A man went to work everyday with the same demeanor. ''Get as less done as possible'' Taking the same approach day in and day out, he had little difficulty in meeting t his goal.

Afteral, It floored him that anyone would bother attempting to work hard for a living. Didn't he deserve for all of his wishes and hearts best desires to fall into his lap?

This was his philosophy at least.

And so he continued to coast, somehow managing to rise through the company ranks without so much as lifting a single finger.

He became celebrated and the envy of most within the company walls, and for absolutely nothing…

The day came when he was to be catapulted to the highest point of the company arrived before he knew it.

''About time he thought…''

After giving a less than moving speech before the company higher ups, the new president was shown to his office. He nearly succumbed to a heart attack as he looked at the company plans and blueprints spread across his new desk.

''You've been with the company for many years now, surely I don't need to explain to you what any of this is for…'' said the man who had shown him to his office.

''Afteral, I myself wouldn't know where to begin ha ha ha''

The former's heart sunk as he looked up at the man with a blank stare.