An adventurous spirit even from this, the very start, Quark had planned to spend the full day exploring. In spite of Dr. Flask's sternest warning to stay close to the compound grounds

After frolicking about through the lush forestland that enshrouded the inventors very hidden laboratory compound, a precaution the man took for obvious reasons, the Humanoid child found himself glancing over a hill that would bring him just to the edge of the city, and essentially an entire world that awaited him now…just beyond the walls and boundaries of his home…the secret laboratory where he had been born.

Having just started out, the Humanoid child allowed himself to hover down unto a nearby skyscraper. This way he'd get a good full view of the city.


He'd let himself go into a freefall, arms outstretched as he fell towards the earth, allowing himself to be captured by its gravitational pull.

''Wow a candy shop!'' cried the Humanoid child excitedly, as his body hovered in front of Pete's Lollipop Factory.

''Well hello there.'' Greeted Pete, as Quark entered, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

''What can I do for you today?''

He was a middle-aged fellow, with a short stubbly beard. His voice was jolly and inviting, making Quark feel comfortable as he entered the shop.

Pete watched children enter his candy shop day in and day out…and yet, the shop owner couldn't quite place his finger on it, but there was something different about this one…

something very different…