My hips angrily twitch in protest

Your eyes smile with confidence as that wet thick tongue continues

its assault

My lips curl in frustration, should I moan?

If I don't, what will you say to others? Will we be over?

Wait...are we even a we?

My stomach gags in horror, I hate the wetness

My body has betrayed my mind, I feel you smirk with triumph as you

savagely lick swirling your tongue against my...body.

I want to leave, my fingers thrust into your hair and push

You fight back harder, clamping on my my lips

Let me go! I want to be free

You continue sucking and moaning

While I sit there wondering when you will stop

I wince as your teeth gently sink in

Who told you that was pleasurable?

My tongue crawls to the back of my mouth in shame

Unable to get the courage to speak out

To help me

I close my eyes and wait for you to done

I imagine pulling up my underwear, my leggings and going home

You will kiss me, I will kiss back

I know I will cry later in my bed

I know I will regret it...until loneliness drives me back

Then I will respond to your text and promise to return

Hating myself all over again