(OC Origin) Danmachi

(Name) Hunter Tecuani

(Age) 16

(Level) 5

(Gender) Male

(Hair Color) Orange with a brown patch in the front

(Eye Color) Gold

(Species) Were Jaguar


Thor Familia


Mostly silent, Hunter is a team player but a short socializer. Seeking solitude most of the time, Hunter often separates himself to wander when he feels the need to clear his head. Even after a short isolation, Hunter always returns to work hard and be a part of the Thor Familia.

Aside from an introverted lifestyle, Hunter is quite clever and even wise. Having to think on his feet for the lack of physical strength, Hunter can learn and improvise on the spot. This comes in handy when completing quest or exploring. The need to deal with strong enemies or escape areas is something Hunter has learned to do with his intelligence and ability to adapt to most situation.

Regardless, Hunter has shown little of ever backing down from the fight, going as far as chasing down someone who tried to retreat. This act of persistence has been a blessing, and a curse. His persistence has led him to obtaining rare items and resources that most would have given up on. However, it has also put him in unsinkable and even life threatening situations on more than one occasion. If there's one thing more troublesome than persistence, it's his curiosity.

Like most cats Hunter is plagued by curiosity. If something moves, he's gotta know what it is. Similar to his persistence, his curiosity has often gotten the better of Hunter, and put him in bad situations. Yet these bad situations don't go without a lesson. It's through these faults and mistakes that Hunter learns best from. Learning the hard way helps keep Hunter on his toes and sharpens the skills he needs to seek tougher levels in a dungeon.


"My Familia is all I have left in this world."

"I've had my fair share of mistakes, and let me tell you, there's a lesson to be learned from all of them."

"This is who I am, and who I am should be more than enough to tell you what I can do."

"I've learned things the hard way...Or maybe I don't learn at all and I just get stronger..."

"When you hear the wolves howling on a moonlit night, you'll remember that I hunt them in the moonlight."


Hunter is one of the few Were Jaguar in Orario. Found on the doorstep of Thor's domain, Hunter was raised from the start as an adventurer. While not the biggest or strongest member of the group, Hunter made up for these lacking areas in speed and agility. Through this Hunter became an irreplaceable asset to the Familia of Thor.

Being in the Thor Familia, Hunter has crossed blades with many people from other Familias, including the Ishtar and Loki family. However, these small squabbles have mostly been settled with small battles or their respective Gods stepping in to stop the fighting.

Hunter would continue to be an adventurer until the present day. While a team player, Hunter's tendency to wander would lead him into rather enduring fights. One in particular was accidentally walking straight into the path of three Minotaurs. Though a very tough fight, Hunter defeated all three of these enemies.

This inevitably would catch the attention, and jealousy of Bete Loga from the Loki Faimilia. After a skirmish with the Loki familia for the right to obtain a hidden treasure, Hunter took on Bete Loga, and won. This would earn him the ability, "Wolf Slayer" as well as the nickname "Werewolf Slayer".


Strength 900

Endurance 805

Dexterity 805

Agility 910

Magic 55


Meginjaroar - A skill unique to those of the Odin family. This skill doubles the strength of the user, possibly allowing them to fight someone a level higher than them.

Unarmed Combat - The user can deal significant damage while unarmed. This can range from martial arts to simply hurting a target more

Blade Throwing - Able to throw weapons. Can range from daggers, to javelins, to certain axes

Battle Healing - Ability that continuously heals small amounts of health. Can only heal minor injuries and not illness of crippling injuries

Beast Instincts - Enhances normal abilities unique to species such as eyesight for precision and night vision, speed for chasing down prey, agility reaching higher places and improving dodge, and hearing to detect further enemies

(Developmental Skills)

Hiding - Allows a someone to disappear from targets that use visual tracking.

Tracking - Allows tracking monsters and can be used to track people by displaying their footprints from a certain time

Searching - Determines the user's detection range. Allows finding monsters and people in hiding.

Light Foot - Allows Hunter to step silently when sneaking up on prey, or sneaking past enemies. Also increases Hunter's speed by a small amount.

Wall Run - As one of the lightweight races, the Were Jaguar are capable of using the skill Wall Run that, as the name suggests, allows them to temporarily run on walls. The normal limit is a distance of ten meters but those with an extremely high sprinting speed are known to be able to run for about thirty meters.

Hunter - Improves abilities against monsters that the user has fought before and gained Exilia from.

Wolf Slayer - Heavily increases all abilities when fighting wolf type monsters, potentially making Hunter stronger than his actual level when fighting them


Journey Cloth/ Armor - Grants some dexterity and agility to the user

Journey Gloves/ Gloves - Grants some dexterity, strength, and luck to the user

Journey Boots/ Boots - Grants some speed to the user

Belt of Strength - Belt that doubles Hunter's strength


Assassin's Blade/ Dagger - A wakizashi shaped dagger for fast slashing, and stabbing attacks. Sometimes causes bleed damage for a short time.

Berserker Claws/ Claws - A pair of three long claw like gauntlets extending from the knuckles. Fast and light weight for slashing, and piercing abilities

Silver Throwing Knives/ Throwing Weapons - Small knives for throwing and hitting things from a medium to long range. Not as long of a range as a bow. Performs light damage, and sometimes critical damage.

Battle Hammer - A small but heavy hammer used as a weapon. A requirement for all in the Thor Familia to learn, this weapon can be thrown and has the ability to return to its user.

(Noticeable Magic Attacks)

Weapon Retraction: Much like how Thor's hammer works, Hunter can retract certain weapons, such as his hammer and blade. This comes especially in handy when throwing his hammer or if he finds himself disarmed.

(Noticeable Feats)

Hunter has been known as a Werewolf Slayer, he's infiltrated the Ishtar territory and escaped, and fought three Minotaurs simultaneously.

This is another redo character, originally from Sword Art Online, to Danmachi. It was a bit hard transferring some of the info from SAO to Danmachi, as I'm still iffy about how the skills and stats work in Danmachi. Regardless, this was a character I really wanted to use for a long time. However, I could never fit him into a universe that I was happy with. Danmachi worked out pretty well here, as I didn't need to change TOO MUCH for him to fit in. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and rp with this character, and I will talk to you all later.