Ashley had had a really crappy day, and she was just dying to get to her bed and lie down. Her workplace was quite far away from her home, so she had to take the train, daily as it was the only transport that was still available at midnight. It was a thirty minute ride home, so Ashley pulled out her novel, that she carried for this time, and started reading.

"May I sit here?" A voice with heavy British accent asked her, pulling her attention away from the novel. She looked at and met the handsomest man she had see in like ever. He was an attractive man of about 5'11, had curled dirty-blond hair and dark blue eyes that contrasts with his pearl-white skin. He appeared to be in his mid twenties, and possessed a delicate and yet masculine face. His clothing style was quite casual, wearing shirt, jeans and a jacket. And to say he rocked the look would be an understatement.

Ashley realised that she had been stating at him and mumbled,"Yes," blushing.

"I saw you at the bar." The man spoke. That got Ashley's interest. She looked up again and then she realised that yes, he had been at the bar indeed.

Ashley was covering for her friend who had not been able to come due to being sick. Her friend was a singer, and Ashley had a sweet voice and could sing, but she didn't. It made her miss Sean, who she used to sing with.

But her friend - Sophie - had been really sick and their boss was telling her either she came to work or find a replacement, or he would fire her. And Ashley had a hear of gold, therefore, even though it was painful, she stepped in for Sophie.

No one was really paying her attention as she sang, but she still did. Ashley was singing, but her heart wasn't in it. She looked around the bar to see if someone liked her singing, but no one even noticed her. She sighed and decided to tell her boss that no one really cared weather anyone was singing or not.

When Ashley finished the song and went to take her break, she told her boss the same, and he said it doesn't matter if anyone was listening or not, she had to continue, because people will notice if no one was singing.

Ashley sighed and went back to singing. That is when she saw him. He was sitting at the bar, a glass of what she assumed scotch in his hand, looking at her intently. When Ashley caught her gaze she passed her a kind smile and a thumbs up. This made Ashley smile for the first time that evening.

What was he doing on the train? Was he following her? From his clothes, he looked like he was rich and owned a car. Then why was he in the train? And why had he asked to sit in front of her? The whole train was empty. Couldn't he had choose some other seat?

Ashley smiled but her posture tensed. Then she turned her gaze back to her novel, although she was not reading it. Sure he was handsome, but that didn't mean he wasn't a phyco-killer. She peeped at him again, trying to analyse his posture and put her study to some use.

He was sitting relaxed on the seat in front of her. Nothing suggested that he might be preparing to jump on her or kill her. She relaxed a bit.

"I really liked you singing." He spoke, breaking the silence once more.

"I wasn't that good." Ashley told him, again looking up to meet his blue eyes,"You should hear my friend, Sophie, sing." She said,"I was just covering for her."

"I've heard her sing."Chris smiled,"And you were great up there." He paused for a moment,"Christopher Dawson." He offered her his hand,"Call me Chris."

"Ashley Graham," She spoke taking his hand and shaking it lightly. When she was about to pull back, Chris pulled it and kissed the back of her hand softly. Ashley blushed.

They both fell into a comfortable silence and this time it was Ashley who broke it,"So, I have to ask." Chris turned to look at her,"Why are you in this train?"

Chris looked at her confused,"To go home." He spoke.

"No, I mean, yes." She stumbled,"But you look like you own a car, so why are you taking a train home?"

Chris laughed,"I am no psyco-killer, I promise." He spoke and that made Ashley blush. Exactly what she had been thinking moments before,"Now to answer your question. Yes, I do own a car, but I lend it to my little sister for a trip. So, I am car-less for a week." He faked annoyance, but Ashley could tell he loved her sister.

"Oh," Ashley said stupidly. She felt at much easy now that she was sure Chris wasn't some creep.

Suddenly the train announced the station at which Ashley had to leave so she got up, and noticed Chris getting up as well.

"So, you live near by?" He asked as they both made their way out of the station.

"Yup, in that complex." Ashley spoke pointing to a building in front of her.

"I live in the complex on its right." Chris informed her.

They both crossed the door in silence and then bid good bye.

Ashley went home with a smile on her face for the first time in a long time. And when she slept that night she didn't have a dream less sleep or one filled with nightmares, like always, but her dreams were filled with a blue eyed man.