We tried to warn you. We tried to tell what the future would hold and you didn't listen to us. We sent a number of things to your time in ways that you would understand. We sent you books, movies, TV shows, and a number of other things. We tried to tell you that the future wasn't good and you chose not to listen to us. You chose to push us out of your thoughts and to keep on going without any thought about what the future would hold.

You chose to go to war, knowing what would happen. The war almost destroyed the world, killing off ninety percent of the population, the loss of natural resources and animal life was even greater. The world was nothing more than a wasteland.

Those who were left rose from the ashes and started to rebuild. Much of the world was unsafe to live in, so they were forced to the untouched lands. Many of those lands hadn't had any human set foot on them since the dawn of time. There were called islands and the people settled five of them, forming their own nations. These nations were known as: Caelum, Paradisus, Pacem, Regnum, and Perfectus.

For awhile, the nations ruled side-by-side for many years. People from each of the islands would get together to have children. Mixing was a must between the islands because they needed to create the strongest humans as possible. People had as many children as possible, until there was too many for the nations to support.

So, the nations got together and came up with an idea. Each year, only eighteen high school seniors from each nation would graduate: nine boys and nine girls. They were to be determined by proving that they were the strongest in a series of deadly contests. The seniors would be sent out into the wasteland and would have to fight for their way back home. No one gets out of graduation, for not to go means a certain death. The ones who survive must marry someone from their nation's class and have a child within the year.

People are allowed to have as many children as they want. In fact, they are encouraged to have over five. For the more children there are, the bigger the graduation ceremony. It's sick, but it's how it's done and it's how it's been done since the last war.

There is no way to change it. The government knows all that you do and there's nothing that can be done to change it.

Now, our lovely government does at least train us for graduation. We are trained in athletics, arts, survival, and academia. Everyone is encouraged to be different, divergent, but it's not for your benefit. Everyone must develop one skill in each of the areas. It is supposed to give the seniors a fighting chance, as well as hope for the future. The government watches the seniors and sees where they will best benefit society.

It's all about the society, which why they even do any of this. Or, at least, it is supposed to be about society. We all know it's really about control.

The future is no utopia, it's dystopia.