(OC Origin) Pokemon

(Name) Jagger

(Age) 16

(Gender) Male

(Hair Color) Dark Brown

(Eye Color) Dark Brown

(Race) Human

(Affiliation) Koga Shinobi/ Aura Guardians


Jagger's main characteristic is his sense of adventure. After traveling from home and seeing much of the world, it has made him even more adventurist along with optimistic. However, this optimism acts more of a personal trait, rather than an outgoing trait. Jagger tends to try and see both ends of a subject, whether it be good and bad, easy or hard, or what is a disadvantage and an advantage. This has given him self awareness of others that people often call uptight. Suspicious of others, it takes time for Jagger to trust others, believing that trust has to be earned, even with pokemon. Yet even in his superstition, Jagger can be a very trusting and loyal person. He stays dedicated to his comrades, family, friends, and pokemon. Once in his personal circle, Jagger can be very kind and protective of others. Believing that people and pokemon close to him need to be protected, Jagger strives to do what is right, and protect those who need protecting.


"I don't have to be the very best. So long as I can be the best that I can be, that's enough for me."

"I'm a shinobi, not a saint."

"It's a big world out there. I want to see and learn as much of it as I can before I keel over."

"I can go the distance."

"I don't stop, I don't quit, and I don't surrender to my enemies. That's what I do."


Wanting to travel the world of Pokémon, his plans were nearly shot down by his parents, saying he was not ready to leave home. After moving from New Bark Town in the Johto Region, to Littleroot Town in the Hoenn Region, Jagger came across the Shinobi and Fuchsia GYM leader, Koga. Seeing Koga as a strong potential mentor, Jagger asked Koga to teach him to be strong. After taking Jagger under his wing alongside his daughter Janine, Koga taught them both in the ways of the Shinobi. Armed now with a sword, ninjutsu, and his first pokemon, a Riolu, Jagger left Koga as he joined the Elite Four. With Janine becoming the new GYM leader, Jagger started his own pokemon journey. Along his journey, and after battling multiple times with the Pokémon Hunter J, Jagger found an almost unnatural synchronization with his Riolu. To better understand this, Jagger sought methods of aura training. This would inevitably lead him to the Iron Islands, where Jagger would become the first apprentice of Riley and his Lucario. Jagger and his Riolu trained vigorously under their teachings before once again setting out on their journey.


[On Hand] Steel Sword, Bow & Arrow, Pokeball Shuriken, Poison Barb, Rope & Anchor, Pokedex, Flashlight, Mega Ring, Z Ring, Dynamax Band

[Packed With Pokémon] Gear Charger Tent, Water Breather, Item Finder, Goggles, Fishing Rod, Mega Stones, Z Crystals


(ACHILLES) -Lucario - Male - Brave - Inner Focus - Fighting/ Steel [Lucarionite]

[Aura Sphere, Iron Tail, Bone Rush, Psychic]

(Epyon) - Greninja - Male - Adament - Torrent - Water/ Dark [Darkinium Z]

[Water Shuriken, Powerup Punch, Ice Beam, Night Slash]

(Bakemono) - Arcanine - Male - Jolly - Flash Fire - Fire [Firium Z]

[Flame Thrower, Thunder Fang, Dig, Extreme Speed]

(Voodoo) - Gengar - Male - Impish - Levitate - Ghost/ Poison [Gengarite]

[Dark Pulse, Shadow Punch, Poison Jab, Thunder Bolt]

(Salamander) - Charizard - Male - Serious - Blaze - Fire/ Flying [Charizardite X]

[Flame Thrower, Dragon Claw, Sky Drop, Steel Wing]

(Rock Titan) - Tyranitar - Male - Serious - Sand Stream - Rock/ Dark [Tyranitarite]

[Flame Thrower, Crunch, Thunder Fang, Rock Slide]

(Rafiki) - Infernape - Male - Hardy - Blaze - Fire/ Fighting [Fightinium Z]

[Flame Thrower, Mach Punch, Thunder Punch, Acrobatics]

(Sideswipe) - Sceptile - Male - Gentle - Overgrow - Grass [Sceptilinite]

[Dragon Pulse, Leaf Blade, Ariel Ace, Mega Drain]

(Bumblebee) - Electivire - Male - Hardy - Motor Drive - Electric [Electrium Z]

[Thunder Bolt, Ice Punch, Brick Break, Earth Quake]

(SHINIGAMI) - Scizor - Male - Rash - Swarm - Bug/ Steel [Scizorite]

[Flash Cannon, Ariel Ace, X-Scissor, Brick Break]

(Beast) - Feraligatr - Male - Jolly - Torrent - Water [Waterium Z]

[Scald, Ice Punch, Crunch, Dragon Claw]

(Tatsu) - Garchomp - Male - Bold - Sand Veil - Dragon/ Ground [Garchompite]

[Flame Thrower, Dragon Claw, Arial Ace, Earth Quake]


Having been trained by his sensei Koga, Jagger is an experienced shinobi in the arts of ninjutsu. This ranged from meditation, to martial arts, survival techniques, shinobi weapons, hiding, sneaking, escaping artistry, and of course pokemon training. However, he did not follow the path of being a poison pokemon user as the rest of the GYM and students did. Instead, Jagger learned aura abilities from Riley. With aura, Jagger is able to create small Protect Fields, and generate small Aura Spheres. Though unique, it is no stronger than an average Lucario's aura.

(Jacario Aura Form)

If the situation calls for more firepower, Jagger can amp up his aura abilities. By connecting and synchronizing his aura with Achilles, Jagger can enter the Aura Form. This physically connects Jagger and his Lucario into one being. In this form, dubbed Jacario, he is granted extreme strength, speed, and durability. It also allows Jacario to use three layers of Protect, and aura spheres powerful enough to pierce through four foot concrete pillars, or large enough to knock down Hoopa Unbound.

(Aura/ Jacario Techniques)

Aura Sphere/ Dual Aura Sphere - In human form, aAgger can generate Aura Spheres like a Lucario. Jacario is able to fire off an Aura Sphere from both hands. These pack the same attack power as a regular Aura Sphere, but do not require both palms, and the charge time is only half of that as a regular Aura Sphere.

Super Aura Sphere - Only able to use in his Fusion Form, and Jacario's strongest attack, this Aura Sphere is designed to defeat some of the world's strongest pokemon. Creating an Aura Sphere about twelve foot in diameter, this attack has the ability to carve a hold into a mountain, and is powerful enough to knock Hoopa Unbound out of the air.

Aura Blade - Only able to use this in his human form, Jagger can coat his sword with aura to strengthen the durability of his weapon. He can also use it to extend the range of smaller weapons like his knife. Though an extension of a weapon is not as strong as simply coating a weapon, it is still amazingly sharp.

Aura Shield/ Three Layered Aura Shield - In human form, Jagger can generate a sphere shield similar to the pokemon move Protect. In Jacario Form, Jagger can create three layers of Protect all around his body. This barrier is enough to protect himself against simultaneous attacks from Regice, Registeel, and Regirock.

(Noticeable Feats)

Jagger has proven time and time again that he can go the distance. He's one of the only people to actually fuse his body with a pokemon, he's battled the pokemon Hunter J over and over again, and he even managed to shoot down Hoopa Unbound with a Super Aura Sphere.

Hey what is up everyone! I've been RPing on Tumblr lately and I RP quite a few different fandoms. I decided to put my Muses and OCs into one place where I can find them all and present them to everyone. This is only one of my OCs from one of my fandoms, Pokémon. I just want to let everyone know that these character's origins come from the stated fandom above, but they are not limited to just that fandom. I do like crossovers and interacting with other fandoms, and even made up OC worlds. Even though this character is from Pokemon, I've used this character in one of my Naruto fics before.

This character is named after my first name. However, he is not fully based off of me. I try to put a little bit of myself in each character, but I don't want to write about myself just in a fancy hat. I actually put thought and effort into these characters, so bare with me will ya? Now looking at my character, I didn't want to give him the cliché pokemon starter adventure. I might have gone a little too far with the aura thing, but I just couldn't help myself. Mainly because I wanted him to be more than just a guy who makes his pokemon do all the work. I couldn't explain the Jacario fusion thing too well. Sorry if I couldn't be more descriptive.

Moving onto the pokemon, for anyone who's nerdy enough to care like me, I have all these pokemon in my games. I named them, trained them, and copied all their information myself. I know some of the moves aren't naturally learned. I gave them those through TMs, and move tudors. I'm also aware that there are twelve pokemon and not the standard six. I noticed that Ash, Red, and other characters have carrier more than six pokemon at a time before. To explain this, I have concluded that its okay to have more pokemon, but six is the maximum that should be used in a battle. Something else I wanted to explain is that I didn't teach them HM moves. As this is fanfiction and not the game, I'm going to leave these moves out of my pokemon, but not limit them to their use. For example, my Feraligatr doesn't know Surf, but my character can still hitch a ride on the Feraligatr's back to get across water. Or that instead of Flash, my character carries a flashlight to see in the dark.

I believe the last thing I need to cover are some of the gaps. I left some things out of my character, such as attire, hair style, and other things. I left these out mainly because I'll describe it more in my writing, and things like clothes and hair style are easily changeable. I also left some thing out about my pokemon such as stats, and levels. Honestly, that's too much detailing for my taste, and stats and levels are more important in the game than in fanfiction. With all that said, this is a good starting point for my characters. They might be susceptible to change, and more events could happen to them as I write and RP. These are just starting points for them. If you would like to RP with me on Tumblr, feel free to send my a PM here. Or if you go to Tumblr, I'm under the same username, maximalcatpossible. Finally, I want to thank you for reading this far, and thank you for following me on my Tumblr. Remember people, I haven't forgotten about my fics, if youre following me. School and the holidays are taking my time, and I've been expanding my writing with Tumblr RPing. Send me a message to interact and write on either site. Thanks again, and I will do my best to get back to you.