The bedraggled trapper who trudged into my abode in the early hours of the morning, dripping upon my floor and not even bothering to remove his boots, which left horrifically disgusting prints everywhere, was, as always, incredibly rude. I chuckled audibly when he showed me his hand, it had been a long time since i had seen a wound this bad, he looked at me with that gaze that showed his hatred of me, which i mutually shared, though less frequently expressed. "So? Can you do some strange mumbling and fix it hag?"

"You know as well as i do Arashin that wounds are the dominion of herbs, not charms. However this one is very, very bad." I grinned, mockingly, "I'm going to have to cut open and wash out the infected areas, which in this case is most of the palm. I do have a few things which could reduce the pain if you want? Oh, but of course, they are all far more expensive than a lowly trapper could ever afford." I could see the flicker of indecision and anger in his eyes. "And i only ever use them with women and children, i'm sure a big strong man such as yourself could handle the pain. Right?"

The screams that emanated from my hut for the next hour or so freaked out most of the villagers, but they were a balm to my anger. Ah, sweet revenge. Thats what he gets for constantly insulting me.


Many hours later i was still on vigil, and at last the barrier began to sweep aside. As soon as it was possible i made a desperate lunge for outside, but was instantly grabbed by my scruff. I glanced at the perpetrator, it was the man with the false kindness from before, i expected him to sit me down and babble in the same way he had done previously. Instead he grasped me by my flanks and bodily picked me up, he then sat down placed me on his lap, put my muzzle over his shoulder and forced me close to him. No matter what effort i made to prevent and get away from this he was far too strong for me and i could do nothing to escape. Eventually i just began to accept that there was no way of avoiding this, i began to relax. 'He has the same warmth as Mother' i thought to myself, before instantly checking my thoughts and forcing the hatred back into prominence, 'He took me from Mother, he is not the same.'

I fully expected him to put me back in the cold cave from before, but instead the cave i was lead to was far larger, rather warm and had a strange soft thing in it. I didn't know what this soft thing was but it was very comfortable. As soon as i stretched out upon it the stress of recent events and the fatigue from my long vigil in the small cave caused me to slip directly into a deep sleep.


I couldn't hide that i was becoming rather fond of the little pup i brought in, he reminded me of a small, scared animal. And, just like all other small, scared animals, with enough kindness and understanding, they will open up. After the time i sat with him, allowing him to vent all his frustrations from the safety within my arms, i continued to show him as much kindness as i possibly could. But as always, Arashin's attitude would not change. He still cursed the child as if it was the reincarnation of Maledictus, the Kaiser Demon, himself.

Luckily he had been unable to work for several weeks due to the infection in his hand. As such the child had not seen him and therefore had been exempt from his insults and threats. Even worse was that the bleeding psychopath had decided to line his damn coat with the pelt of the kid's adoptive mother. I had protested heavily but he had maintained that it was his right as a trapper to display his prowess in the form of trophies. I then pointed out that he had not actually trapped the wolf, but killed it purely by luck when his spear ended up between its ribs while he was facing the other way, only due to the way it was slung on his back.

As the days went by my relationship with that old 'friend' was slowly worsening as my affection for the boy unclouded my eyes to his true self.

After about five weeks the child didn't claw or bite me at all when i went there, but it was still painfully obvious that there was a veil of distrust marring the bond i sought to form. Then, finally, Came the day Arashin returned to his normal activity, and thus the inevitable confrontation loomed.


I stormed along the earthen streets across the village, the persistent rain that we had suffered for weeks, undoubtedly brought by that beast, had finally receded. In its place the signs were beginning to show for a long drought and the midday sun cracked the earth beneath me like a dry riverbed, my boots stirring up clouds of dust as they scuffed the ground.

Today would be the day i finally settled things with that monster.


I lay on the floor within the warm cave, the kind man had often visited and eventually i began to treat him as a support, a rock in a stretch of rapids. I no longer minded him near me, it actually felt comforting, knowing there was someone there to look out for me.

I was absentmindedly picking at my blunted claws. I had protested heavily when the man dropped me in a warm pond and began to scrub off the colour from my skin, eventually the brown colour i recognised myself as had lightened to a similar shade to the kind man and the small pond was the one dark. He had then blunted my claws, and scraped everything out from under them, while i protested as best i could. Then, the worst part, he set at my jaws with tweezers and a brush, while rubbing them with the most foul paste i had ever had the misfortune of tasting. I was then taken to an old lady who lived in her own den on the outskirts of the little cluster of dens, where she spent a long time poking around my mouth, she rubbed an oil of some kind along my gums, after which my face lost all feeling and my head was placed in a clamp. She then proceeded to PULL OUT SIX OF MY FANGS and although i couldn't feel them being pulled out the mental pain of loosing them was enough to make me cry.

I heard the barrier open and turned, expecting to see the kind man, instead i was greeted with the human who had attacked me, in an instant i was on my paws with my hackles raised and my teeth bared. The man began barking at me and gesturing with a metal claw, as he came closer a familiar scent drifted over my muzzle, i hadn't smelt that scent since my den. "A-A-Akona?" With a flash of realisation i found the source of that scent, it was coming from the hide flapping around him. His coat, the smell of my mother was coming from his damn clothes.

I had hated this man since my first interaction, but now this was thrown to full on rage. With a roar i launched myself at him, and began biting and clawing at him, causing long scratches on him and trying my hardest to rip the damn hide off his shoulders. I was so enraged i dint even realise the metal claw attempting to stab me.

Eventually managed to remove the hide and i jumped away, i retreated to the corner, crying and bleeding over the remains of my mother.


I came home to shouts and rage and the sickening sound of physical damage, i rushed to the boy's room to see a heavily bloodied Arashin advancing on the boy, even more heavily bloodied, cowering in the corner over the damn coat the idiot of a trapper had made with a knife raised.

I instinctively rushed at Arashin and punched him as hard as i could in the back of the head and he slumped to the floor. I then ran to the boy and grabbed him round the shoulders, pulling him into an embrace. Though all i wanted was to comfort him, i could see his heavy wounds, so i carefully scooped both him and the coat, to which the boy was still clinging tightly, and carried him off to Henaki to be treated, leaving the little and ring finger of his left hand on the floor and that psychopath in the pile where he belongs, what i ever saw in him i couldn't tell but if there was anything i was sure of, he wasn't touching that boy again.

I said i hadn't dropped anything! Though not my own start the setup was amazing and i have the story planned out, lets just see if i can give the character development and writing to give AJsammy's idea justice. Though i personally like my direction, reviews and other feedback would be apperciated as to whether you like this so far and want it to continue in the same direction.