People talk about your choices in life as if you have an infinity of them. Kind of how they talk about their rights- they ignore the fact that every right you have is balanced by a responsibility. People ignore the fact that the choices others make may limit the amount of choices you can make.

Like chess. Both players have a wide variety of moves they can make, but, at times, the moves they make are entirly dictated by the other player. Exploit an opening or defend against an attack, all dictated by how the other person moves.

I am not denying that, yes, at times, a choice you and you alone make may limit your responses. But what if... What if one event set you on a course that you can't get off? A plan by another person that compels you to move along a path you don't want to got down, but you have to, if you ever want to find peace?

Because of one person, or my own stupid choices because of what this guy had done, had gotten me to the point where my options had narrowed to a singe course. Maybe it was all me. Maybe it was all him. Maybe it was both of us working in tamdum to get us to this point.

Police sirens in the background, rising and falling in their off key harmony.

A ice cold rooftop.

A gun, cold and heavy in my hand.

A bad guy, sneering.

I raise my gun.

The only choice I had- pull the trigger or not to pull the trigger?