Nicolette had just been through nine months of pregnancy and several long grueling hours of labor, and every single nano-second of it was worth it. Everything was worth it for the little girl that she held in her arms, Cassiopeia. Such a pretty name for such a lovely babe. And with so much suffering behind it for a little girl with a sad back story.

Nicolette sensed as soon as she had seen her daughter that she would have struggles to face in her life and what it would be she could not tell.

Nicolette went and put a gurgling, sleeping Cassie into her crib. She knew that these moments would, down the line, be the ones she looked back on and would think of fondly of. Nicolette If only she could bottle these moments up and keep them forever. Better yet, if she could keep Cassie as warm and safe forever.

Nicolette knew she could try everything in her power to stop Cassie from getting hurt and to keep her happy, but it wouldn't be enough. And she knew that no matter what happened to her, little Cassie would be loved. Cassie would be loved wholly, uncontrollably, and unconditionally. That love would be the thing to get her and her daughter through everything that came their way.

Nicolette couldn't help but laugh at her thoughts. She felt like she was giving her child a blessing like a fae of old. If all of that wasn't just myth and human fairy tale nonsense, she might have asked some of her relatives to do precisely that. But that was all nonsense. Even though a few of them probably were going to try, especially since Cassie was the first child born in quite a while and they were all mumbling about strange portents.

As she was thinking through this, Nicolette put a few of her flames in the air around Cassie's crib. Cassie sleepily giggled and reached out into the air to try and catch them. Luckily the way Nicolette's magic worked even if Cassie did get a hold of the flames, they would never hurt Cassie. The flames were the perfect baby mobile and built-in protection if things went wrong. She watched as the flickering light and warmth of the fire soothed Cassie to sleep.

Luckily for Nicolette, things were starting to calm down. Nicolette had given birth several days ago and, most of her relatives had left, except for her mother. Evelyn had stepped out to get some coffee and some food. They wanted to let her rest and spend some time bonding with Cassie.

She didn't need time to bond with Cassie; she had already formed a strong enough bond with her daughter that it would last eons. All she wanted to do right now was spend time with her daughter and enjoy every second she gets with her while she could. Nicolette looked down at her little girl and, for the first time, felt bad for Brandon because he was missing out on this little miracle, their little girl.

Nicolette knew that her mother would be a while because she was grocery shopping for Nicolette. Since she knew Evelyn would be a while, and Cassie was asleep and would be for a while, she decided to take a quick nap.

Something was amiss, Nicolette could sense it. She jolted awake and got up to look down at Cassie in her crib and was happy she was still asleep peacefully. Even though Nicolette saw that Cassie was sleeping peacefully, she still felt like something was wrong. Nicolette grabbed the baby monitor and ventured out into the rest of her apartment.

She called her inner flame and held it in her other hand. She slowly crept around the corner and heard a vase shatter and someone cuss. She automatically knew at that moment that whoever was in her apartment was not meant to be there.

She slowly peered around the corner and saw three, what she thinks are, weres slipping around the corner. She gradually crept closer, waiting for her moment to strike. When she got into the room, she saw no one there. For a moment, Nicolette almost let her guard down thinking for a split second; maybe she was a bit paranoid.

Just as she was about to let her guard down, she felt someone behind her, and she took off towards her room. She looked behind herself, and she saw a masked figure in all-black chasing her. She threw her flames at the intruder and hoped it landed true and continued to the room. She heard a crash, and a thump knew that the attack hit.

When she got to her room, she saw another black-clad figure standing over her child. Nicolette felt her breath catch. She couldn't breathe. It felt as if all the air in the room was being sucked out of it. She was panicking. She knew she had to calm down if she was going to make sure Cassie was safe. Even though it may have been mere seconds, she felt like her heart stopped. She summoned all the power she had in her to protect the one thing that mattered most.

Nicolette knew even if she died at that moment that at least she would be saving little Cassie. She knew Cassie would grow up loved and happy even if she died because the family she was born into was more than she could ever hope for. Nicolette just hoped that her mother would get there in time to make sure that no one else would show up and get the child.

Evelyn got back to the apartment to see tons of people flooding in and out of her daughter's apartment complex. Evelyn immediately got out of the car and ran into the building and tried to get to the apartment as fast as she could. Evelyn knew that something was wrong with her daughter. She knew, at that moment, their lives would never be the same after this day.

As she neared the apartment, Evelyn could hear Cassie's desperate wails in the background and knew that her suspicions were being confirmed. Evelyn was in front of Nicolette's place, and there were firemen and caution tape, she expected the worst. Evelyn thought that both Nicolette and Cassie were hurt before anyone really had a chance to do anything about it. Evelyn knew that this had to be magic-related because if the fire department was here and no other apartment was affected, it had to magic.

Evelyn wanted to just drop to just give up, but she knew she had to go on and find out what happened if they were okay. Evelyn tried to push past the caution tape and everyone milling about and go into the apartment. But of course, she was stopped.

"Excuse me, Ma'am, you can't just walk in here like that," a young officer said as she tried to push past him.

"I understand you are just trying to do your job, young man, but that's my daughter's apartment and between her and my granddaughter, I and just worried to pieces." She replied in tears.

Knowing it might help a bit, Evelyn used her powers and pushed a little sympathy the officer's way to improve the situation. Watching the young man's face, she saw that it worked. He held up a finger to tell her to wait and went over to what looked like a detective. The detective started to walk towards her, and Evelyn knew she was going to find out what was going on. Evelyn was preparing for the worst.

"Evening Ma'am. I'm Detective Amelia Bishop," the detective said, introducing herself to Evelyn, "And your name would be?"

"Evelyn Jacobs. Is my family okay?" Evelyn said, not wanting to waste another moment.

"When we arrived on the scene Ma'am, there was no one inside the residence except for a screaming, but unharmed infant. There are scorch marks and some embers, a few small fires, and signs of a struggle, but no sign of your daughter, would you happen to know anything that could help us?" Detective Bishop queried.

Evelyn let out a breath, Cassie was safe. The only problem now was Nicolette. She could still be out there like Evelyn's gut was telling her, but the problem was Nicolette was a fire elemental fae. Fire elemental fae could burn themselves out completely and leave nothing, but ash if worked up enough.

"N0, Detective. I can't think of anything," said Evelyn. Evelyn that there might be a chance that Nicollete might still be out there, but why would she leave Cassie. Either way, Evelyn knew that she had to be strong for Cassie. Until they could find out what was going on, she was going to have to take care of Cassie and give her all the love she could get.

"I left about an hour ago to get groceries, and how something could happen in such a short time, I don't know. Everyone loved my daughter. She was so happy to become a mom, and I know she wouldn't leave that baby for the world," Evelyn shared.

Evelyn knew that the family would rally around and do everything to try and find her daughter. This was especially true since magic was involved, and the regular police wouldn't be able to figure out a thing. Even if Nicolette was alive, Evelyn needed to take care of Cassie and make sure she was safe.

"Detective, is it possible for me to see my granddaughter?" Evelyn says, pushing her powers through a bit. It had been killing her hearing a crying Cassie so close and not being able to see her or touch her to soothe her and make sure she is okay. Evelyn had a sneaking suspicion that everyone there couldn't stand the sound of the screaming child and couldn't wait for the screaming infant to be silenced.

A few minutes went by and a blur of people and movement, then she finally was able to see her granddaughter. She was able to hold her and make sure she was unharmed and well. Cassie had calmed the moment she was in her grandmother's arms. It was like she knew that she was no longer so alone.

Evelyn checked the baby over and noticed something weird. On the child's foot was an odd-shaped mark. It looked like a small, broken heart with an arrow gone through it. When Evelyn rubbed her thumb over the mark, she felt a tingle of magic from the mark.

Wanting to make sure, Evelyn sent her magic out over the infant to check everything out. What she sensed from it was intriguing. She found that not only was the child covered with protection spells, but the mark also seems to be filled with some other sort of magic, and what it was she couldn't tell. She could tell that the protection spells were all from her family.

Evelyn couldn't help but wonder who would have put this spell on this child. Yet another thing that she knew was going to add to the list of what needed to be figured out.

Now that Evelyn had Cassie in her arms, safe, she knew that she was going to have to inform the family and make arrangements. Evelyn prepared herself and made the first of many calls that she knew she was going to have to make. She dialed the number of her oldest child and took a deep breath.

"Michael, something happened to Nicolette." It was the only thing that Evelyn knew should get out without letting her son know how worried she really was. Luckily Michael didn't even question what happened; he just asked, "Where do I need to be, and what do I need to bring?"

"Meet me at my house, and please can you start to notify the family that we are convening at my house, and then we can go from there."

"Got it, Mom, see you a bit. I'll grab some formula on my way there. Text me if you need anything else. Love you," Michael replied.

"Love you too, sweetie. And Michael?" Evelyn paused for a moment. She felt the tears in her throat and breathed. She cleared her throat as she heard, "Yes, Mom?"

"Thank you so much, sweetie. And when I say I love you know that I mean it okay," Evelyn said as her voice cracks. As if Michael sensed the shift, he said, "I know Mom, and I love you too. I-whatever is going on, we'll figure it out together cause that's what families do, okay?"

"Okay, sweetie, see you soon."

They both hung up, and Evelyn took a deep breath. She knew that no matter what that the sweet, little child in her arms was going to be okay. Evelyn asked the Detectives if she could grab just a few things for Cassie, and they allow it with someone watching. After that, Evelyn is on her way home.

Evelyn knew that the moment she stepped out of the car, her life had changed, but no one would know how much until many years down the line. Only time could tell what fate had in store for the tiny little infant she carried out of to the car.

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