[Note: I forgot to upload this chapter onto here when I wrote it and am only adding it now. Also, to the person who asked if this was real/actually based on my life, it is. I'm sorry I failed to make that clear earlier.]

Entry 7
7:26 PM, May 1st, 2016
I'm actually doing a lot better now. Well... I think I am, anyways. I've had a bit more trouble in recent weeks/months (shit, I forgot to update this 'till now, sorry about that), lots of episodes spent crying, and a whole lot of drooling over celebrities and fictional characters. I also got back into playing Oblivion (The Elder Scrolls IV). It's much more fun than I remembered, though the guards are annoying and will fucking beat your ass if you accidentally steal a tomato. I also tried Morrowind for a bit, but it wasn't really to my taste. Anyways. I also started binge-watching horror anime. Went through Parasyte: The Maxim in about 3 days. It was rad. Quite rad (sorry for use of that term). I haven't done much writing lately, and for now, I don't think I really want to. I just want to relax for a while.

OH! There is one thing. I recently found a mod that implements what I have always wanted into Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC (get it here [there was a link here but fp won't let me post it].) Now, excuse me while I go turn Miraak into my bitch/my faithful follower.

Thank you for sticking with me!