it was a warm december night, the kind usually found close to the equator, but tonight, the sun's gentle fingers graced someplace rather further north with above-freezing temperatures. of course, the sun was nowhere to be found. any light that shone through the bleak, cloudy darkness came from either a rare visiting car or the ubiquitous christmas lights. probably the latter.

rain pounded hard against nearby roofs, the sound like drumbeats, punctuating what would otherwise be a completely silent, ordinary monday night. the residents of now-dripping houses might contemplate the rain absentmindedly while stirring pots of soup or helping children with math homework.

inside a particular house, a young girl sat, sitting at the computer, typing. wow, this is really freaking stupid, she thought. why am i wasting my time on this pretentious piece-of-trash account of what the weather is like. who would want to read this. then, she posted it online for the entire world to read.