(Rated Mature for graphic sex scenes and foul language.)

No Good For Me

Chapter 1


Pulling into the driveway, I lean my head against the steering wheel. I couldn't tell if today was going to be a crappy one or not, with how the morning started I wasn't sure if it was considered a good or bad start. Four hours ago I had been in bed just waking up to go to the bathroom around the same time I always do. If I hadn't checked my dating, well hookup basically, app I would probably still be in my room. Not outside in my flannel pajama bottoms, my slip on sandals, and a big clingy, white shirt with my hooded jacket that basically swallowed me when I zipped it up. If you looked at me, I wondered if you could tell. I always felt like you could read what I just did on my face, it was probably written in bold black letters on my forehead, like how I used to write stupid phrases on my stepsister's head while she slept when she pissed me off. I really needed to get a hold of myself. I wasn't no teenager, I was a grown man. Twenty-three now, but I was always thought to be in high school due to my short stature and my slim figure. The dorky glasses that I had to wear to see didn't help much either.

Sneaking into the house was harder than sneaking out, though I really wouldn't know seeing as how I didn't have many wild parties or crazed hookups on a regular basis. Hell, I never had hookups! I was sure that by now my gran, or even gramps would wake up and notice my absence. Luckily for me, I decided to come home when the garbage truck came by so any noise that was questionable would probably be directed at that. I glance back at my car, maybe I could convince them I went to get something to eat since I didn't eat dinner. Well that would be a plausible idea had I thought to grab the fast food restaurant bag that was empty from my car. I felt guilty for sneaking out in the first place, it was just too easy walking out the back door, but the guilt wasn't as strong as the elated feeling in my stomach that I've had since he got in my car.

I really should start from the beginning because I probably sound like a blabbering idiot, not that I wasn't that on a regular basis anyway but this time it was different…

Ugh, fuck. I forgot to turn off that damn alarm again, I don't know why I kept forgetting to turn it off. You would think I would want more sleep, seeing as how I no longer had a job right now. I had worked with my mom for the last two years at the hardware store right down the road from her house. But I wasn't living with her no more, I was living with my grandparents. My mom's parents seeing as how if I would try to stay with my dad's I'd be living at a graveyard. No disrespect to them, they were great grandparents as well. Moving about forty minutes away from work made it hard on my expenses so I decided to quit after finding a good job. So I had put my two weeks in two weeks and three days ago. Now here I am jobless seeing as how the other job fell through. Now I was getting a job at the biggest, international, ghetto as hell store ever as a damn inventory scanner. You all know the place, I'm going to save myself the embarrassment by not telling you what it is. I wasn't starting for a few more days so I had a few days to myself, I probably would head to the library sometime this week or hit the gym to make sure I didn't get fat as hell eating all the pizza I had eaten the last few days.

I roll around my bed grabbing my glasses and look at the clock, it flashes ten till four. My stomach growls, I fell asleep before I ate dinner last night and my grams didn't wake me, leaving me to fend for myself. Which I was fine with, I was an adult and could figure out something if I really wanted to eat. But first I needed to go, jeez how much water did I drink? After finishing I head back to my room my side hurting a little for having to go so long, pulling on a pair of my pajama pants I climb back in the bed. Bored, I decide to check my dating app. Honestly I'm not really looking for anyone on here, if I was being honest I was just checking to see if my friend who was on there had decided to read the chapter from my story that I'm working on. Yeah writing is sort of my outlet now, I use to read a lot to get away from my world and delve into others and deal with their problems.

Yeah I know I'm a boring individual I don't know how to have fun some might say. I never was one to go to parties or go drinking, I drank a little on my twenty first birthday just to satisfy my mom and sisters interest in how I would act after a few drinks. Apparently I'm more fun as a drunk than my normal self. I only treated them to my wonderful drunk self on rare occasions though. I just preferred quiet and routine. I scroll through some of the messages, jeez some of these guys could be so thirsty sometimes. I've not really talked to a lot of guys on here, this is probably my tenth dating site or well app since I've joined so many over the last six years. Most didn't talk to me long enough to really get to know me, others just wanted to get in my pants. I'll have to admit that most of the time I'm a huge tease, I guess it's just easier to do that than really get to having sex for real. Yeah, I'm still a virgin.

The way some people act about it is ridiculous. I don't understand why it's a huge deal to wait for the right person. Not that I want to get married before sex, I just want to love the person and know they love me back. Is that so bad? I mean I've given a few blowjobs, hand jobs weren't bad either. I mean my profile wasn't too bad, my picture I took a few days ago. My eyes are a more vibrant blue than my dad's from who I get my faded looking brown hair color too. I honestly hate that though because I don't look nothing like him other than that. Usually guys look somewhat like their dads but not this guy. I guess my hair kind of made me look like a girl also but whatever.

Yeah, I'm gay if you haven't guessed by now. Name's Raleigh Augustine Everett. It's a little much if you ask me, some of the people call me Rae because they are my initials. My sisters both call me Rolly Rally because when they were little they couldn't pronounce my name correctly, now it was more of a nickname which I hated. They always liked to make fun of me because I always ate so much pizza, saying I was going to eventually get rolls of fat and then my name would make since. Those bitches. I love them though.

Instead of putting my name for the dating site I used an alias, I didn't want anyone trying to stalk me, freaking creepers are always on these sites. So on the site I was Rhett J.C not too shabby if you ask me, I just didn't want to walk into one of these guys somewhere in public and them know my name especially when I made a show of how much I detested dating and hookup apps and sites to my sisters and my stepsister once when my stepsister talked about this guy she hooked up with. It would make me look so stupid and I'm sure they would find it hilarious. So as of right now it's a secret besides it's not like I'm looking for anyone on this site.

I smile, I say that but I'm looking through the guys on the list, they get farther away as I go down the list. I message a few random one's "Hey" seeing if I can at least get someone to talk to tonight. I don't think I'm going to get back to sleep anytime soon might as well do something. I open my laptop and decide to pop a movie in, seeing as how no one is showing any interest tonight. This movie is still new, I've only watched once with my mom a few weeks ago. It's a romance movie that has Harrison Ford, my mom has always had a thing for him which is the reason she agreed to watch it. He's not a main character though so it wasn't like he was making out with anyone. I was about three fourths of the way done when my phone vibrated. I unlock it, oh someone messaged me. Maybe my friend; Garrett read my chapter. Nope was some profile empty of a picture, called College Boy. Oh boy, here we go. I cross my legs and sit up.

College Boy: Hi.

College Boy: Wanna come suck my dick?

I roll my eyes and decide to reply back, this could be hilarious. Might as well do something.

Rhett J.C.: Where u at?

I type and send back, it hardly takes him a second to message back, I'm actually kind of wondering if he was a fake profile. I put my head phones back in a start to watch the movie again.

College Boy: You disease free?

I roll my eyes, such a typical question on here. I mean I get it but, jeez.

Rhett J.C.: Yea

College Boy: Can I cum on your face?

I actually laugh at this, this guy though. I was actually kind of curious about him now. I exit the messaging screen and click his profile. It doesn't have much on here except his age; twenty and a little message saying: College virgin boy, I give great massages. Wanna pay for my schooling ;) ?

Well this guy was a little full of himself if you ask me, I was gonna get a kick out of messing with him. So I decide to fuck with this guy, he seemed like he needed it. Bring him down a few notches, I was always game for that.

Rhett J.C.: Yea

Rhett J.C.: Lol

College Boy: Can you come pick me up?

Rhett J.C.: Maybe where u at

College Boy: NKU

Rhett J.C.: Hmm

The school really wasn't far away, maybe twenty minutes total? But honestly I wasn't even planning on going, I just wanted to see how far I could go with this guy.

College Boy: Let me see your face?

Rhett J.C.: U cant see it?

College Boy: Oh yeah haha sorry I'm a little drunk

Boy did I know how to pick'm or what.

Rhett J.C.: Lol Dork

College Boy: ;) you smoke weed?

Rhett J.C.: Nope, never. Have wanted to try tho

College Boy: Damn.

College Boy: ever do any drugs?

Rhett J.C.: Nope I'm a good boy ha

This guy probably was gonna be pissed at me and through with me in a second, but who cares. I got my jollies from him.

Rhett J.C.: Apparently u aren't lol

Rhett J.C.: Sorry JK

College Boy: Haha that's cute : ) and no I'm just asking. I like weed tho.

Ugh, I hate when guys call me cute. I'm a fucking man, I'm not supposed to be cute. Gay or not.

Rhett J.C.: Nice, I guess. And Cute!? I am sooo not cute sir thank u.

College Boy: Haha fuck you: ) I'm looking to spend time with people for some financial help ;)

Rhett J.C.: Lol financial. XD

College Boy: Yeah, haha. I'm not really gay but I'm in a tight spot : )

Ugh this is where he's going to lose me, I hate straight guys. I've had enough of them already. My older stepbrother, and this other guy Ryan… I've been played around with before. This guy really didn't deserve my time but I decide to keep on talking to him.

Rhett J.C.: That's cold dude.

College Boy: Sorry, just thought I'd let you know :)

Rhett J.C.: U just shut me down like …

College Boy: I mean you shut youself down ;)

Rhett J.C.: Lol its fine I'd rather know but I don't like straight boys most of the time. They are assholes.

College Boy: Hey not all of us are assholes.

Rhett J.C.: Well I haven't met any non-assholes yet, you'll have to prove me wrong.

I turn the movie off deciding to give my phone my full attention. I go back to his profile, he's such a dork really this kid. His picture finally pops up and I'm a little disappointed to see that he's blurred out his face with the words 'Censored' across his eyes. The only thing I really can tell about him is that he's white and his hair is dark brown maybe black and its thick and kind of wavy or curly is about shoulder length least it looks it. It's kind of interesting, maybe he's some dope head or something.

I mean what kind of guy has his hair like that. I mean I really had no room to say anything because there were some men who looked good with that kind of hair but there were just some that when I see their hair I just want to grab a pair of scissors and go to town on their hair like some crazy maniac. Kind of like that guy on that cartoon show back when I was kid with the purple dog. I remember one of the villains on the show liked to shave and cut hair like a mad person. I was kind of like that but I wasn't nearly as impulsive. I use to cut my sisters Barbie dolls hair because I just had the impulse to. It wasn't like I did because I was trying to be mean, I just felt like I had to. If I didn't I would go crazy until I could do it.

I click at the icon again to show his, profile banner. I smile a little, pay for my college this kid is so dumb.

Rhett J.C.: Pay for your college? Ha! You are a riot!

College Boy: haha it's an expression!

Yeah, sure it was.

College Boy: I'm in a tight spot though, need someone to spoil me a little I return for some favors.

This guy really was hilarious, did he think that I had the money to give him? For god sakes I'm not even that much older than him. Why am I still talking to this guy? I would never in a million years give this guy my money, but I could still tease the hell out of him.

Rhett J.C.: Lol maybe if u pretended to be my bf I'd consider haha XD

Rhett J.C.: Sorry lol

College Boy: Hahah alright alright, what does that entail?

Rhett J.C.: Hmm

My heart skips a beat, never dating could do that to you. I mean it wasn't like I was the most social person out there. I could probably find a date if I really tried, but I honestly could never tell when someone was flirting with me. I always assumed they were being nice, my sisters would always laugh and say. "Rolly, you're such an idiot. They were flirting with you!" I've even had my mom get mad at me for being an ignorant dumbass. Though usually it was girls that flirt with me and I hadn't told any of them that I wasn't interested in girls. I mean you would think they would figure it out by now seeing as how I never dated period throughout my whole high school career and the fact that I made up a fake girlfriend to make my dad's family shut up about dating a girl. Not something I'm proud of but oh well it's in the past now.

I would tell them in time, but right now wasn't the time. Besides, I was kind of waiting for a reason to tell. Maybe I'll get a reason one day…

Rhett J.C.: Everything.

College Boy: Well I'd be living a secret life if I were to do that

I almost tell him that I would too seeing as how I don't have much of a life as it is, plus no one knows about me liking guys.

Rhett J.C.: The fact that u asked tho, you poor thing.

College Boy:?

Rhett J.C.: huh?

Rhett J.C.: I'd be trying to turn you gay. Lol XD

College Boy: Haha well if you really are disease free, we should meet up right now

Rhett J.C.: Lol I really don't know bout that, I don't really wanna drive and seeing on how uve drank a little you can't drive.

Rhett J.C.: And ur underage.

College Boy: Hey it's worth it, and no I'm not.

College Boy: How far from nku are you? You can be here in like ten

Rhett J.C.: Says U R twenty, that's illegal last time I checked to drink at that age. ^-^

College Boy: Well I was born in '94 and I'm 21 so :)

College Boy: Look I really, really really REALLY want to get my dick sucked, before I fall asleep

Rhett J.C.: Well I did too.

I honestly don't remember when my hand ended up in my boxer briefs, I didn't really notice that I was getting hard or the fact that this whole conversation was getting to me. God what was wrong with me, I really needed to get off. I couldn't be considering this. Could I? My leaking member, was telling me otherwise. I was going to cave I just know it.

College Boy: Come suck my duck? :)

I laugh a little at this quickly sending a reply, but not before he does.

College Boy: I'll suck you off if you suck me off

My dick jumped in my hand. Damn this kid, he knew exactly what to say, but how in the world could he be straight if he was offering that? This kid had to be playing me.

Rhett J.C.: I don't like birds sorry XD

College Boy: Cmon I just downloaded this app, come take advantage of drunken me

Rhett J.C.: U'll regret it after you cum or I'll drive there and u'll not be there or worse ur a serial killer.

Everything I said could happen, I mean I've dealt with assholes before that after they cum they flip out or they leave as quickly as possible never to be heard from again.

College Boy: Well here's my raging boner.

College Boy: (Received picture, click to view.)I tap the picture, my mind clouded by the excitement. Damn this kid, he had a sexy looking dick. I mean, I know they aren't the best looking things in the world but damn, fuck! Plus he was uncut, I've never seen one of those before. From the picture it looked pretty big, but I know it's easy to making it look bigger than it really is. It looked like he was in his bedroom, but he was still fully clothed besides the fact that his dick was hanging out.

Rhett J.C.: Fuck

College Boy: And even if I regret it, I'll at least jerk you off :)

I can't believe I was seriously considering this, my pajama bottoms were on the floor my hand slowly going up and down my length. God, I really hope he touches me. This was ridiculous, I can't do this.

Rhett J.C.: I don't even know what u look like.

College Boy: I'm cute, N' young, I'm hung and I'm horny. I want my dick sucked dry, how else can I sell you?

I laugh at this, this dude is hilarious. I smile, god I really should be asleep. I wish he could drive here, but he was drunk.

Rhett J.C.: If you drove here lol

College Boy: If you get here and don't like what you see, which I know you won't, then you can leave worst case scenario.

College Boy: I'm blocked in my driveway

College Boy: C'mon it says only four miles.

I mean, I guess I could try to meet up with this kid. A good time was promised. Though I really should consider the fact that he's straight.

Rhett J.C.: Lol where do u even live

College Boy: (Sent Location, click to view)

What if he doesn't like me, what if he thinks I'm ugly? Or worse he calls me a girl or something like that. What if he thinks I'm ugly? I start to type that in a message but stop. I'm so dumb, he's straight. He's not going to be looking at me like that, he just wants me to get him off. So instead of that I decide to say something worse.

Rhett J.C.: I was going to say what if u don't like what u see but ur straight….

College Boy: ?

Rhett J.C.: What

College Boy: Come smoke a cig with me, we'll talk and go from there, you know you want to :)

College Boy: I need to know before I fall asleep :/ you coming?

Rhett J.C.: Who u live with

If he lived with some frat boys, I didn't want to end up getting beat up or worse raped with some stick or something just as sick. I had to take at least some precautions if I was going to do this.

College Boy: My friends, we can't come inside

I sigh, that's good. I didn't want to go inside anyway.

Rhett J.C.: Oh good I was bout to say

College Boy: We can find somewhere to park, there's bunch of spots.

College Boy: So you coming or should I go to bed?

Rhett J.C.: Fuck

College Boy: Just do it;)

College Boy: (Received picture, click to view)

He sends me another picture, this time his hands wrapped around it. Damn this kid, he was really making it hard. Not to go over there right now and just… Ugh!

College Boy: Too much precum haha

Rhett J.C.: Omg Fuck

College Boy: So I'm gonna go to bed.. If you come I'll get you a beer?

Rhett J.C.: If you go to bed whats the point of having me come over.

College Boy: If you come over I'll stay up.

College Boy: If not I'm going to bed now.

Rhett J.C.: If I come over can I undress you?

Undressing the guy was always my favorite part, I really don't know why. When I would watch porn, I would always make sure that I would make sure I caught each guy taking off each article of clothing. It was like opening a present, you didn't know what to expect each time.

College Boy: I'm just gonna finish up and cum in my underwear and fall asleep.

College Boy: Well unless we go back to your place we will be in a car, I'll come outside without underwear if you want.

Rhett J.C.: U'd come back here lol ur hilarious

College Boy: Just come over and we'll talk bitch ;)

College Boy: Dude I'm a straight guy horny as hell awake at 6 am, I don't see why you aren't taking advantage of this lol

College Boy: Like how often does this happen to you

I don't know why I was letting the opportunity pass, I mean how many times does this happen. I mean he could be cute, I was going to pass getting at least a hand job by a straight guy. Maybe he'd be cute. I mean I could dream a little couldn't I?

Rhett J.C.: Lol I don't know why either

College Boy: Why the fuck aren't you coming over then. Come suck my dick

College Boy: Pleeease? :))

College Boy: Just come overrrrrrr I'm tired of edging, I'm gonna blow the biggest load

I can't believe I'm actually doing this, I stop jerking and get off the bed. I quickly message back.

Rhett J.C.: Ok

College Boy: Yay :) you on your way?

Rhett J.C. I'm getting dressed.

College Boy: No need

College Boy: ;)

I pull on my pants and look at my phone, damn this guy. My pajama bottoms tent up, I needed this bad.

Rhett J.C.: Lol u want me naked?

College Boy: I get to play with your dick right?

Rhett J.C: Yah

College Boy: I just wanna jerk you off

College Boy: And play with your cum

Rhett J.C.: Lol

College Boy: Yeah yeah make fun of me some more

College Boy: Just hurry on over

Rhett J.C.: I just don't like that ur straight

I feel like I shouldn't have said that but it's a little late now. I just know something is going to happen that will make me regret this.

College Boy: Why the hell does it matter, it's a one night stand

College Boy: Just come over and have some fun

College Boy: If you don't want to tell me, I'll cum in my pants and go to bed

College Boy: I'm sorry if I'm coming off as an ass- but your indecisiveness is killing me, I want my dick sucked and I want it sucked now

College Boy: Get urself dressed and get your ass over here man :)))

Rhett J.C.: Will we be doing this in my car? If so it's a mess.

Rhett J.C.: I'll be on my way.

Rhett J.C.: I guess.

Rhett J.C.: If you answer.

College Boy: Yeah.

College Boy: Come over. We'll find somewhere to park.

Rhett J.C.: Ok I'll get on the way.

I put on my shoes and grab my jacket, and look at myself in the mirror. Damn I wish I had more time to at least make myself look more decent. I could at least use some mouth wash. I grab the bottle of mouthwash from my room and drink a little from the top. Swishing it around in my mouth I spit it out in my garbage can, I'll have to get that later.

College Boy: Let me know when you get close so I can go outside.

Rhett J.C.: Ok

College Boy: About how long is it gonna be?

Rhett J.C.: Well give me a few minutes I'll have to sneak out.

College Boy: Ohh. Sorry…

I look out the window, I could try to sneak out the window but there were a lot of cars going about now seeing as it was about an hour before sunrise. I decide against climbing out the window seeing as how someone could see, if I just go out the back door no one would look at me with a questioning glance. It sucked that my grandparents lived one street away from the main road that led to the high way. I grab my keys and my phone and open my door, and shut it so as to look as if I'm still inside. I slip through the house, and sneak to the back door. I open the door and it squeaks. Damn, I'm never going to get out of here. I open it a little more, and more. Just enough for me to sneak through. Now the screen door, it's just as bad. Damn they need to oil these doors or whatever they do to them to make them shut up! I get one foot out the door, my heart pounding. I looked absolutely ridiculous if you ask me. I'm an adult and I'm freaking out because I don't know how to tell my grandparents I'm meeting up with someone.

Well I don't even have to tell them that, I could lie. I could say I was hungry and getting some food. I mean it wasn't that far of a stretch seeing as how I haven't ate dinner. My stomach felt like I was completely empty, it was screaming at me to feed it. Finally, I close my eyes and suck in a breath as I shut the door and lock it. Phew. I did that as quietly as I could, obviously I was pretty quiet because if I hadn't been my gran would already be up yelling at me. I slowly shut the screen door and practically run to my car and jump in. Starting it up, man it was freezing out here, my breath was visible. I hated that.

Colllege Boy: Dude I'm so tired are you close?

Rhett J.C. Sorry took me longer than I thought.

College Boy: You here?

College Boy: ?

I pull up my map and look up his address before I pull out of the parking lot. I hated driving and messaging, especially at night. I wasn't that great of a driver, and it made it more difficult when cars were shining their damn lights in my eyes through the mirror. I push the rearview mirror down and look back at the map. The notifications I'm getting continuously from this guy are unreal. At least it feels that way.

Rhett J.C.: No almost.

College Boy: Ok I'll be outside waiting

I try to concentrate on my phone but driving, messaging and looking at a map; I'm not making good progress. I end up turning down the wrong road and then missing a turn after I got back on track. Oh for fuck sake, it was like I was meant to miss this.

College Boy: Dude it's been twenty mins

Rhett J.C.: I'm almost there sorry, I got lost.

College Boy: Dude this is ridiculous

College Boy: Fuck this I'm going to bed

College Boy: … You're a fucking dick

NO! I was not driving all the way out here and missing this, fuck that! I would make another account if he tried to block me! This was not happening! I message back not even caring if it's finished or not. I was not going to miss this guy, not after everything he said tonight!

Rhett J.C.: Dude I'm

Rhett J.C.: Almost here I swear

College Boy: Give me your number so I can call you.

I'm glad to see that he's still on, I let out the breath I didn't even know that I was holding in.

Rhett J.C.: Here it's (123)234-3456

My phone doesn't take too long to ring, I hate answering phones but I guess in this instant if I want this to happen I really need to answer. I slide the green button putting the phone to my ear.

"Hello," I know I probably sound like an idiot. Look at me already criticizing myself just by the way I greet someone. I really am pathetic.

"Hey," He says. His voice is deep, the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. Jeez, this guy had a sexy voice. "Where are you?"

"I honestly don't know, there are a few restaurants around here. It says I'm three minutes away."

"Oh okay, so you're close?"

"Yeah," I say.

"You ready for this man? You gonna suck my dick?" Ugh, some guys were really dumb. I honestly wasn't one of those vocal people who liked to talk dirty but I guess this guy was.

"Yeah," I say. "So I'm going to get off here, because I can't concentrate and I need to see the map on my phone."

"Oh okay, cool."



"Bye." I sigh heavily and look back at the map, this was ridiculous. I was never doing this again. I had no clue where I was, I didn't do stuff like this. I hadn't even been around the college area before. This was all new to me. I avoided anything that had to do with school seeing as how I quit my art school after one semester. I drive down another road that leads to a little shop where my phone tells me I've arrived at my destination.

I decide to quickly message this guy back on the app, not feeling like I could text him even though he basically gave me his number. He may get mad otherwise.

Rhett J.C.: Yeah I'm here.

I look up from my phone and sit there for a second a few cars pass me, apparently I'm parked in a non-parking zone but I don't move. I don't plan on being here that long. That's when I spot him. I can't really see his face, but I can make out some features. He has a little bit of facial hair, He looks like he's a little taller than I am, he's a little more built than I am but he's just as skinny. Wearing a hoodie jacket, and skinny jeans he strides over to the passenger side of my car. Which embarrassingly is full of a bunch of crap; a bottle of water, a box cutter, a pair of underwear that fell out of the bag I basically live out of from my car.

"Sup man," he says. His voice is just as sexy as it was when I was on the phone with him.

"Hey, not much." I say looking away, not able to make eye contact, my stomach flips. I don't understand why I'm acting this way, probably because I'm doing this and I've never done anything like this before. I mean I've met up with people before but never in a car. "Sorry took me so long to get here, I don't have a freak'n clue where I'm at."

"It's cool man," he says in his chill tone. "So you ready for this?" He asks, his gaze on me causes me to look down. God I know I look dumb but I can't help it. He smells of alcohol; beer if you want to be precise. Even though I hate the smell and usually anyone who drinks around me I find disgusting, he isn't bothering me I'm not even repulsed by him. Even if the smell is a little much, hopefully he doesn't taste like it though. My mom always said that if a guy drinks that they smell like that… I really don't want to know how she knows this, I don't like the pictures in my head that it brings up.

"Yeah," I mumble. God this was so uncomfortable, I wonder if he was like this with girls. My heart was racing, my palms a little sweaty. I really was the typical blushing virgin, even if you don't consider me a virgin.

"You are clean right?" He asks again, I look up at him this time. Really? He was still talking about that?

"Yes," I say. Why is he even bringing this back up?

"Then what's wrong?"

"Nothing, just nervous. I don't do stuff like this, this isn't what I do." I say, looking up at the road. He probably thinks I'm a fucking moron. I know I sound like one. Another car goes by. God, I hope no one figures out what we're going to be doing.

"So you're sure you're clean?"

"Yes, I'm clean. I swear." I take a glance in his direction, wondering if he was planning on challenging me again on the subject.

"Okay, good just wanted to make sure." He says, I don't really think he's convinced all the way but he drops it. I drive down the block until he shouts.

"Here, park over here." We really didn't go too far not even a block really. We sit there for a few seconds; the awkward silence building slowly, but he's not uncomfortable as I am and breaks it. "So do you want to do this?" He gestures to his jeans.

"Wha?" I say a little confused, god and of course I can't form a coherent word. Remind me of when I basically sounded like a baby talking to this old lady when I was interviewing for a job a few years ago. God that was humiliating.

"Do you want me to just whip it out or do you want to take off my jeans?" I look down at his jeans, I can see a slight outline and it looks big but I can't tell too much his jacket covers some of his crotch. It is my favorite part and I did want to do it, but I don't know I was so afraid to touch him. I really didn't know what to do.

"I mean I- I don't care to- if you want to." Oh god, I'm making this worse! My heart is beating so hard in my chest I don't think I can do this. I know I look like a blubbering idiot.

"It's cool, I'll take it out." He says right when I think my hand was going to work enough to get to his pants and without another word he starts undoing his belt. I just stare as he unzips his jeans and grabs in his boxers and pulls out his member. Oh god, it really is big. I don't think I've ever seen one this big probably eight, maybe nine inches. I don't know if anyone else considers this big but it's bigger than what I've previously seen. I mean it looked bigger than some porn stars.

I was in for some trouble if I was going to try to do anything with that. "There you go man, have at it." Entranced I lean in and open my mouth. I'm not able to go down far mostly because it's so freaking thick, I'm not able to open my mouth that much. I pull up and go down once more but I choke, he pulls me off him and smiles at me. His eyes are glowing from the darkness of the post above my car. I start to go down again but he pulls me up. "No, no." He breathes, grabbing my hand. "Just jerk it, please." I nod and look back down at him. One of my hands barely fit around him, it's really freaky to me. The head is so dark and looks like it hurts, the precum continues to spill out the head.

He must have really been working on his self for hours for it to be this bad. I start gently and move my hand up and down his length, but that doesn't seem to satisfy him. "Faster, I'm close." His hips move up and down, and all the while he's staring at me. I can't keep my eyes off him, I look from his member and back to his face repeatedly. I'm not sure which I find more beautiful. Ugh, he was so hot.

I've never seen a guy so sexy it really wasn't fair I mean couldn't he give the other guys a chance? I was going to be ruined for anyone else after him. "Y-You like cum?"


"Get down then I'm cummin'." He says pushing my face into his crotch. He wasn't kidding when he said he was about to blow, and oh my god did he. I didn't even have a chance to breathe before he shot all over my face. Even though I'm not a fan of being degraded to this point I take it. It was nice to feel like I was wanted by someone so attractive. He releases my head and I get up I grab one of my flannel shirts from the back and wipe off my face, and hand him the shirt.

"Here," I say wiping my hand across my face. I missed some of it. It's then I realize that he didn't even bother to touch me during any of this,

"Thanks," he says wiping himself off. I don't know why the thought of never washing the shirt again passes my mind but I quickly decide against that. That'd be gross, plus I could never wear it again. I mean it wasn't like it was the last time that'd I'd meet a hot guy… "Man that was hot," he says sitting back in his seat.

"Yeah," I mumble. I start up my car and start backing up so I can pull out.

"Ready for me to leave or something?"

"What?" I say looking over at him. He smirks and I got to tell you, it's freaking adorable, I really want to kiss him. I think I've thought that a hundred times by now. But really he was just so cute, his smirk makes the butterflies in my stomach dance. I really dislike this guy for that.

"You just seem ready to leave," he says.

"No, I just. I figured you'd want to go."

"Oh," he says looking away.

"Do you drink a lot." I ask, I don't know why I asked this. It's not like I need to know. It's not my business.

"Not all the time, why?"

"Just wondering," I mutter making a U-turn in the middle of the road.

"Damn, I got to get up in two hours for class."

"You're going to have a hangover most likely." I say as I drive up the road.

"Not if you keep drinkin'." He says, oh. Well in that case.

"Whatever works for you." We are silent for the rest of the drive. Once I reach where I picked him up I ask him where he wants me to drop him off.

"Here is good man," He says. I stop my car and he opens the door. I don't know why I actually want him to stay in the car but I don't mention it. "Thanks man, have a good day. See yah." He says, I smile up at him as he exits the car.

"Later." I say, he gives me a final wave and walks down the street. I wait till he reaches the sidewalk before I drive off. He really does have a nice butt. I try not to think of anything as I drive down the main road and head back the way I came. It doesn't take me long to get back on the highway, I loved driving on the highway. Especially with my music jamming, I'm a closet car dancer. If I was other cars I would definitely not dance or have the music blasting through my speakers. I love dancing in the car to music especially when I'm feeling good.

I don't head straight back home, after getting back off my grandparent's exit I head to the gas station and just sit in the car, I pull my hair out of my face and get it into a small ponytail at the back and tie it with my hair tie. I pull out my phone and check the time, it isn't too late. I made it back into town sooner than I left it, but seeing as how I got lost on the way it made since that it was easier to get home. Escaping my driving mode, I slowly come to. My excitement my nervousness popping up. My smile on my face breaks into giggling, god I'm such a school girl but I don't fucking care. My stomach flips inside me, oh my god he was cute. He was probably the best looking guy that I have ever done anything with. It was funny, now that I think about it he had certain similarities to a famous actor in this show I've been watching recently from some online site. Oh my god he is cute. I'm gushing now, my cheeks are on fire I'm a little surprised that the windows aren't steaming up.

On impulse, I head back to the app to see if he's saying anything. I know I seem a little desperate probably but who cares. I was assuming that he wouldn't be back on after he got off but I'm shocked to find that he is online. He even has sent me a few messages.

College Boy: You're sure you're clean right? Just nervous?

College Boy: ?

My excitement over him messaging me dies down, ugh this guy is an idiot. Of course it had to be about that. Apparently I wasn't clear the thousand times that he asked me. Was I really that bad with my nerves that I came off like a liar? Didn't he understand that I didn't do stuff like this on a regular basis? I mean I might be gay but that doesn't mean that I suck every dick that comes my way. I have standards. I roll my eyes and reply.

Rhett J.C.: It's not everyday you meet a random straight guy for a bj

College Boy: True. It's not everyday you meet a straight dude that's hung though either.

God this kid was cocky, I grin a little. His cock was huge though I couldn't believe how big it was, it maybe was a good nine inches. I'm seriously not exaggerating. I've never seen one so big before. Not that I've had many to compare it to in the first place but never mind that.

College Boy: Lol

College Boy: You kinda sketched out when I asked you though

Ugh back to this again, I'm never going to talk to a supposed straight guy again. It's nothing but a hassle.

Rhett J.C.: Sorry I'm an awkward person

Rhett J.C.: That's why I never had a girlfriend

I can't believe I just sent that darn, I wish I could take it back. Well it's too late now.

Rhett J.C.: And omg ur dick is huge

And now I sound like a freaking idiot.

College Boy: Lol thanks

Rhett J.C.: Yah I'm sure u don't need to be reminded

College Boy: That was the first time a dude sucked me off

I laugh to myself a little, no shit. This guy was screaming a guy on guy virgin. Worse than me.

Rhett J.C.: Lol I'm sure girls have told u

Rhett J.C.: Damn I hate that ur straight ur freakn hot. Okay shutting up now.

Damn I was sounding desperate, I really shouldn't have said that. Oh well, I exit off of the app and notice I have a missed call. Who called me this early in the morning? Maybe my grandparents, my stomach drops a little. Oh god, they realized I'm gone. Shit I'm in trouble, I don't know why it was such a big deal I mean I'm an adult they shouldn't have to know about all of my whereabouts. I click to check and see that…. It's his number… Why did he call me again? I get back on the app and message him back.

Rhett J.C.: Lol why did you call me again

College Boy: Lol I told ya I need some money so if you hate it that much maybe we can work something out

College Boy: And cus I was sketched out about you being clean since you seemed so iffy in the car I don't know man

Oh my god, how many times did I have to reassure the guy that I was freaking clean? This was fucking ridiculous. If he wasn't cute and maybe somewhat willing to date me (with the right amount of money) would I even consider talking to this guy because he's kind of acting like a jerk.

Rhett J.C.: I'm sorry, I'm seriously no good at talking.

Rhett J.C.: And it's really sad that I'd have to pay u to get u to date me.

College Boy: Not a problem as long as your as clean as you say:) how many dicks you sucked this week? Or is this the first?

What did he think, that I was a gigolo or something? God this kid, damn his eyes though I kept seeing them stare into me as I jerked him off. They were so hypnotic, god I wanted to kiss him. Why didn't I kiss him?

Rhett J.C.: This week hahahah ur hilarious.

Rhett J.C.: Just yours.

College Boy: Hahaha Idk. Well cool

Reassuring this kid even though is annoying I guess I have to do it, I mean it was his first time with a guy. It's scary the first time, I know I was scared out of my mind when I did. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I thought I was going to die of embarrassment.

Rhett J.C.: Lol I swear

College Boy: Seriously I believe you but I hope I'm still clean, idk what I'd do otherwise.

I look up and stare out the window, as if it's the audience and I'm waiting for my cue to finish my joke. God forbid this kid can't stick his dick in another pussy. I really want to slap the ignorance from this kid right now.

College Boy: Still Panicking

Sigh. This kid though. I look around, the sun is starting to come up. Damn how long have I been sitting here? It doesn't feel like long but the sun does come up quickly. Least it feels like it.

Rhett J.C.: It's okay dude I didn't even suck u long lol I swear you'll be fine.

He didn't even let me try to go down a third time. Not after I gagged, he was just so big. While he's still on here I thought it might be a nice time to ask him what his name was. I hadn't thought to ask him when I was in the car with him. It always bugged me if I didn't know the name of the guy that I blew… Yeah I know I probably sound like a whore already in general but I'm really not. I swear.

Rhett J.C.: Can I at least know ur name

Rhett J.C.: I'm cautious myself I don't like doing random encounters

College Boy: Haha I'm clean man I've been with same chick forever

"What!" I cry out loud. No, no no no no. He was not dating some girl. Please tell me I didn't just help this kid cheat. Oh fuck. There was no way that I could have a relationship now. Fuck, I'm so stupid!

Rhett J.C.: OMG!

Rhett J.C.: Omg r u dating!?

College Boy: I'm going to bed goodnight.

College Boy: Not anymore no

Thank you! Oh thank you, I'm so glad he isn't dating. Not for me really but for the simple fact that I wasn't a cheater. I didn't want that on my mind for the rest of my life. I don't know if I could handle that.

Rhett J.C.: Thank god cuz I don't wanna get involved in that

Rhett J.C.: And goodnight stop worrying ur dick is fine haha

College Boy: Don't worry, and thanks Man I appreciate the reassurance

College Boy: Even if my dick is fine, do you have anything? Why does it matter how long you sucked?

God apparently all the weed this kid smokes went to his head and he doesn't understand I don't have anything. Yes it's scary the first time but my lord come on now.

Rhett J.C.: I don't have anything!

College Boy: Hahah ok ok I didn't mean anything by it, your wording was a little funky and I just wanted to be able to sleep comfortably ya dig.

College Boy: Well goodnight

Rhett J.C.: Lol ur freakn hilarious, least ur polite.

Well, to an extent anyway…

Rhett J.C.: Night.

I wasn't expecting a reply back so I exit off of the app. I sit and just watch the people as they go about their morning routine. Even with all the questioning I still feel a little excitement. Not in a sexual way, but just joy. I probably won't hear from him again but he was by far the sexiest guy I've seen with his dick out in person. Regardless, I didn't need no one to make me happy I was happy with how my life was. I was still young, I had a while before I was expected to be with someone. I smile too myself as I pull out of the gas station, headed back Plus he didn't judge me so I could be completely honest with him to my grandparents. Hopefully they aren't awake yet I didn't want them interrogating me and ruining my current mood. I had to tell Garrett about this though, he was always interested in my nights out as I called them. He was going to enjoy this one. I was going to enjoy telling him this one, because Mr. Collegeboy was going to be a story you'd just want to remember.

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