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Lilianne POV

"The whole class has failed the practical examination.''

I slowly blinked as I tried to comprehend what the suspicious looking man had said.

Whole class...failed?

I silently pondered for a moment, wondering how I had failed an examination I didn't even participate in. Rather, am I included in the defination of his 'whole class?'

Groans and whispers filled the air when I hadn't notice. Again, having enhanced hearing does not make it easy for me to eavedrop nor does it help give my classmates privacy.

Within all the chattering, I could only make out a few louder and coherant ones which stood out more than the rest.

'My life is ruined'

'My dad is going to kill me'

'I'm a disgrace'

So on and so forth. From what I had heard, this practical examination which I had missed holds a very significant aspect in deciding one's place in the hierarchy of the school.

I had thought that our position in the school's hierarchy was based on our social status, but it seems that the students beg to differ. However, I have doubts that a single practical lesson had such an important hidden agenda.

To be placed on the hierarchy based on a single examination? That idea is quite far-fetched for myself who was at the bottom of the food chain for a very long time.

Even before I became Lilianne, I was well aware of how the world is not filled with roses and daisies. Even if one were born rich, there may be a time when they lose everything from a small mishap. If one was an employer of a very influencial company, it would be best to get on the good side of the boss. Who knows what would happen if you get caught disobeying.

Being in the hierarchy is basically being placed in a animalistic food chain. If you were placed in the bottom chain, then you will have to be prepared to give up your pride multiple times. If you were high up on the hierarchy...well, it would be the vice versa of being placed in the bottom.

But I digress.

To decide something as important as a person's position in the hierarchy with a singular examination is just too hasty. What if someone's speciality lies in another area? Or what if the person who failed the examination is from an influencial family?

There are just so many loopholes of 'what if's in this situation.

Though I was admittably ranting about the unfair system at this point, the person I dubbed as suspicious-most likely the teacher of this class, spoke his next sentence as if failing everyone in the class was not such a big deal. However, under his non-chalant tone, his words were laced with menance and a threatening sort of feeling.

"Well, it is the first examination of your school years and all of you are still the babies of the school, so its I will excuse all your grades and close an eye this time. However, I would strongly reccomend everyone to work harder on every Magic examination. Since everyone had failed the first major examination, this class's students would be reflected upon as Failures by others. Unless a drastic improvement is made, I suspect it would be impossible to regain any of your honors.''

A solemn silence fell upon the room as I tried to understand what he had just said.

Magic examination....Magic Examination! The whole class failed a Magic Examination? I feel like I should take back all my rants right now.

To fail a Magic Examination of all things... how did the past Lilianne survived during her school days? Knowing her character, she would have gotten a failing grade along with the rest of her classmates. In other words, everyone in her class, including her, would have failed the examination.

I tried to digest this sudden information as calm as I could, but to no avail. Rather than being calm, I felt myself thinking of how bleak my future would be if this kind of misfortune continues.

Failing a Magic Examination is the worst thing a Magical creature can do in school. The amount of Magic you can use is determined the moment you are born; with some exceptions of course. For example I had too much Magic stored in my body, but my body's magic capacity could not store all the magic I have. As such, I had to transfer my extra magic to Bright who had Magic deficiency thus changing the amount of Magic I have in my body.

Only the person themselves knows how much Magic is stored within them. If the amount of Magic you have is compatible with how much Magic you can store in your body, it is a sign that your Magic will be much more powerful than average. In most cases, the amount of Magic is not the same as one's capacity as the amount of Magic one can have is inherited.

If the parents have more Magic stored within them, the offspring would most often inherit that amount of magic. However, the capacity of Magic the offspring is not hereditary so whether someone is compatible with their Magic can't be pre-determined.

Having more Magic than one's capacity would cause a more unstable magic, while having less means that the usage of Magic is very limited. As such, having a compatible body is very important as not only would you be able to control your Magic, your Magic will not be as limited.

Of course, rather than having lesser Magic in a compatible body, it would be of the best case scenario if the compatible body can contain a large amount of Magic.

The amount of Magic you consume with each spell would be replenished gradually, but the amount of Magic needed for each differs, so higher tier Magic spells would consume more Magic as compared to others. Therefore, having more Magic and being able to control it is the ideal situation for every Magical creature.

In this place where power and status determines your standing, the amount of Magic you have and whether or not you can control it is of upmost importance.

To think the whole class failed such an important examination...

It seemed as if it took a miracle to fail an entire class of Magical beings.

"However, may I bring all your attention to Miss Encouraege here?''

As if I was dumped with a pile of freezing water, I flinched, startled, when all my classmates turned to look in my direction.

I felt my face burn in embarrassment as all attention was on me. Trying not to show how uncomfortable I was with their staring, I straightened my back and looked forward.

Why was my name mentioned so suddenly?

From the smirk on his veiled face, I could tell that whatever he was going to do was going to be entertaining...for him.

"Although I had announced how the whole class had failed, there is one exception. Miss Encouraege, would you be so kind as to do me the honours to display a simple spell? The chants for performing basic Spells are written on page 17 of your Runes textbook."

The sudden instruction came as a shock to me as whisperings filled the air.

"Princess, here,'' said Erika as she flipped to the exact page the teacher informed me to. I had not even realise the textbook was already out and displayed on the table.

I stared stupidly at the runes filled page and concluded that it would be best to follow the teacher's instruction. I would not want to offend any important individuals.

I scanned the first page of runes and decided that they were not appropriate to be casted in an enclosed area, so I turned the page and found a spell which would summon a small gust of wind from the direction the user was facing.

As long as I face the window, I doubt anyone would get hurt.

I didn't expect myself to eat my own words approximately 5 minutes after that.

Turning to find myself surrounded by expectant eyes, I took in a deep breath and started to chant the spell.

" "

As soundless words filled the air, I felt my body temperature rise slightly as I called upon the wind.

Feeling comfortable by how the mana surrounded my skin, lighting up my entire body slightly, I closed my eyes and continued the chant.

However, my eyes immediately widened in surprise when I heard several screams filled the air.

Stuck in a state of confusion, my brain tried to regain its function when I felt my body being pushed down forcefully as shattering noises resounded in the class.


End of chapter

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