Sitting in the canteen, I have a conversation with my best friend as usual while waiting for my lunch. I am already starving after having the Biology class, which is very difficult for me to understand.

"Aaron, don't you want to try to be in a relationship with a girl?" my best friend, Kevin, asks me. He's never asked me about it before.

"If I have the chance." I replied shortly.

Kevin giggles. Then he gropes his pocket and produces a piece of photo. He puts it on the table so I can see it clearly. "Look," he points the photo of a girl between two boys. "This photo is taken a month ago, when we were playing together at the mall. This girl is Jessica, and this boy is Henry, her boyfriend who's also my close friend. But I heard that they broke up last week."

I smirk. "Then you want me to be her new boyfriend?"

"I think so. Because I think you're her ideal type. I used to like her and express my feeling, but she rejects me." He pouts.

I look back at the photo. "She's beautiful. But, are you sure that she will like me?"

"Why don't you try? I have her phone number." He flips the photo over and there it is, a phone number.

"Well, I won't miss this chance." I take and keep that photo inside my pocket.

After school, I pick my phone out of my drawer and try contacting Jessica. Seconds later, I can hear a soft, beautiful voice from the other side. "Hello, who's this?"

I blush into red and I stutter, "I—I am Aaron. Are you—Jess—Jessica?"

"Yes, I am." She answers.

I tell her how I get her phone number. After we introduce ourselves to each other, finally I am able to say what I want to do with her.

"What about going out for a dinner?" I ask her.

"Ummm…" she pauses for a moment, then she says, "That will be nice. Where do you want to go?"

"Steak House. What do you think? It's a nice restaurant."

I am waiting for her to reply, but then I realize that the line has disconnected. What's wrong? No signals?

I punch her number into my phone again and try calling back. But she doesn't pick up. I try for the second time and get the same result. What should I do now? Bad things begin to pop inside my head. Is she mad? Or she only makes fun of me?

I decide to text her.

'Can't contact you. Let's meet at Steak House at 7 pm, Jessica.

~Aaron '

Then I remember that this is going to be a blind date for Jessica. So, I send her the next message.

'Tomorrow I'll wear blue T-shirt, dark blue jeans and black sneakers. Don't get confused ;)'

I am waiting for her response. But I think it's no use expecting her. I've been fooled. How stupid I am, for expecting a girl to have a date with me. I am not meant to be in a relationship with any girls.

Plopping myself on the sofa, I close my eyes, trying to sleep. When I am sleeping, I can forget all my problems, all the bad things. When I am sleeping, I feel nothing.

RRINGG! The ring of the notification startles me. I sit up at once and grab my phone on the table beside the sofa. I look at the screen, there is a new message. I heave a sigh of relief when it's a message from Jessica.

She replies, 'Okay. Be expecting you there '

Nice! I see a green light and I know that this is the time to make an action. I shouldn't miss this opportunity.

As what I said yesterday, I am wearing the clothes which I've described to Jessica. Exactly at 7 pm, I arrive at the restaurant. I get out of my car and enter the restaurant.

I head towards the table in the corner. I sit down and fish my phone out from my pocket. I am about to text Jessica telling her that I am already here when I notice that someone is advancing on me.

I jerk up my head to see him. My eyes meet his eyes and I can recognize him at once. Henry! This is the boy in the photo which Kevin showed me yesterday. His messed hair, dark circle around his eyes and his pale face indicate that he is not fine, I can guess.

"Um…" I don't know what to say. "Are you…"

"I am Henry. Jessica's ex. You must be Aaron." He says in his deep voice, sitting at the opposite of me. His eyes look at me menacingly.

"Sorry? I don't know who you are talking about." I boast.

He smirks, not answering me. Then he picks his phone out from his pocket, which looks like a girl's phone and now his thumbs are running through the phone's screen. The color of the cellphone is pink and has a Hello Kitty sticker on its back. I eye it suspiciously while my fingers are punching Jessica's number into my phone. I try to call her.

RRIIINGGG! The phone in Henry's hand is ringing which makes me scared stiff. I end the call and stare at Henry.

"So, you've been trying to call this number since yesterday afternoon. What are you doing, weirdo?" he asks me and stares me with his cold eyes. His lips form a straight line, showing that he is really serious about this.

"It—it is Jessica's number. I called her yesterday and had a nice conversation with her."

Henry stared at me impassively then he bursts into laughter. "Don't try to fool me, Aaron."

"I don't!" I snap back.

Henry looks around and then he brings himself closer to me. "How can you communicate with someone who's already dead by using phone?" he whispers, his sharp eyes eyeing me and I don't know why I can't take my eyes off his. I am too scared.

"Don't talk daft! Jessica was talking to me yesterday on the phone."

Henry looks at the phone in his hand and says, "This is her phone. I always bring it with me and I didn't pick up any calls from you."

I think he is pulling my legs. "You're boasting."

Henry hands the phone to me. "Look." He says. "There are many missed calls from you, no answered calls."

Damn! He is right. 1.13 pm, it was the time when I called Jessica for the first time. But it's only a missed call, not an answered call.

What on earth is happening?

"But you replied my messages, didn't you?"

"I did, because I was curious about you, Aaron. You know my ex's name, you ask her for a date. What's wrong with you? Are you a freak who's trying to interfere with my life?"

I can't answer him. This is nonsense. Am I bamboozled by Kevin into believing that Jessica is already Henry's ex? Who's making fool of me?

Before I can answer, Henry looks at me and then says, "I killed Jessica a week ago."

I am dumbfounded, staring at him unbelievingly. Then he slides his index finger across the screen, showing a picture of a girl—that's Jessica—bleeding in her stomach, her eyes were blank, lying on the floor which is covered by puddles of blood, and she is…dead. And I see the date when the picture was taken, it was already a week ago.

"This is the strongest proof I can give to you." Henry said.

I am too scared for a word. I can't say anything. I'd talked with a ghost of a girl yesterday.

Finally I can open my mouth and question him, "Why did you kill her?"

Henry takes the phone away from me and replies, "I am not ready to be a father."

Then an ominous silence occurs between us. I am shivering with fear.

Henry's hand creeps slowly to the knife on the table and holds it. Looking at me, he says, "You don't know how much I love her."

"Wh—what are you doing?" I blurt out.

"I want to live happily with Jessica and my child." That is the last sentence he says before he stabs the knife into his throat.