It never used to be this way.

Cigarette smoke sits in the back of her throat like hellfire and death as Cherry turns the corner to her mother's psychic tent. Every ounce of strength in her body is drained, gone. Her bed sits in the back of the tent and she collapses on it as soon as she reaches it.

She can hear her mother murmuring quietly to whatever dumbass stumbled into her business and she resists the urge to laugh. She doesn't know what crap her mother is selling to these stupid people and she doesn't care.

Except she does.

Cold air surrounds her suddenly as Jax sits down beside her. It's the only sign she gets of Jax sneaking up on her. She almost envies the ghost of her intangibility.

"Are you okay?" Jax asks. It's one of the rare moments she shows her love for her Seer. Cherry is grateful for them.

"No." She responds simply. It's futile to lie to Jax.

Jax makes a noise of sympathy. Despite Cherry being the Seer in their strange friendship, Jax sees more than Cherry ever could.

It's silent in the tent. Her mother's latest victim has left. Cherry presses her eyes into her ragged pillow. It smells like pot and sex. She doesn't know how life got this screwed up.

She doesn't want to know.

Another idiot comes into the tent and Cherry resists the urge to drag them out and knock some sense into them. Jax whispers to her to get some sleep and leaves.

Honestly, it's been like this for the past few months. Her mother gets slowly higher and higher on the power that the ghost she sees brings her, but it really became noticeable a few months ago. Cherry desperately wants to leave but she doesn't know how.

There's a gun in her father's drawer.

She's considers that option more than she should, probably. The darkness inside of her only grows and she thinks it's hilarious. Oh, if she were only a Seer it would make sense. But she's a Hunter now. She's meant to destroy forces of evil like freaking Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

She leaves the tent without thinking. A stolen bottle of scotch sits in her jacket pocket. It's strong and she doesn't like it, but it does wash away the pain. And she needs that.

It never used to be this way.