A Day to Thank God

There are many things I like to thank God for on this wondrous day:

for the turkey slathered in gravy, and for the smooth mash potatoes

for the corn on the cob sweetened with butter, and fresh steamed carrots and string beans;

for the sweet taste of grapes, apples and berries, for the tangy tasting wine,

and for the sweet tasting pumkin pie fresh out of the oven;

for the family and friends gathered around the table to share in the abundance of food, and in

laughter, love, and stories;

for the wondrous scene outside in the backyard including trees filled with delicious red apples,

for piles made out of red, orange, and brown leaves for children to delight in

and for the birds that fill the air with their wonderful melodies;

and for the soldiers who died to give us our freedom,

but most of all to thank God for giving us his Son who redeemed us and

has given us the truest freedom.

Let us thank the Lord this Thanksgiving Day and every day of our lives.