The In Between

There is a place between the realm of sleep and time awake

Where dreams are born, touching upon reality like a sunrise.

The warm colors of pink and yellow heralding the beginning

Of what could be or will be, perhaps the occasional surprise.

It's a place devoid of reality, no chains to hold down hopes.

There are no limitations or doubts, no regret or hidden fears,

Rejection is only a fantasy and this is within your fingertips.

Every desire is shining like gold, a sun when the night clears

As if our world could just behold, to remain completely still.

Forever in this moment, oh this bewitching in between place

How I long to linger here. Under my bedsheets a little longer

Stretching luxuriously, as the sun give the tired moon chase.

Just before this clock strikes nine, the sweet moment before,

I have a dream, that nicest dream of what could be in store.