Hello All,

Sorry for such a long radio silence. I have read all the comments and private messages you've sent me (thanks for those by the way I'm very glad to hear from you). I've been waiting until I had more information to give you guys and tell you all together. So I have a little good news for you. Survival of the Rose is up on the Galatea app. It's been tweaked a bit because there has to be a faster pace on it, so if you do read it on there I would love for you to come back and give me feedback on how you like it. I am still in the dark on when or even if there will be a print version. I much prefer the print version because it is all me and how I chose for the story to go and as of right now I have no idea how the version on Galatea will end! That being said I don't intend to leave those of you who have read along from the beginning hanging. I have tried contacting Inkett, the company in charge of publishing SOTR. Hopefully, I hear back from them soon and I will be sure to let you guys know as soon as I know. If they don't get back to me I will figure something out for you guys I promise, because you deserve more than this little cliff hanger. You deserve a finished story. So bare with me for a bit longer and in the mean time check out the Galatea version!

Thank you all for all the support you have given my story. It means so much. I'll check back in soon!