The warm, gratifying breeze you feel brush against your skin and ruffle your hair as it blows gently behind your shoulders during the warm, bright summer; the whistling you hear as the vibrant, fragile autumn leaves brush back and forth in their rhythmic dance; the rush of excitement a child gets when he feel the fluffy, white powder reach the outstretched tongue, and sends a drop of the wintery liquid through his mouth. Now imagine a world where such seasonal pleasantries were nonexistent. There are no winter wonderlands to play in the snow, or the laughter and the splashing of water as everyone gathered around to chat or swim. There are no festivals held on October 31st for costumes and candy. This is what the Earth was like eons before the time of our ancestors; around the period when time was just beginning to be thought of. Back then, our planet was a smooth, gloomily gray marble which suspended in the air, uninhabited and unwanted.

Unwanted, that is, until a lovely couple took residence here.

You see, the woman was just about to have a baby, so the couple needed to have a good home for the child to grow. So, the two spirits took residence in the dreary planet, and made it their own. The woman, whose name later becomes known as Leah, was beautiful, with skin as white as tulip petals, long straight hair the color of a fresh bed of grass, and wide, dark purple eyes that reflected the kindness of her personality. Her husband, who eventually becomes known as Kenneth, had the same gentle ease as his wife, with fiery red hair that turned gold at the tips. His eyes were a crisp reddish color, with a gold, autumn leaf in the center, instead of pupils. His skin was a little pale, and he wore a red, button up shirt and gold suspenders. He smiled so often, dimples had formed on his face, and his smiles always reached his sparkling eyes.

Kenneth held Leah's hand as they descended onto the gray nothingness, and the two instantly set to work. Leah wanted their child be safe, no matter what happens. So she used her powers to create a small island of trees and shrubbery, which provided shelter and protection for the child. Leah grew so fond of her creation, she allowed the greenery to spread further on its own. Kenneth loved the sight of his wife and the life she has given the planet. He wanted to create something that would be just as gorgeous to look at as Leah, so he created made his own trees and plants. But these were different then Leah's. They had more than one color then just 'green'. Each leaf was carefully constructed to look different, with different assortments of reds, golds, yellows, and even a little bit of faded green. Leah fell in love with what he created. It was such a sight to see the colors of her husband in the form of thousands of leaves and bushes. The gifts these two gave became the first two seasons; autumn and summer.

The two of them spent the rest of their time cultivating and caring for their new earth as they waited excitedly for their unborn child to awaken for the first time. When the baby was finally just about to be born, Leah created a bed out of limbs and greenery to lay down on. A beautiful baby girl was born, with little tuffs of ocean blue hair, and skin as white as snow.

With Kenneth sitting beside her, Leah held their daughter with great love care. This was such a joyous occasion, so bright and happy with the birth of a new child, that the Earth created a giant, golden light to surround them. As the light grew larger and larger with happiness, it began to fly upward, until it hovered above the earth and illuminated the little planet, bathing it in its bright light. Everything was perfect; until the baby opened her eyes for the first time. The newly made parents let out horrified gasps. The little girl's pupils and irises were completely snow white, as though she were blind.

Kenneth stared in shock at the baby, then shook his head. "This…this can't be right…" he said thoughtfully. He waved his hand in front of the girl's face. But she didn't respond. She just kept staring around at what they thought was nothing.

"M…maybe she's just…taking it all in…" Leah suggested, her voice trembling. She hugged her daughter tightly. After a moment, she loosened her grip, and handed the baby to Kenneth. As soon as he took her in his gentle, strong hands, the temperature decreased as cold, white fluff began to fall from the sky. The girl started crying. Kenneth frantically handed her back to her mother, and everything went back to normal. Leah laughed and kissed him. "She'll get used to you, eventually."

Kenneth let out a soft smile. "I really hope eventually happens soon, though," he chuckled. "Now what are we going to name her? And what are we going to do about her blindness?"

"I don't know what to do about that," Leah admitted. "I guess we'll love her just as same as if she could see." She shook her head, and smiled up at him. "I like Florence."

So they named their daughter Florence. After a few days, it became evident that Florence wasn't blind at all. She began responding to visual tests. The parents laughed. "It's just her eye color," Kenneth said.

"I've never seen white eyes before." Leah's voice was thoughtful.

A few years later, Florence's powers started becoming more evident. Every time she would cry or yell, the sky would grow dark and the unfamiliar white fluff would fall. Her mother grew weary. Florence's snowfalls would be even harsher and harsher on the beautiful plants that Leah has spent so much time cultivating. When the blue haired little girl was old enough to do chores, Leah set her to work on helping with the land. Florence however, was not happy with this new arrangement. She gripped and grumbled, which only made the snow fall even faster.

"Why do I have to take care of your stuff?" she asked her mother when she was around fifteen.

"Because, I won't allow you to sit around doing nothing!" Leah argued.

"I get that, Mother. But it seems to be the only thing I'm allowed to do! I'm beginning to think you love your little creation even more then you love me!"

"That's enough, Florence," Kenneth intervened, his arms crossed. "We don't love the earth more then you. You need to learn how to take care of this Earth so you know what to do on the chance that you will need to take care of it on your own."

Florence stared at him, then laughed bitterly. "Oooh, yeah, so you think making me work 24/7 will make me wanna take care of this place later on? Hell, if I ever get full custody of this, the first thing I'm going to do is get out of here!"

"Florence." Kenneth's voice was stern and hard, his kind eyes giving her a silent warning to knock it off. The girl eyed him, and sighed.

"Fine," she grumbled.

That night, after the sun had done its job of warming half the earth, and had revolved around it to brighten the other side, young Florence crept out of her bed, and snuck out of her room. With nothing to illuminate the night, the land and sky was immersed into pitch darkness. But Florence could see just as well in the dark as she could in the day, unlike her parents. Slowly, and silently, she crept into the room her parents were sleeping, and stood over her mother's side of the bed. The girl grinned as she formed a pile of snow in her hands, and stuffed it through Leah's mouth. Leah's eyes widened, and she let out a muffled, horrified scream, but it got cut short when the snow melted into her lungs.

Kenneth jolted awoke to the sound of the scream, and maniacal laughter. He sat up straight, and created the first thing he could think of to be able to see through the darkness; a group of arthropods which produced light from their back side. His beautiful, fiery eyes widened when he saw his dead wife lying next to him, her eyes wide and mouth agape, frozen in horror. "LEAH!" he wailed. He touched her head with a gentle ease, before crawling over to the edge of the bed. Florence lay on her back on the floor, hugging her stomach and laughing with no sanity. Kenneth's heart shattered into pieces, and he closed his pained eyes. "You killed your mother," Kenneth spoke, his voice dead.

Florence opened her eyes, and beamed up at her father. "Yeah, so?" she asked excitedly, as though the two had just shared a joke. "I am finally freeeeee!" She laughed harder, hugging her stomach tighter. She laughed so loud, her ribs hurt.

Kenneth sighed, defeated. He stood, and took his daughter's hand in his own. He closed his eyes. As he did, a white and cloudy mist emitted from her mouth and seeped into his own. When he opened them, his left eye changed. Instead of his red eyes and the gold leaf, it was pure white. He looked at Florence with a hard, dead look. The girl now had black straight black hair, and ocean blue eyes. The girl squeaked, and huddled into herself, feeling cold for the first time in her life. "W…what did you do to me?" she asked as she looked up at Kenneth, almost with a look of fear.

"I have stripped you of your powers," he said. "You are to live out the rest of your life here. Caring for the earth will be the only way you will survive. I'm sorry, Florence." With that, put his arms around Leah's cold body, and lifted her off the bed with a gentle ease. He disappeared in a spiral of leaves. Florence curled up under the covers, shivering. Powerless and alone, she became the first human in the world.

After Kenneth left, he lay Leah's body down on a soft, bed of grass, and kissed her forehead forlornly. As he did, Leah's hair turned gold, and her skin became a lot tanner. He pulled away, and stood over her, watching as the roots of the trees she had created blanketed her body into the earth, and hid her from view. It is said that you could still find her final resting place, if you look in the right place and have an open mind.

Kenneth sank down to his knees as he watched. The Earth seemed to sense the immense sadness and regret emitting from him, and confided in his thoughts. A large spear of rock emitted from the ground, and flew upward into the oblivion of black that was the sky. The sun's light reflected upon it, making it glow brightly, casting a reflection onto the earth.

Even after all she did, Florence was never abandon completely, even though it may seem so. She was always watched from the distance. Kenneth never confronted her again. But that doesn't mean, he never helped her whenever she needed it. After all, they were still family.