Short poem, again written for Creative Writing. I think I'm just gonna stop saying it, and only alert you if it's not from Creative Writing. Sounds good.

Anyways. This was written because so many people who were presenting poems that day were negative, and I wanted something positive.

Humans are inherently


Everyone has different




And that makes us fight

That makes us argue

That makes us hate

Religion and


Sexuality and


We always


Find something to hate about

But not everything is bad

In times of destruction

We send help

With no thoughts of ourselves

We stare up at the stars and dream

Of soaring

Flying above

We swim in the ocean


Of thousands

Of miles

Of endless blackness

And we keep going deeper

We dig through our planet

Searching for priceless shiny things

Just to give to those we love

We laugh

We play

We live

We love

We dream

Of better times

For our tiny children and desperate loved ones

For those seeking refuge from those with harm in mind

For those we don't even know

We help

Humans are inherently flawed

But if we can do such wonders

With such short lives

If we can create miracles

With tiny hands and huge minds

There is hope