To Me

To the Past Me,
don't be afraid to let things go.
The ground might be cracking beneath your feet,
and life might be throwing everything in different directions,
but once it settles down you can pick everything up and place them somewhere else,
you can even replace them with something new,
because not everything will stay or be the same.
You have a lot of time left,
do and take whatever actions you want,
it's okay for us to mess up now.
I know that for a fact.

To the Present Me,
I know you're basically afraid.
You are clueless because right now we have nothing.
But remember that being lost allows you to be found.
We don't need answers right away,
but what we do need is for you to be okay.
All the no's in the world don't matter,
because that yes will come one day.
Don't give up just yet,
And just know I'll always be cheering for you.

To the Future Me,
I hope you've found what makes us happy.
I know you're counting on me to find the solution we need for our life right now,
but I'm also counting on you to complete the final chapters of our story.
I'll chronicle every detail for us,
if you can promise me that we get a good ending.
I'll see you soon,
that's the only real thing I can promise.