The Adventure of a Lifetime

The trees whistled in the breeze; further adding to the eerie atmosphere surrounding the park. All Amy and Lizzie wanted to do was turn around, run and never look back yet they were glued to the spot; unable to tear their eyes away from the haunting place.

"What now?" Amy whispered fearfully

Lizzie was silent for a moment as she debated there next move. She could have never predicted that their harmless thirst for adventure would lead them into such a predicament. All she wanted was to give her shy and reserved best friend a trip of a lifetime before she turns eighteen; which would be the moment the clock strikes twelve, she never anticipated that while exploring the so-called haunted forest Amy's mother suggested; that they would discover a road passing though it or that that road would direct them to an abandoned amusement park in the middle of the woods.

"Well we could-" Lizzie was interrupted with a loud bang that caused both of them to jump in fright, turning to the source of the noise they saw the rusty amusement park gates slowly creak open as the lights inside started turning on one by one as if the park was urging them to enter.

Amy grabbed on to Lizzie's arm in a tight grip while saying "I think we should turn back"

Lizzie glanced at her best friend before looking back up at the park. "No!" she said with determination "I promised you an adventure and I'm giving it to you, and what better way to do so then going into a mysterious amusement park in the woods"

"You promised an adventure; not death!" Amy countered breathlessly

Lizzie ignored her as she began to move towards the entrance of the park; but when she realized that Amy wasn't following her; she turned and motioned for her. Although Amy was reluctant to tag along; she was positive that Lizzie would go in with or without her, so she thought it's better to go inside a spooky park than stay outside in the woods alone. Huffing in defeat; Amy ran after Lizzie who had already arrived at the empty ticket booth near the entrance.

Once she had reached Lizzie's side they both linked their arms together, Lizzie nodded to her in reassurance as they both set forth inside the strange amusement park. When they started walking inside they passed by what seemed to be a merry go round; but with the worn off paint and the dust that was building up, it looked like a child's nightmare coming to life. Amy suddenly unhooked her arm from Lizzie's and started to subconsciously move closer to the ride as if she was being drawn to it by some unknown force.

"What is it?" Lizzie questioned, feeling skittish of her friend's unusual behavior

Amy didn't reply; instead she pushed the gate to the ride open and went inside, however before she could climb on; the ride started moving, resulting in both of them shrieking from shock. Lizzie pulled Amy out of the ride's perimeter and they watched as gradually all the other attractions in the park turned on as well. They both hugged each other as the sound of carnival music began playing from all directions; making shivers run down their spines.

"This is so creepy" Lizzie commented whilst turning to see if her friend is alright. Amy, on the other hand, wasn't shivering or clutching on to Lizzie for dear life as she expected she would in situations like these; instead she had her eyes wide open in, what seemed to be, amazement and enchantment. Amy then moved away from Lizzie's side again and started walking further into the park.

Lizzie ran after her and grabbed her arm "Is everything alright? You're acting really strange" she asked with concern lacing her voice

This seemed to snap Amy out of her daze "I'm sorry, it's just that there is something about this place that feels so..." she trailed off trying to find a proper word to describe the sensation.

"Terrifying? Weird? Funny?" Lizzie suggested

"No! Familiar! It's like I've been here before" she finished

Lizzie was confused "how can you have been here before when it's in the middle of the woods with no sign of human li-" her sentence was cut off as both of them heard some shuffling coming from behind the bumper car attraction followed by a dark silhouette racing across it heading towards the ferris wheel. They both stared at the retreating figure, both having conflicting thoughts about what they should do next. Amy would rather turn the other way and run with her tail between her legs while Lizzie wanted to chase after it. She soon attempted to move but was halted by Amy who grabbed on to her wrist to stop her.

"Are you crazy?! You shouldn't chase after random scary silhouettes in the dark, that's how the people in horror movies die!" Amy explained in a panicky manner

"First off this isn't a scene from a movie and besides, I'm pretty sure that if we follow that figure he or she will be able to answer all the questions we have" Lizzie countered with her own logic

She then began running towards the direction where the figure ran off to with a hesitant Amy in tow. When running they both saw the shadowy figure again and when it noticed Lizzie and Amy charging towards it; it turned a sharp corner.

"HAHA! Got you now!" Lizzie shouted as both of them follow suit and turned the corner at exactly the same time. Howbeit, what they saw was something neither of them could have ever expected.

"SURPRISE!" Yelled almost all of Amy's family and friends "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!"

The area was decorated with colorful balloons accompanied by streamers and multiple chairs and tables were lined up all around; one of which was filled with presents, and a huge cake was placed in the center of the whole thing. Amy's mother lit the candles on the cake and brought it near Amy while saying "happy 18th birthday sweetie, make a wish"

"What's going on?" Amy asked feeling totally baffled by the 360 turn of events

Her mother chuckled at her daughter's stunned expression and decided to explain "Well, it is your eighteenth birthday so I thought we should do something special, do you remember this amusement park?"

Lizzie turned to Amy, who had absolutely no clue what her mother was saying "am I supposed to?"

"You're dad used to bring you here all the time when you were kid" she said tearing up a little at the remembrance of her deceased husband "it was quite near to our old town; although soon after his death it ran out of business and shut down, so you might not remember this place"

"I do" Amy replied abruptly as she felt a flood of memories rushing back, all the bits and pieces were finally being brought together like a puzzle "now I do"

Lizzie smiled at her best friend and said "this is so touching; but I really think we should blow those candles before the wind does so for us"

Amy laughed at her statement yet did exactly that, making a wish she then blew the candles while the crowd bursted in applause.

"Wait a second!" Lizzie blurted "who was the dark silhouette that lead us here? Was it one of Amy's cousins?"

"What dark silhouette?" Amy's mother asked curiously

"The one that lead us here" Amy answered nonchalantly

Her mother just stared at her blankly before scanning the guests at the party; no one was missing "I didn't send anyone to bring you here; I assumed you guys would find your own way"

Lizzie and Amy both turned to face each other with the similar expression and feeling; utterly terrified

"Then what was that thing we saw?" Lizzie dared to ask

Amy stood still in shock before looking around her then at up at the sky and whispering "Dad?"