Author's Note

Okay, you guys should know by now that I get most of my story ideas from music. So, here's the artists and songs that made this story possible.

After Forever: Through Square Eyes

Ancient Bards: In My Arms

Apocalyptica featuring Corey Taylor: I'm Not Jesus

Blackmore's Night: Cartouche

Darzamat: Labyrinth of Anxiety

Delain: Nothing Left

Draconian: Stellar Tombs

Eluveitie: The Call Of The Mountains

Epic North: Supernova

Epica: Run For a Fall (Acoustic)

Eyes of Eden: Star

Kamelot: Spell

Krypteria: Out of Tears

Krypteria: The Night All Angels Cry

Leaves' Eyes: The Waking Eye

Leaves' Eyes: Skraelings

Leaves' Eyes: The Thorn

Leaves' Eyes: Twilight Sun

Loreena McKennitt: The Mummer's Dance

Love and Rockets: Haunted When the Minutes Drag By

Luca Turilli's Dreamquest: Energy

Lyria: Jester

Meden Agan: Everlasting Pain

Neopera: Destined Ways

Nightwish: Alpenglow

Nightwish: End of All Hope

Nightwish: Nemo

Nightwish: Over the Hills and Far Away

Nightwish: Sacrament of the Wildness

Omia: I Don't Speak Human

Phantasma: Let It Die

Sirenia: In Sumerian Haze

Sirenia: On the Wane

Sirenia: Once My Light

Sirenia: Seven Widows Weep

Sleeping Romance: The Promise Inside

Tarja: Poison

The 69 Eyes: Red

The Birthday Massacre: Shallow Grave

The Birthday Massacre: Sleepwalker

Therion :Adulruna Rediviva

Therion: Sitra Ahra

Timo Tolkki's Avalon with Floor Jansen: Design the Century

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Carmina Burana

Two Steps From Hell: Black Blade

Two Steps From Hell: Cannon in D Minor

Two Steps From Hell: Dark Ages

Within Temptation: Covered By Roses

Within Temptation: Dark Wings

Within Temptation: Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)

Within Temptation: Our Farewell

Xandria: Euphoria

Xandria: The Nomad's Crown