Did you ever think about how falling in love is like letting your heart do just that; fall? That you are pushing your heart off of the cushy precipice, that you and it both thought was safe, only to realize otherwise and hoped that the person you are trusting is down there to catch it and stop it from shattering. Some falls are harder than others, but all still daunting and fearsome a task to undertake. Even if they catch it, there is still that chance they will drop it and watch it fall and shatter into tens of millions of pieces. Sometimes they just gently put it down for you to retrieve, you take it back, or someone else comes along to claim it as their own. Hearts aren't made of glass or porcelain, nothing so fragile, but they aren't so tough as to not break. Hearts are made of hard candy; sour or sweet depending on the person or day.

Even if they shatter or crack, they can still be put back together. Not with glue or nails but with a powerful healing warmth that can either be gotten from those around you or even for those strong enough themselves. Sometimes we don't find enough of that warm fuzziness, so we can't mend our broken hearts or other times we find too much of it and find a burning passion that burns through us and leaves only ashes and shadows of what once was. Others don't up who don't get the right amount come out hardened, jagged and untouchable to those who wish to touch it. Some of us instead of risking the chance of unwittingly let our hearts fall off of the precipice we call love decide to, in fact, cage our hearts up and hide them as if they are our biggest weakness and not our greatest joy.

We may even hide them up in that unreachable tower. Afraid to let them down and afraid there will be someone, somewhere who tries to break down those walls brick by brick or just scale up those walls to claim the heart as theirs. The sad thing about love is we either fear it or embrace it. We embrace we might get hurt. We fear it we end up hurting ourselves.