World History

Under her large textbook, Vivian hides a piece of paper. Whenever the teacher's not looking, the girl with long black hair and small, sharp features scribbles something down onto it.

Eddie, a lax boy with a crew cut and a Ed Hardy t-shirt, leans over to her, "Hey Viv, whatcha doing?"

She turns to him, her movements graceful yet constrained. She gives a guilty smile, light reflecting off of her black rectangular glasses, "Shh...I didn't do my Trigonometry homework. It's due next class."

"Oh, Trig? Is that hard? I'm taking it next year," Eddie asks.

"It's...sort of hard. Depends on which teacher you get," Vivian informs him.

Eddie crosses his arms, hair having only just started to grow there, "Why can't all the Trig classes be consistent? Like, if you have Mr. Moe, you know you're going to get an A, but if you get Ms. Vaughn, who doesn't even let you use a freaking calculator, you're royally fucked!"

Finishing up her trig homework, Vivian tucks the paper into her textbook, "I agree, there should be at least some standards in place for how teachers instruct."

"Yeah, but like, people learn in differently so having only one teaching method might not be the greatest idea," Eddie points out.

"True...but how would you accommodate everyone's learning methods all at once?" she questions.

He scratches his chin, which houses coarse black speckles of hair, "Well I mean, the internet's a thing. You can find anything on the internet."

Vivian glances up, pondering his statement, "Well, I mean...not everything-"

Eddie slams his hands onto his desk, "Everything,"

He pulls back his hands, and adjusts his body posture, "I've always wondered why we don't use online stuff more in school. Like, I think I've learned more watching Crash Course than from any teacher I've ever known."

"Oh, I love Crash Course. I always watch it for help in Physics class," Vivian chimes in.

"I do too! But what bothers me is that we waste our time in class when we could learn all of this stuff on the internet! And half of this shit we're not going to even remember before finals come around," Eddie gripes.

Vivian flips her hair, her ponytail flipping along with it, "Well, we wouldn't learn anything without school, would we?"

Imitating her soft-spoken, formal tone, Eddie mockingly assumes her mannerisms, "That's quite the pessimistic view you have there."

Giggling, Vivian covers her mouth in embarrassment, "Yeah...I guess you're right. But, you've seen the jocks at school. Would you really think they'd be interested in anything at all if it weren't for school?"

"Don't diss the jocks Viv, there are good ones like James, Mike, and Maxwell. It's not like the '80s where jocks would, I don't know...hang people on the flagpole by their underwear," Eddie points out.

Vivian pauses for a moment, "...I think that only ever happened in movies."

He flails his hands around, "Well, art reflects life, okay! Gosh…"

The school bell rings, and the class gets up to leave. Vivian waves to Eddie as they part way, her Trig homework in one hand.