The two pawed Bear

A track, a track is all it takes for the hunter to begin the hunt. For a hunter a track is the beginning of the end, for this Hunter finding this track was truly the beginning of the end.

The Hunter found this track like any other track hunted down this beast like any other beast. But this track was different the print it had left was deeper than normal, that wasn't the strange part about it though the toes of the paw went both forward and back.

The Hunter hunted to the brake of dusk to the dawning of the sun the next morning from dusk to down. The sun went up then down up then down, But the Hunter still hunted for this beast would his air castle so high up being so close to the sun would tan his pale skin. hunters hunt that's what the Hunter did, for three days then three nights. When the moon was full the third night the Hunters head was full of a wicked witch's laughter as he paved his way through the mud around the trees.

The Hunter had found his prey on the mount of a hill stood a fairly normal sized bear with the moon surrounding his body like a mother's womb surrounds a baby. As the Hunter bask in the glory of this site he saw one of the bares paws, whether it was the left or right I could not tell you. As the man raised his with the moon light shining his skin tanned from the long journey here. The Hunter did what a hunter does he pointed his weapon towards the creature, the Hunter aim; the Hunter put his finger on the trigger as he stared into the eyes of the beast before him.

But the Copper bear did not move; his eyes where like that of a deer seeing the shine of a car coming, but at the same time a look of sadness that after a long run towards the finish line, to just end up braking your leg.

As the Hunter stared on ward. To the obis or rather a hole so deep you could never see the end into the mind of a dead man, this Hunter swears there's a tear running down the face of both the bare and the man. A tear, a tear, a tear. It's always sad when the game ends. The better the game, the harder it is to let go. The Hunter that night did not do what hunters do. The Hunter just walked over to a nearby tree and sat down, for a Long awaited nap. The Hunter did not come back that night nor next day, but instead went to the next hunt.