"What do we do with it?' One of them asked. He nudged the bundle with his paw and was rewarded by a burst of cooing.

"Maybe you should take it Aron. It seems to like you." Another chuckled.

"Aron's shackles rose and he growled. "I wouldn't be caught dead with that creature Kelong!"

"Calm down, He was only joking." A third leader said while Kelong rolled around in laughter.

"Crazy buffoon." The fourth beast growled quietly but Kelong heard anyways.

"You want to say that again fuzzball?" He crouched down and started to stalk towards the speaker but the third beast stepped between them.

"Enough!" He roared and Kelong froze.

"But Tekal!" Kelong whined.

"No buts. We don't have time to argue," Takal told him and sat in front of the bundle. "We need to decide what to do with this thing."

"I'll take it."

The four leaders whirled around to look at the leader of the fifth pack. A female.

"That might not be such a good idea Akona, it's already bad enough for your pack with you, a female, as a leader. To take this 'thing' with you will make you seem weaker."

"We have already proven to you that we are still strong even if I am female. The creature won't make any difference."

"But even the humans didn't want it," Takal continued. "After all, it's easy to tell it's demon born."

I was crouching in the woods, watching a deer drink from the river. My fluffy, brown tail twitched in excitement. The deer couldn't smell me. I crept closer about to pounce when in my ear I heard…

"Come on Iblis!"

I jerked up in surprise and blinked at me brother from my nest. Diab was looking down at me with his furry muzzle with his soft brown eyes. Yawning, I stretched and curled back up with my tail brushing against my flat face.

"Come ooon!" Diab encouraged and jumped around me.

"Go away." I ordered.

"Iblis!" He whined. "Don't you realize what today is?"

"A new one?" I guessed.

"No it's Convel's warrior ceremony."

I jerked my head up. "Today?"

"Yes," He sighed in exasperation. "So hurry and get up!"

I stretched quickly and followed him out. My tail and the fur on my head were the color of a doe and my bare skin the color of the earth. I didn't know what my face looked like but my pack told me I was all sharp and boney and my muzzle flat. I knew that I looked different from my brothers and sisters but I was never told why. Following Diab out of the den and into the clearing where the rest of the pack stood, I swished my tail happily and sat next to my father, Lykos.

"You are late." He growled playfully into my ear and I purred.

Above us stood my mother and the leader of the pack, Akona. Her beautiful grey fur glistened against the sun and her bright eyes gleamed with life.

"My brothers and sisters." Akona howled. "Today is a wonderful day for my eldest son Convel is now old enough to be a warrior of our pack and hunt freely with us."

The whole pack howled and I joined in. Watching happily as my brother walked to our mother and licked her face. Akona did the same and Convel stood back. And for that moment, that one beautiful moment, our lives were perfect before it was destroyed.

Humans flooded our home with sharp sticks and tree fallers. Flames shot from their hands and burned my family.

"Protect the children!" I heard my mother shout and jump into the fray.

"Diab, Iblis. Take you sisters and hide." My father ordered and followed the rest of the pack.

Diab didn't move so I nudged him with my front paw. "Come brother, we need to get out of their way."

He followed me quietly as I grabbed Saren, my sister, as we passed. We had prepared for many fights and were prepared for this one to. High up in the cliffs where we lived was a cave with a very small ledge and difficult for those without claws to reach. Even I struggled with my thin fragile ones, but it also made it the safest place in the camp.

"Climb." I ordered my siblings and shoved them towards the wall. Something grabbed my tail and pulled me away.

"Ow" I hollered and turned. A male human stood behind me with his massive paw holding my tail. It was the first time I had seen a human up close. He looked like me.

"Let go!" I growled and bit his arm.

I watched as he howled in pain then slammed me against the cliff.

Akona ran to me while I lay there, too dazed to move. The human seemed to try talking to me but I couldn't understand his gibberish.

"Stay away from my child." She roared as she leapt on him. I watched as her teeth, sharper than mine bit deeply into his shoulder.

He roared in pain and let go of my tail only to reach for her.

"Mother!" I howled and attacked him.

The man howled in pain and tried to shake me off but I just bit harder and dug my claws into him. Finally he let go of Akona then grabbed his dagger and whacked me on the head and I lost consciousness.

When I finally came to, my front and back paws were tied and I sat in a cave with no opening. I heard human voices from outside of my confinement but I couldn't understand their gibberish. I brought my bound paws to my mouth and tried to bite through it. The ropes felt like iron against my teeth and I quickly gave up.

Not much later, I heard feet moving and an opening appeared with a man standing in it. He walked into my cave, shutting the opening behind him and began to speak. I didn't understand his words but his voice was calm and soothing.

"Stay away." I growled and he froze but then he advanced towards me. "I said stay away!"

I lurched towards him and snapped my jaws. The man shook his head sadly and sat down.

He never moved from where he sat and I never moved from where I lay. After a point my eyes closed and I fell into a troubled sleep.