Prologue: Twenty-Four Hours Earlier

Kitee, North Karelia, Finland

She walked around the cave, her snakes staring up at her. The more she walked, the wider her smile got. She had done it! She had divided them so badly that there was nothing that could ever bring them back to each other.

She bent down and gently touched the heads of the snakes. "Yes, my darlings, it is done! We have the fight!"
The snakes hissed warm greetings as she walked past them, their tongues licking up the great lengths of her dress.

Putting the supernaturals against each other was simply so brilliant. She was surprised that no one had thought about doing it before. It was going to make everything so much easier. They would destroy each other and she would not have to lift a finger.

She sat down on a stone chair with her finger clasped together in front of her. Everything was just going the way she liked it.

She waved her hand in front of her and a circle of fog appeared. She watched as supernaturals cried over the bodies of the dead, plotted revenge, or fled the country. Those ones would have to be dealt with. She did not put up with people who ran away from a fight.

She beckoned her snakes toward her with her other hand. They slithered toward her, their eyes open with awe and eagerness. "My darlings, I know you are tried, but I have another task for you." Her clear, high voice rang out over the cave's walls. "I need to go get rid of them." She pointed to a group of witches and wizards who were crossing the border into Russia. "They are too cowards."

The snakes hissed.

She bent down and touched their heads again. "I know I could count on you, my angels. You can do whatever you need to do. I will not be upset if you make it look like an animal attack."

With one final hiss, the snakes slithered out of the cave and out of sight.

She sat deeper into her chair, with a large smile on her face. The great fog globe scanned the great lands of Finland, revealing the hell that had opened on the land. Even the humans were picking on something. It was rather funny to watch them run away, telling each other that they had seen a giant or some other fantasy creature.

"It's all a great cycle," she said, her voice low. "It's all a cycle and in each cycle, a species must be eliminated. Why must we only stick with one, though? That is the biggest question of it all."
She watched as a group of werewolves, Hunters, and a witch gathered around two dead wolves. "We cannot have that," she said, a frown forming on her face. "We simply cannot have that."

She clapped her hands and the globe disappeared. She got to her feet and walked out of the cave. She had important business to attend to.