''But what if I never feel like a normal boy?'' The Humanoid asked the tall, broad shouldered man who stood hunched over him, the same man that had given him life, Doctor William Flask.

''Do not fear that my boy, you are already a normal child.''

''I am?'' the Humanoid replied with a voice that was as syrupy sweet as the most innocent of children.

Doctor Flask petted the child gently atop his head, allowing his strong fingers to stroke it amongst its mass of purple, curly hair. He lent a reassuring smile that always gave the boy confidence, a security that only a creator might endow.

''Yes. And not only this…'' he added, his smile increasing.

''But you are far more than that…''

''More?'' the humanoid child repeated, his tone of disbelief high.

"Indeed my son. In fact much more

''Much more?''

The humanoid stood examining its body, as if attempting to come to terms with just who or what he were.

''Does your curiosity rise my child?'' asked the inventor.

''Yes Doctor…''

''Eh…please address me as your father Quark''

''Yes Doctor…''


''I mean…'' Quark smiled bashfully. He had never blushed before.


''Very good.'' The inventor commended, returning the Humanoids smile warmly.

''Now…according to your vitals your are very healthy Quark.''

''I am?'' the child harped.

''Yes very much so.''

''Good, because I feel healthy Doctor…I mean dad…heh heh…''

To this, the child being flexed its biceps, and his triceps seemed to expands just from thinking, validating his creator's earlier point by much already…

''Indeed'' the inventor chuckled.

''Indeed Quark''