I. Ember

She is everything and nothing, a voiceless voice, a faceless face. She walks through the shadows, her anger curling around her like black smoke, a protection, and her laugh makes people afraid.

She breaks necks with her bare hands, breaks hearts with her teeth and laughs and screams and cries manically. She never cared and she never will.

People speak of other worlds, worlds reached through mirrors, and she laughs and laughs and laughs (but dreams of one day finding one.)

A black cloak, a black horse, a black dress, black as her soul and her hair and her heart. It cannot disguise her longing but the killing can, and so she goes on and on, ripping hearts out with a wild vengeance that can't be understood.

She pretends and pretends and pretends but magic can't keep her young forever and it can never make her happy. (But happiness is an overrated pleasure.)

She laughs wickedly into the cutting darkness as she makes her way to the next kill and she listens to people cry out in terror, lock their doors and their windows. They can never stop her.

If she was being honest, maybe she would admit that she fell in love with blue eyes and happy smiles and sunshine on wildflowers, his absolute beauty in everything before his death turned her cold and bitter.

If she was being honest, maybe she would admit that she cannot kill anyone with blue eyes, the sparkle like the ocean making her heart beat faster. (Her cold, bitter, black heart.)

If she was being honest, maybe she would admit that she looks into mirrors and wishes that she could reach inside and find another her in another world, another her who may be happy.

She is everything and nothing, but she needs everything. Her heart is broken inside her chest and no spell can make any mirror open up into another world.

She is everything and nothing.


I have so much story inspiration, but I had a concert last night and there are two mirrors in the restroom that face each other. If you stand directly in front of one and then turn your back to it, there are multiple you's staring at each other, so I wrote a story for it. Ember demanded to go first.