation's capacities...causing them to lose key battles in areas such as Nilock. Only a few days later President Balgeta was killed by his own Secretary and the Balgeta federation quickly collapsed.

The Aurino Republic liked to think that this showed the strength of their new government and showed to the world how feeble the Balgeta Federation was. However the Federation was not quite as finished as assumed...just driven underground. Many fanatical patriots would act defeated in public but would gather in secret to vow that the east would rise again.

While for over a century such gatherings seemed merely to honor those who fought...groups of die hard federalists like the " Fangs of the Patriots" lead by Doge Chuck Zuckabee were groups devoted to doing all they could to build a new army to finish what there ancestors started. Alec Steel convinced Zuckabee and others that the Aurino Republic was weak enough for the Neo Balgeta Federation to be able to reveal itself and strike.

Thus Zuckabee took advantage of Requiem's own movement and declared himself during the battle between the Crimson Tengu Ravens and the forces lead by Prince Raphael Zilos.

It was only after the battle started that Zuckabee realized Alec had greatly mislead him on how great his chances were of victory...thus the Neo-Balgeta Federation collapsed before it even got to properly declare itself.

After how swiftly the Aurino Republic acted to root out any who had ties to the Neo-Balgeta Federation its unclear if any Aurino citizens will have the courage to rebel in the next century.

The Ibis Corps: A ruthless and ominous Private Military Corporation that's existence is drenched in secrecy. Has more wizards in its order over any known PMC group and also known for committing the highest amount of illegal activities.

While loyal to no nation or group but themselves the ideologies of the Ibis Corps seem to be highly dogmatic and sadistic. There base of location is unknown and the nation they originated from is also unknown, but what is known is that the Ibis Corps has radical views for the world , and that each of their elite commanders, the Jinn Cadre are rumored to be as powerful and deadly as the Magna Centurions, and that the leader of the Ibis Corps, the so called God of War is such a master of the dark arts that the rules of nature are his play thing. Time will tell just what is myth and what is fact about this dark order.

The Crimson Tengu Ravens; A ragtag group of misfits and rebels that looks more mysterious then it seems. Founded by the not so deceased Richard Zilos with the backing of Prime Minister Nathan Zilos and Voltaire Joachim, the Crimson Tengu Ravens were formed by the third Prince of the Aurino Republic in a responds to the third prince nearly finding himself killed by Bolton Steiner, and trying to figure out how his father could have approved of such a corrupt operation.

At first mostly composed of former members of the Hammer Wolves Gang after the fledgling orders reputation extended its ranks were increased by members of other former gangs, along with people who just wanted to have a chance at changing the status quote.

The reputation of the Crimson Tengu Ravens is increasing even more after Richard, under the guise of his alter ego Requiem managed to kill Bolton Steiner and expose his corrupt plan to unleash the fire power of the Magna Obelisk mobile fortress on Los Midas, however it remains to be seen if the Crimson Tengu Ravens and its masked leader can fulfill all of their intended goals. While the orders reputation kept growing with the masses...that reputation was shattered after Richard Zilos...possessed by the fragment of Xorgoth...killed thousands of people in Nilock Park and caused a volcano to erupt.

Database part four, in-depth investigation on the art of using magic in Marvados;

It's not known just where magic came from, if it was a diving blessing from god or some sort of cosmic mutation regardless of where it came from its undeniable that magic, the ability to alter and change matter in various ways is a factual ability in the world of Marvados.

When people first started to be able to use magic the first instants of people casting spells were from sheer desperation, and their peers thought that these magic casting individuals were either demons in human shells or people blessed by Marvados like Mavan Saints could harness divine power. Such faith encouraged humans to fight Dragons to extinction, seeing it as the will of god.

However as humans became the dominate life forms of the planet and it was clear that magic could be used by individuals with hearts that were far from pure most people had to rethink just how people could use magic.

While people had countless theories in time the official understanding is that being able to cast magic had nothing to do with faith, it was with having a certain time of blood and genetics, a type of gene that allowed one's blood to interact with the mana in the world.

Casting magic involves using that mana and manipulating it in to the desired effect. By saying the right words, making the correct hand symbols and focusing one's will correctly a magic spell can be cast.

Humans have the power to cast magic on their own but it is a much easier effort if they use a wand. The first wands were various staffs that were made of materials that were conductors for mana.

While wands did allow for many more people to cast magic it also made them easier targets, soldiers knew that destroying the wand of a magic user would cripple the vast majority of them. This is why most mages did not fight in the front-lines in wars, until the modern wands were forged.

These new types were called the Wise Atom Neutron Deviser, or an abridged term for wand. Artificial constructs that could store Mana energy and take many shapes like a small ring, a necklace or more, theses new types of wands allowed for magic users to be much more mobile and versatile.

Magic itself is nearly limitless in possibility; it's up to the one who casts the spell to be able to manipulate energy and figure out how to control the process. Types of magic include White or healing based magic, magic that can heal injuries.

White magic can patch up wounds, and even restore destroyed limbs, some that are well versed in the healing arts have been able to bring back those who were assumed dead.

However, such magic is restricted by time, if a healer cannot get to the wounded individual in time the magic will not be able to heal the target. Another type of magic is black magic, which can be filed under many sections but is mostly listed as magic that aims to cause harm to the spell casters target through various means.

Green type magic or Body modifying magic is generally spells that are used to empower and alter one's body in ways like forming a barrier of raw energy particles around one's self, altering the structure of one's body, enhancing one's movement, size, strength, and others.

Those that excel at controlling mana particles can convert them in to raw energy and unleash them in to spheres and beams of pure energy that have the same effect as plasma beams and explosions, the power of the energy blast is a result of the spell and the power of the caster.

There are many forms of magic that few are even aware of, whenever someone thinks that all areas of magic has been explored some daring pioneers surprise the world with radical new magic spells.

On top of all that magic can be used to directly empower one's body, for even without casting a spell one who is skilled at gathering mana energy can store the energy like how a plant stores solar cells, and uses that energy to enhance one's speed and strength, someone who is adapt at gathering mana energy can move fast enough to outrun the swiftest monsters, and have enhanced strength without even casting a spell.

Improving one's ability to use magic is both a physical and mental ordeal but the stronger the body and mind, the more magical energy one can withstand in his or her body.

Those that can gather enough mana energy to a certain point have been seen to have aura's of raw energy dance around there bodies when casting a spell.

While at the present time more people are able to cast magic then in any recorded time in the history of Marvados but the total amount of magic users in the world still is less than a quarter of the world's population.

While advancements in weaponry and technology those who don't have the right elements in their body structure to cast magic currently feel like they are not at the mercy of magic users but there is always a element of tension between those who have a advantage over others and this is unlikely to change no matter what spell or machine is invented.

Database part five; Definition of Unique Terms

Augmented Limbs;Metal prosthetic limbs forged for those who lost limbs and could not be healed in time with magic. While at first prostates were crude and barley effective after perfecting the method of linking bio-mechanic augmentation limbs with the bodies nerve cells the usage of augmented body parts became far more wide spread.

Augmented limbs are currently at the level where people with replacement arms or legs can have feeling with that limb, even if the feeling is not as natural as a true body part.

In addition progress in compact joints has allowed some augmented limbs to hide weaponry and other gadgets. While such antics require more power there are even more elaborate efforts to make augmented humans go from being crippled humans to transcended life forms, though such plans are still all mostly in a draft stage.

Condenser Gourd; While looking like a normal gourde it is an item that is enhanced with magic. Once the gourd opens up it consumes all the unstable energy waves in the area. In ancient times the gourds were meant to contain areas where dark magic had run rampant, and even be able to seal up creatures drenched in dark energy, rumors say Condenser Gourds even were able to seal demons. In recent times Condenser Gourds could be adapted to seal radiation, which was quite handy for cases involving malfunctioning nuclear reactors or other instances with radiation. Condenser Gourds work by having everything that goes in to it get shrunken down to one-tenth of its original size and the insides of the gourd neutralize most substances or at the very least isolate its effects from the outside world.

Dragons;As relatively peaceful as things seemed in the Aurino Kingdom, war and conflict were never very far from the nation, or from the world at large. It had been that way since time immemorial.

That was because all the history that was recorded in detail was only from within around a single millennium ago; whatever came before that was more myth than fact. Details about the nature of people or civilizations before the "Golden" era of Mavlos before that, and the dark ages that led to the modern era, were mostly a mystery to all—archaeologists, historians, and researchers alike. Before that, there was only one time that all knew about, and it was a time that had destroyed any memory of humanity in that era: the Age of the Dragons.

Far more intelligent than mere monsters, Dragons are mythical creatures that have abilities' at times defy logic.

Few dispute that dragons are the most naturally powerful beings in Marvados. Dragons existed since the first era of Marvados and while records of the ancient era are sketchy at best but it's clear that dragons knew Mavaos himself, some say they were the ones that killed him.

After the death of Mavlos Dragons soon became the rulers of Marvados, using their vast power to silence any who were not fond of this idea. Most infamous for their massive size, and there ability to fly and breath fire dragons had even more powers then most people think, including to breath things other than fire.

Had they always dominated this world from the moment they appeared, and mankind merely lived in their shadow? —Or had they somehow arisen from another world entirely, or from the heavens themselves?

There were few to no clues to answer that question, and the truth of the matter was, society frowned on those who tried to find out more; the dragons were regarded as supernatural demons and fiends—and with good reason.

Rending and destroying, all thoughts bent toward chaos, destruction, and devouring men wherever they found them, leaving much of the world a spoiled wasteland…about the only thing that history could tell for sure was that they were not content to live alongside humans, neither as equals nor as mankind living like rats among stones and rubble; they saw humans as something to be destroyed.

This view was held especially by the Great Demon himself—"the Wicked"; "the Man-Eater"; "the Kaiser of Dragons". Whatever name he truly had was also lost to time, but that last title was translated from the old tongue as "Xorgoth", and the name had stuck

Dragons came in various shapes and sizes but the most terrifying dragon of them all was Xorgoth. The Kaiser of Dragon's strength seemed to surpass any other dragon and he was said to be able to devastate entire villages with one breath and have powers beyond the level of other dragons. While dragons viewed humans as servants at best for centuries, Xorgoth outright viewed humans as toys for his amusement, a sentiment he shared with other dragons.

After centuries of being treated like cattle humans surprised Xorgoth and the other dragons by rebelling and fighting to overthrow there shackles.

Using magic that was taught to them by dragons, champions of humanity such as Charlemagne Auro, Maxwell Socrates and others waged a war to decide the fate of who would be the dominate life form in Marvados.

It was a bloody brutal event but despite the superior power that dragons had humans used their resourcefulness and magic to outmaneuver their enemies and gain several victories.

Facing defeat at the life forms that were thought to be mere servants made Xorgoth and his inner circle counter attack with even more bitter fury. Never the less humans showed that they were not as fragile as the dragons assumed.

In fact Charlemagne proved once and for all the power of humanity when he slay Xorgoth in the decisive battle. While Charlemagne gets all the credit most historians deduced that for all of Charlemagne's skill, strength and charisma it was because Maxwell was able to create a plague that crippled only dragons that Charlemagne was able to prevail.

Never the less the two men along with all of their comrades quickly became known as the liberators of humanly. However, between the ruthless effectiveness of the Dragon plague and the lingering hatred of humans who been treated as slaves for humanity dragons were hunted to extinction thus giving the group the other less glamorous title of envoy's of Dragon genocide.

After the Human liberation war no dragon was seen on the surface of Marvados, but there legacy still lingers to present day. After all dragons may have gone extinct but there relics still remain littered across the ruins of Marvados, and few if any know the full extent of what powers a dragon's treasure might hold, though the world might find out soon.

Dragon Helix Emerald: The most powerful of the relics left by dragons, Dragon Helix Emeralds are gems that are far from mere shinny looking rocks. The process is still not entirely clear but scientists have deduced that Dragons imprinted theses crystals with their memories, if not there very essence.

All recovered Dragon Helix Emeralds seem to radiate an unconfirmed magical energy and utilizes some semi organic crystal-lattice mainframe that is able to store things that normally would not be able to be stored.

The precise color and shape of all uncovered Dragon Helix Emeralds vary but it's clear they hold great power, for every individual who managed to unleash the energy of the Dragon Helix Emerald is able to unleash great power.

However, since the Emeralds were meant for Dragons' harnessing such power can quickly erode a human's mind and body if he or she's will falters.

Because of this all of the Great Nations reached an agreement that Dragon Helix Emeralds are better of sealed away, although another reason might be because Dragon Helix Emeralds seem to resonate odd energies with aligned next to each other and few want to find out just what possible cataclysmal chain reaction could happen if all the Dragon Helix Emeralds are gathered together.

When Richard and the others confronted Ares in the depths of the ruins underneath Nilock Park it was revealed that the Emeralds indeed held more then just the memories of dragons...but the lingering phantoms of dragons as well as shown when the wrath of the dragon Rendora took control of a human's body to become a raging entity or " Zoma" of pure magma. Ares also uncovered that each of the Emerald's have the essence of the Kaiser of Dragon's himself...for the true purpose of them was to be the seal that locked Xorgoth away in the core of the planet.

Dragon Lens Scanners: Dragons were rumored to have eyes that could see the magic flowing in the air, eyes that could see the soul, eyes that could see very far, and other things that made them amount to very powerful eyes. In order to try and give soldiers, if not people in general enhanced vision Joachim Enterprise invented the Dragon Lens Scanner, which is a machine that is inserted on the side of one's head and can allow someone to have thermal vision, X ray vision, being able to detect the amount of mana energy residing in a organism, and other features. In addition the Dragon Lens Scanner comes equipped with radio functions to contact a squad and can also display a partial radar screen.

Drones: The abridged summery is that drones are a mechanical and or electronic construct designed and put into service to assist organic life with limited capacity for artificial intelligence. Drones go by many names by robots, along with far cruder names given by cruder individuals but there primarily purpose is to be semi antonymous tools to assist humans. Previously Drones were equipped with either solar or atomic generators but solar power proved to be to unreliable and atomic generators were too risky.

However once Kaisonite was discovered Drones could have a long lasting and safer power source, thus the usage of Drones quickly multiplied and from there the types of Drones soon also multiplied. One such kind of Drone was a Jaeger Drone, drones that's primary purpose was to neutralize threats. Jaeger Drones, along with other types of drones are built for different situations, one example is how the canine like Garou Jaeger Drones are built for the purpose of being able to quickly hunt down trespassers and neutralize them in wide open terrain where as a spider like Gohma type Jaeger Drones are built with the purpose of neutralizing threats in a tight space using webbing like fluid and other forms of firepower.

Most Jaeger Drones have enough intelligence to accomplish their orders but are not good at adapting to sudden changes without instructions. Humans often oversee look drones during operations command types drones with increased intelligence have been created to substitute the human element. Alphonse is one of the few Jaeger Drones programmed with an interface system that can understand humans and interact on equal terms with humans.

It's rumored that Professor Kath Fraction is trying to create even more advanced kinds of drones but the expert in robotics does not like to share his experiments other than giving out quips at how it would revolutionize what is perceived as a living being.

Electro Ball; A game using high speed maneuverability gear like Electro Gliders in an enclosed arena. The primary objective of Electro Ball is that it is a sport where two teams try to amass more points than their opponents. To do that the players smash a ball in to the goal and the goals are the center of the walls at the edge of each arena. In order to get the ball in they use bats to smash the ball in to the goal and use Electro Gliders to fly in the air.

Each team has two Smashers, whose roles are to aggressively smash the ball at the other team's goal, and two Bouncers, whose purpose is to defend the goal. Next is a Sentry who guards the team goal all the time, and one Marauder, who is leads the charge against the other team. Electro Ball Players do not just have to contend with themselves but with the various obstacles that can appear on the arena.

One example is suddenly flippers can appear to bounce a ball back, or a bumper will pop up to slam a player around. The Electro Ball itself can even suddenly get a surge and split in too many balls at once if it goes through the right bonus object. If can also transform in to different shapes if it goes through something, and the player can score bonus points if he manages to direct additional Electro Balls in to the goal. There are four innings to an Electro Ball match and there may be over time if a game ends in a tie. There are various formations and conditions to break a tie and there are also penalty shots.

Electro Ball quickly caught on in the Aurino Republic; some of the reasons would be for being quite the visual spectacular along with being an indicator of how the Aurino Republic's culture evolved after the discovery of the Kaisonite refinement process.

Familiar Creatures; Familiar creatures are not much different then other living creatures but the exception is that spells are case to infuse such creatures with magically altered minds, allowing them to have the intelligence level of a human being. The practice was used for lone travelers to have non human talking companions and even in the rising age of robotics familiars are still preferred for various reasons, some being that they are not vulnerable to the flaws of machines. Familiar animals can give birth to talking creatures if enough magical energy remains in there blood.

Grizanaught; The preferred heavily artillery machines of the Rakthia Empire. The Grizanaught was developed by the efforts of Czar Grizdosky, Professor Fraction, and many Rakthia scientists in an effort to forge more efficient war machines. Not content with the sluggish nature of tanks, planes and other vehicles the Rakthia Empire yearned to make war vehicles with the firepower and armor of tanks that also had the mobility of monsters and after many failed prototypes the result was the Grizanaught.

The Grizanaught gave the Rakthia Empire an edge at first but once the Aurino republic perfected the Zaitron war machines thanks to the introduction of Kaisonite the tide of technological superiority changed. While an average Zaitron would seem to outperform a average Grizanaught in firepower and maneuverability the Rakthia high command as a whole refuses to expect that the Aurino methods are superior to their own and that there beast like war machines can triumph over the human shaped Zaitron, as soon as they perfect the Grizanaught process.

This ambition has lead to many types of Grizanaught's to be produced and since they are over all cheaper to make there has been times when a swarm of Grizanaught's overwhelm Zaitron's in feet battles. The desire to be able to handle all aspects of combat have lead to various types of Grizanaught. Some are the heavy deployment Ursa Grizanaught type, the aquatic shark like Sakhalin Hunter type, the airship breaking Behemoth RX Barbados type, the aerial bird like Saker TXM fighter type, RXN-X61S Charybdis the heavy underwater combat squid like and many more.

Countless other types of Grizanaught war machines are being tested and even if there is currently no war between the Rakthia Empire and other nations it would seem that the Czar and many others are more than ready to try and prove which army has the superior firepower and engineering.

Vigalos Solar System; The Solar System where planet Marvados resides is composed of eight planets and one destroyed planets. In order to the sun those planets are planet Sios, planet Calactus, planet Marvados, planet Dega, planet Jagon, the remains of planet Kaios, the planet Altron, the planet Xathon, and the planet Nidocron.

Kaisonite: A gem that revolutionized the way of life in Marvados, Kaisonite is not a substance native to the world of Marvados, but is the remains of the planet of Kaios. The former sixth planet in the solar system suddenly exploded one day in a violate chain reaction.

For a time the people of Marvados thought that the largest chunk of the former planet, the Karacos meteor, would just fly past their own world, till the meteor shattered and descended for Marvados. The sudden impact of the meteor from the former planet horrified most people and got a good majority of theses people to assume the world was doomed.

However some people thought that it was a act of divine will that the Karacos meteor had parts of its body shatter after descending in to Marvados's atmosphere, and while the remains of the meteor did impact in to Marvados and kill everyone in its path besides King Andross, the world did not die, in fact the impact caused the world to flourish once people discovered just what the shards of fallen Kaisonite could do.

For one thing it did not take long to discover that Kaisonite mixed with the right amount of levels in a reactor can emit particles of energy that were previously unheard of. Theses Kaisonite particles are easy enough to refine after the correct formula was found, and in time ways to duplicate Kaisonite in to artificial Kaisonite was discovered, by manipulating the wave length of the particles to confine and compress the reactor fuel, triggering a fusion reaction, Kaisonite particles produced as a byproduct of the fusion reaction were recycled to keep that reaction going.

The Kaisonite particles that form the web lattice also helped catalyze the fusion reaction, allowing a source of near unlimited energy. This caused countless projects that were previously thought to be impossible to now be in the realm of possibility, such as air cars, Surge Zeppelins, Zaitron's and Grizanaught and other machines.

After further study the ability to have Kaisonite particles have their positive and negative particles collide with the mana particle in the air and lead to a explosive chain reaction causing a degeneracy of the of the atom by compressing Kaisonite particles in high pressure chambers and firing out the degenerated particles (from the fusing of a positively charged and a negatively charged one) which carries high energy and mass from the degeneration of the matter , causing a reaction that more or less is what most call a laser beam, a reaction previously thought possible only by magic.

Kaisonite is not an everlasting energy source, plasma guns can have their batteries overheat with too much usage, and various Kaisonite reactors can overheat with too much rapid usage, but Kaisonite meltdowns are far less extreme then atomic meltdowns and the introduction of Kaisonite advanced the technological state of Marvados by a massive degree. It's unknown if the rest of the planets in the solar system are composed of materials that cause such immense effects but it's clear that Kaisonite has for better or worst caused Marvados to evolve far faster than it would otherwise.

Magna Obelisk; An anti insurgence Mobile Fortress that's primary function is to be able to repress a entire cities worth of criminals with its firepower. The Magna Obelisk is merely a heavily armed fortress equipped with enough energy to float. The one Bolton Steiner commissioned over Los Midas was a mere prototype but the specs entail that it is equipped with a energy barrier that can hold long enough for reinforcements to arrive and to have enough units to properly defend itself from most attacks.

While Magna Obelisks are not nearly as mobile as Surge Zeppelins and might not hold up in a direct clash there function is to be able to swiftly neutralize rebellions in cities with precise firepower. While Steiner aimed to use the Magna Obelisk for a perverse cause at the very least the Manga Obelisk proved it could live up to its task.

Marvados the planet;Marvados is a planet that is 20,000 km in length and is the fourth planet in the Vigos solar system. Marvados got its official name of Marvados after being named after the savior of the world. Marvados has such a strong gravity pull that humans have been unable to escape its atmosphere, only small extremely sturdy probes have been able to escape and survive without being crushed to serve as the various nations satellites. The pull that drags down humans seems to be beyond mere gravity but humans and all other life forms, even dragons cannot survive long enough to figure just what the nature of the planet's atmosphere is about. While the planet may have intense gravity it has just made most of the world's life forms very durable, including humans. Stubborn atmosphere issues aside Marvados is a vast planet with plenty of natural splendors and resources. There are plenty of caves and caverns from the first age but the thickness of the worlds crust makes digging to deep an extremely difficult task.

Monsters/ Bio organic weapons/ Kaiju beasts;

Monsters are in essence animals but what makes an animal be labeled as a monster is if said animal has the ability to cause physical and mental trauma to humans. In medieval times monsters rampaged rampantly across Marvados and many villages and kingdoms were formed primarily so that people could have safe havens where they could live in a environment free of fear from being eaten.

However as magic and advanced weaponry become wider spread monsters went from being the hunters to the hunted and most of the most violate monsters were hunted to join dragons in extinction, though some are kept to be displayed in large Zoos. Many creatures have evolved in to what would be seen as monsters vie trying to survive there environment, others are bio engineered to be monsters to serve as tools of the military.

Currently the Jiodisa Union uses monsters or Kaiju as a major part of their army since most of the Jiodisa Military feels that they don't need to resort to using Drones and metal war machines when they are powerful enough in magic and alchemy to not need to rely on those " toys".

While the bio weapons that the Jiodisa Union has produced have not been able to replicate the power of dragons like they wished they still have created strong enough beasts to keep the most heavily armed Aurino or Rakthia fleets on their toes.

Some known monsters include a Blazeautan, which is a ape like monster that can muster fire, Gargoyle monsters, winged beasts with savage strength that can have their bodies turn to stone before becoming " active".

The Kraidlon is a large alligator like monster that has pincer like claws on its mouth that can absorb radiation and empower itself with such energy. The Sovereign Zuu is a majestic bird that's nearly as large as a battleship; its purpose is to be the vessel of the Emperor and is big enough to hold a few cabins.

A Zoloactyle is a large winged reptile that can spit energy blasts and works with Jiodisa Dragoons to amount to the air force for the Jiodisa military. The Ojigi Hound is a hound that bursts out of its seed like pod once the activate spell puts them out of there sleeper status. More than just hounds, the Ojigi Hound has a plant like nature to its skin, has tongs that can extent to tremendous lengths and can also project very corrosive acid.

The Triberus is a unnatural monster created by Professor Kath Fraction in the depths of his Neogenic Cradle laboratory. It has the armored horned structure of a Triceratops dinosaur with the added agility of the Cerberus monster of legend. The beasts three heads are able to work head can spew fire...another head can spew ice with the last can spew highly corrosive acid.

Potions ; Medical gels of the world had come a long way. With the right connections and funding, one could obtain such tinctures that had sufficient power to almost immediately regenerate the most serious injuries, although, just as with the lower level ones, one had to act fast. While they were capable of quickly stimulating the mana flow within living tissues and, in extreme cases, could actually regenerate limbs or other missing body parts, they were as useless as the weaker ones against dead tissue that had begun necrosis.

Surge Zeppelin Dreadnaughts; The primary cruisers used by the Aurino Republic's military, theses flying battleships are meant to strike terror in to the hearts of any who defy the Aurino Republic. The Surge Zeppelin comes in three classes; the Tornado class which is around two hundred meters in length is the smallest and is primary for quick barrages or for sudden deployments.

The five hundred and fifty meter long Tycoon class Surge Zeppelin is the medium sized Surge Zeppelin and has enough fire power to withstand well directed engagements with enemy fleets but usually comes in packs to give cover fire for each other. The two thousand meter long Monsoon Class Surge Zeppelin is intended to be the embodiment of the Aurino Republic's justice, a ship that is wide enough to block out the sky and have enough fire power to devastate a landscape. Only four Monsoon class Surge Zeppelins have been produced by the North Point ship yards in the Dalboa Providence, and King Andross assures they are just for security measures.

While the Rakthia Empire has airships of their own that have just as much size and fire power as the Surge Zeppelin's the scorpion like vessels that compose the Rakthia Armada are usually given the names of ship by their class because the Rakthia high command sees giving fancily titles as frivolous, though there are a few Rakthia Generals that give nicknames to their ships. Despite this view it seems that the glamorous stylish nature of the Surge Zeppelins work to a extent as unveiling of new ships gets quite a crowd and kids buying to Surge Zeppelin model kits have more of a chance of wanting to join the military one day.

The Orthodox Church of Marvados and the Marvados region;The first official religious institution composed of those who worship Mavlos, has existed to some extent even before humanity was liberated from the repression of the dragons. Originating from the preaching's of the disciples of Mavlos, dragons were infuriating at theses priests and unleashed a horrible backlash, but such passion emboldens humans and caused another backlash.

The religious fever was part of the reason humans were able to muster enough resolve to fight on till they were able to size there victory. Because of this the church of Marvados would play a major part in guiding humanity with a common cause to a new future. For centuries the Church of Marvados had as much power as the governments if not more but in recent times their power has been greatly reduced, most likely after the last crusade given by a psychotic Marvados Cardinal nearly plunged the entire planet in to a dark age.

While there are countless off shoots of the Marvados religion the Orthodox Marvados Church still holds firm to its authority and legitimacy by being the sole institution that guards the sacred relics and recordings of god and his chosen one, a duty that the church won't let anyone stand in their way of there " Divine" duty.

Zaitron Iron Giant war machines;Zaitron 's are humanoid combat vehicles, typically employing two arms to deploy weapons, two legs for propulsion, and a head that is normally looks like a cross shaped visor of a knight suit over a faceplate on what would be a human head. The head acts as a main camera though smaller cameras are on the chest for emergencies.

Typically speaking, a Zaitron is approximately sixty feet in height, with a cockpit located in the unit's torso. All Zaitron's are powered by a hyper compact Kaisonite generator and are covered in a combined Titanium Adamantite, and Mithril alloy armor. The basic adamant of a Zaitron is a beam blade that ignites out of one arm that is composed of raw energy and can cut through most substances while on the other arm is a arm attached beam cannon that's power can change form rapid bursts of plasma energy to a charged shot that can demolish most buildings.

The first Zaitron's were forged in an effort to make army vehicles more varsities in combat. After many failed prototypes models based on the exo suits were expanded till the Zaitron Iron Giant type was completed.

While many at first scoffed at the idea of a usefulness of a humanoid war machine doubts about the stability and mobility of a Zaitron were quickly defended when it was proven that the Zaitron had enough thrusters to out maneuver most weaknesses.

In addition Zaitron's had enough armor to be able to handle the direct impact of many normal explosives and most are equipped with shields on their arms to add additional protection.

To be more prepared for what situations might occur in combat Zaitron was soon category in to three times. The Mercury Zaitron is an expansion of the original Zaitron model but is equipped with extra thrusters to be able to perform quick attacks and out maneuver more powerful targets with Ion Thrusters.

Most Mercury types are colored blue. The Mars Zaitron is the type most suited for close combat, for it is equipped with large Atom Divider swords, large blades that have electrical currents to slash at a high frequency to slice through shields and other beam blades. In addition most Mars types can transform their bodies in to a fighter plane like state to perform invasive maneuvers.

In this form the blades of the Zaitron can extend from its sides to slice through targets with swift maneuvers. Most Mars types are colored red and orange. The Jupiter type is the Zaitron built with the most armor and firepower.

While a Jupiter type Zaitron does not have enough fire power to directly out gun the most powerful battleships in the right position its entirely possible for a Jupiter type to destroy even the most powerful battleships like a Monsoon class Zaitron if it has enough support. The Jupiter types have green and purple colors.

While the Mars type the Mercury type and the Jupiter type are the basic Zaitron variants in an effort to cover all possible combat situations the combined efforts of the Aurino Military and private military industries like Joachim Incorporated R&D division and the Myers Electronic Aviation Corporation have worked on many custom prototypes. Individuals with enough cash can have their own custom Zaitron's, and while all Zaitron's must officially be registered to the government those with enough funding and power can manage to have unregistered Zaitron 's produced, though the price for being caught with a unregistered Zaitron is quite severe.

While even the most powerful Zaitron's do not equal to the power of the stronger Magna Centurions or the King with being resistant to spells Zaitron's give many who are not able to cast magic the power they desire to be on par with a wizard, and for all of their faults the sight of giant metal guardians patrolling the city brings hope to Aurino citizens and dismay to those who get in to a Zaitron's sensors.

With many more prototypes for entire new classes of Zaitron's being in development, its clear the Aurino military is not going to let anyone challenge its air superiority.

The Zenjyu faith;Long before the three Great Nations reached the breaking point of hate for each other that exploded into hundreds of years of war, other genocides were waged in regards to something more basic and fundamental: religion.

Most of the world of today followed but one religion, no matter which country you lived in—that would be the Mavan religion, which, like the planet itself, had had its name altered based off its founder: Mavlos.

The man had been seen as the savior of the world when he was alive, and was regarded as the Divine Sage, the Holy Seer, the Messiah, and more, that led humanity out of the darkness, literally out of the clutches of demons that plagued humanity in the mythical and chaotic first dark era of the world, and who was said to act as the will of God.

To most for the bulk of recorded history, he was not just the savior of the world but the true god of the world. Said to have acted on the will of god, Mavlos was said to be the one who taught everyone magic, rumored to have unlocked the secrets of magic from a divine source.

Further fables, such as being able to see the future, and the first human to use magic, further enhanced his legacy. Leaving an impact like no other human before him, and having such power and wisdom that even dragons had respected him, it was not hard to see how Mavlos was so revered that the world was named after him.

However, there was more to his story than just that—there was his brother, Zenjyu. How the legend of the founding of that religion played out was in dispute to this day. What was known for certain, however, was that Zenjyu started off following the same religion as the Mavan faith that Mavlos preached; the same code and way of life that emphasized respect for the world and respect for all living creatures.

Yet as time went on, that only became half of the Mavan religion. The other half became a striving toward devotion and honor, and a way of proving oneself worthy of that regard. The question then became who would be the one to prove oneself to—who was worthy of being the ultimate standard and judge of the value of humanity. Eventually it became Mavlos himself, who gained greater and greater status as a result, and, as time went on, became known as a deity.

Eventually, the story went, Zenjyu conspired to have Mavlos killed; the exact reason was unknown. One side of the spectrum said it was pure jealousy and signing his soul over to demonic powers to become superior to his brother; another side claimed it was because Mavlos went corrupt, had become fanatical, and Zenjyu felt he was twisting his religion to be about him, rather than greater principles, and that the ark that Mavlos was building to save humanity from the natural cataclysm going on in the planet would bring about humanity's doom, not the salvation Mavlos preached. A third went so far as to say Zenjyu saw it as the greater good, and he wanted to kill his brother to keep people from venerating him, not out of any personal emotion, positive or negative.

In the end, however, the deed was done…and for many, many generations afterward, Zenjyu's own disciples were considered the spawn of evil, the source of all dark magic, curses, and plagues in the world, and had been hunted down in numerous genocidal campaigns in an attempt to destroy them and "purify the world".

There had been many kings who bore the name Zilos within the Aurino Kingdom alone, many of them otherwise great and noble men, who had declared that the world would never be a just place so long as a single follower of Zenjyu lived. Still others said even the babies should be dashed to pieces so they wouldn't grow to corrupt the Mavan faith.

Most of that animosity had faded with time; religion was no longer the strongest driving force in the world as it once had been…but wherever differences in people existed, there would always be the tendency of society to try to find things to hang upon them. —That man litters? It's because he's a Zenjyu. —That woman drinks? It's because that's what followers of Zenjyu do.—That teen is a lazy, hostile, good for nothing bum? It's because that damn Zenjyu blood of his makes him prone to violence.

Got a bad deal? It's because those sneaky Zenjyu swindlers conned good, honest Mavan believers out of their hard-earned money! —That group is always grabby. —That group is always pushy. —That group always feels they're entitled to everything. —That group is run by savages. —It's the Zenjyu who caused that plague; they used dark magic rituals to fuel their blood libel orgies! It does not matter if they were also sick; it's all part of their sadistic scheme!

…One reason after another to segregate, hate, and bear animosity to Zenjyu's followers. To this day, while the Zenjyu faith was more integrated into mainstream society than ever before, even so one could hardly say followers of the Zenjyu faith were completely "accepted" into Aurino society; "tolerated" was probably the most one could concretely hope for, and even then not in every area.

While at present time the relationship with individuals who practice the Zenjyu religion are stable between most of the governments of the world, relations have appeared stable only to suddenly escalate suddenly in to a vicious massacre and sour spots like the dismissive view of King Andross making a Zenjyu his second queen and having children with Zenjyu blood shows that there is still many pockets of anti-Zenjyu feelings coursing through the people of Marvados, the constant discrimination Richard has felt firsthand throughout his life is just one of many instances of the sad proof that relations have a long way to go before being ideal.