A/N: I've been reading too much novels these days...Inspired by the many Otome game Reincarnation Light Novels.

1st person POV

Panting and Huffing, I turned at the corner in hopes that I would lose my pursuers

"She's there!"

But my hopes came crashing down on me when shouts were heard right behind me.

In haste, I tried to blend myself with the large crowd downtown.

Please don't find me, please don't find me.

I prayed as I tried to act normal, like a single woman on her way home.

Closing my eyes, I tried to find the reason to why on Earth are those suspicious man in black chasing after me.

I am just Ella Grandor, a normal business woman with not much social standing, not much power. So why am I being chased after?

I'm very sure I have obeyed all the laws and rule to the core. I had just checked my criminal record- with it being empty- for my latest job interview, but why why why am I getting chased by thugs that look like they come from the Mafia?

Hands clenched around my own wrist before I could even form protests.

Panic filled my mind as I tried to struggle against the man's grip.

"Let. Me. GO!" I shouted as I used all my strength to yank my hand away from him.

By some sort of miracle, I succeeded.

And by some stroke of bad luck, I lost my footing and my falling body was headed straight to the lane.


The man's eyes widened as he saw the truck(yes, truck) zooming closer...and closer...

I mimicked his expression as a piercing scream was heard when the truck rammed into a body.

Many subsequent screams were heard, but the one that came first was the loudest.

Why is everything so blurry?

For some reason, the screams were getting softer and softer, as the scenery changed itself, into something darker.

Why is everything so dark?

"Miss! The ambulance would be coming soon! Please-"

I couldn't hear the voice anymore.

My vision grew worse every passing second as I tried to stay awake.

I can't sleep now. I can't-


The last thing I remembered was flashing red lights and someone screaming into my ears, begging me to stay awake.


I am lost in the abyss. Or maybe Catacombs. Maybe the labyrinth.

Who knows? The scenery keeps changing. One day it's dark, another day I'm surrounded by graves, other days I'm surrounded by walls.

I have lost count of how much time had passed since I came here. Maybe I've been here for weeks, or months even. I wouldn't know.

Days in this empty world was spent reminiscing my past, wondering just why I was killed. What I was killed by, and just who were the men chasing after me.

For some reason, I had an hypothesis formed in my mind, but it was very unlikely. For this hypnosis to come true, my parent would have betrayed my trust.

It couldn't be. It had to be someone else, but who? She was the only ones who knew of my secret...

Unless the scientists wanted me back.

To be truthful, Ella Grandor isn't my real name. I had no real name, just a code number since I was young.


They say that having a single digit number makes you special in that lab, but at that point in time, it was the most hatred position.

Instead of sitting in the lab doing a simple checkup, single digits were tied onto a experiment table and were treated as guinea pigs.

Goosebumps formed on my arm as I recalled all the horrifying experience I had while I were a child.

We knew that we would be freed one day, when our specialties disappear along with our youths, but my days of freedom never did came.

Although I grew older, I did not lose my powers. That is, of being a psychic. An Esper, so as to say.

It was unfair. Being stuck in the lab for years and years while your friends are all returned to the outer world.

12 years old. We were told that we would lose our powers when we are 12. I had believed that. But somehow, mine didn't disappear... until I forced it to.

It was simple. Like how alike magnetic fields cancel each other. I had just tuned my powers such that it went against the machines that did my checkups.

I was kept for another year though, since the scientists could not believe their 'fruit of labor' was gone so easily.

One more year of endurance was better than staying in that lab forever.

I followed the basic protocol and took an injection that would had wiped my memories clean if not for my retaining powers.

Sighing as I rubbed my arm, remembering the various injections I had received, I continue indulge in my past memories. It isn't as if I have
Anything else to do here.

After I was released from the accused lab, I wandered along the cold streets, rubbing my hands together to keep warm.

Did the other kids have to endure the winter chill too? They were a lot younger than me...

"Young lady, are you lost?"

I had turned around and peered at the woman dressed in winter coat through my long bangs.

I fidgeted and shifted my uncovered feet against the snow.


I smiled as I remember how I first met Ms Grandor. She's a really kind woman who had gladly gave me shelter and food in exchange for company.

Ms Grandor is a widow that had lost her husband before she met the starving me.

Unshod tears glistened in my eyes as I bury my face into my knees.

I still haven't got to repay her...

I hate those mafia guys. I hate those scientist. I hate my life. Why did I have to die on my freaking Birthday?

Suddenly I felt a pull on my hair.

"Ouch!" I cried in pain as I clutched my head.

The tug continued for hours as I felt myself being enveloped into more darkness.

I struggled to breathe as I wriggled out of something.

When my windpipe (nose) was finally cleared, I took in a deep breath. Breathing in and breathing out, I started screaming when I was given the chance.

It hurts so much!

I tried to move my limbs that were strangely uncooperative, and soon gave up andRESORTED to more crying.

Instead of darkness this time, I was surrounded by glass. Or is it?

Everything was glassy and my head hurts.

I felt something contact my head and was startled.

There was something other than me here?

Nervous, I kept quiet and awaited for more movement from the unknown subject.

"Oh my, the little princess has calmed down!" I heard something gush...wait...


No, no, no... I am very confused.

Why would there be people talking in afterlife...or did I go to heaven? And the people talking to me are actually angels? Or maybe it's the other side.

In any case, I feel really uncomfortable with just a cloth around me...and why can't I feel my limbs yet? Not only my limbs, I cannot even control my neck!

Something is really really wrong.

"Ah, my darling princess, you are so cute!" A man's voice cooed as I felt fingers of sorts pinch my cheeks.

I winced as the sensitive skin was stretched.

"Stop that! She's just born!" The woman carrying me slapped the man's hand as he clutched it against his chest, whimpering slightly.

Just born?

"Just born or not, she'll have to be introduced to the masses," another voice commanded.

"Father!" The two figures exclaimed. One a lot more tired sounding than the other.

"Yes, she will have to be introduced. Vivilian, I want you to rest here while I bring this little moonlight to meet our people."

Our people? Huh? He's talking as if he owned a country.

I mused as I was picked up by the man.

I didn't notice it at first, but is it just me, or did I reduce in size or something?

Waiting to form my judgement later, I remained silent and stared curiously at my carrier as a grin made its way to the man's face.

"Aren't you a little sweetheart?" He cooed again, both hands carrying me gently so that I didn't have to suffer the pinching again.

I am thankful for that.

The people clad in uniforms in front of that man opened this two huge doors as I was carried into the room...



I widened my eyes instinctively as a sea of people stood under the moonlight, looking appreciatively at me.

Wow, I'm really not bothered by the staring. Not at all. Note the sarcasm.

"People of our race! Listen as I bring forth this piece of good news!" The man bellowed as he looked down at the people below.

"Rejoice!" He walked forward, carrying me along. "Your queen, Queen Vivilian, hasGRANTED us our first princess we have seen in thousands of years!"

...Princesses are rare?

...Wait. Was he talking about me?

"Let us celebrate this moment with a festival! Bring in the wine and blood!"


"Yes! All hail Your Majesty." The people below us shouted in unison and I had to bite back a cry from the sheer audacity. Literally.

I was getting more confused with each passing second.

"She is to be named Lilianne Encoraerge! "

"All hail Princess Lilianne! Long live the kingdom!"



As in, the Lilianne Encoraerge that is an awful character from this one Otome game I've played?

The Lilianne Encoraerge that had been raised as a pampered princess for being the only princess born in years?

The Lilianne Encoraerge who's the rival to the Heroine in the "_" Otome Game?

The Lilianne Encoraerge who had been the root of all evils to the heroine for stealing the male main characters, and had been killed by one of the males(depending on who's route you chose) out of spite and revenge for the heroine?

The only reason why I had remembered Lilianne's name, when I had forgot the rest of the rivals' in other Otome Games, was because her character design was pretty! Being the only princess of the Encouraerge Kingdom, she had to maintain her beauty to be wedded off to who knows who, but in the end, all the pampering got her in trouble.

Though I have to admit, when I saw how her hair was blueish white, with her bangs being slightly translucent (you know, some characters has those semi-Transparent hair) and long, slanted, covering half of her face, I immediately looked down at her name column and saw the name {Lilianne Encouraerge}. In bold.

To be honest, she was a lot more beautiful than the heroine. The way her silverish cyan eyes sparkle brilliantly with a tint of pink was really pretty. Moreover, they looked so gentle and kind...If only she wasn't such a bimbo, I would have loved her...as a character of course.

But I guess most pretty rivals are evil. Otome game logic.

If I remembered correctly, Lilianne was horrible at Magic as she could not control her own mana, and ended up blowing herself up several number of times in class to prove herself superior.

Even if Liliane didn't die from the Males' revenge, she could have died early from the way she mishandled her magic. Moreover, her average magic score was a E! Though her academic results fared quite well, having an average B to a few As.

...Wait a minute. Did they mention something about me being Lilianne?


I was reborn into a Otome Game as it's evil rival Character who have a 100 percent chance of dying?

This is awful! No, horrible!

Why couldn't I be born the Heroine instead? The country girl who have a strange compatibility with the rare Light magic?

Out of everyone in the game, Lilianne Encouraerge. The one girl destined to die so that the Heroine can live happily ever after with a male lead.

This is official.

I hate my life.