A beautiful Christmas Night

High in the sky on a cold winter's night;

underneath the stars that light up the sky

in a sleigh that's pulled by reindeer,

is a man wearing a red suit and a white beard.

He looks below at the tiny snow covered roofs

where children underneath can barely sleep from all

the excitement they feel in their hearts.

He knows he gots lots of toys to deliver to all the good girls and boys:

jacks, and marbles, tops, and trains,

dolls, and teddy bears, puzzles, and plains

bicycles, and tricycles, blocks, and skates.

So many to deliver to the little tikes

on a very Holy Night.

Snug in his furry clothes that are warmer than toast;

So thick that he cannot be bitten by frost,

though it tries so hard

except on his face where it gives his cheeks and nose

a rosy red color.

Down, the reindeer dives towards the house tops

that grow bigger and bigger as they get closer.

In chimneys he slides, and lands

In parlors that differ from each other.

some are big and some are small; some have fire places others have not;

some are decorated with all kinds of garlands and trimmings

while others barely have anything at all.

some have large Christmas trees; some have small ones;

some have warm rugs that are softer than bears furs

while others have wooden floors that are not covered at all.

Milk and cookies of all different kinds;

Chocolate chips, oreos, raisins, and walnuts

left on plates by children who love him so;

for they know that this is the night he will

place underneath the Christmas trees what they will delight in;

their fun toys.

Santa Clause is generous; he likes to make children happy,

but there is some one who is far more generous.

On a cold winters night, over two thousand years ago

laying on a soft hay trough surrounded by oxen and donkeys

watched by his mother and foster father

adored by the angels and shepards

and wise men who give him excellent gifts of gold, francensense, and mire,

is a baby who is the sweetest and holiest of all.

His name is Jesus and he came down from heaven to save us all.

Today is his birthday a day for all to celebrate.

If he didn't love us enough to come down to us.

There would be no Christmas at all.