The initial thing that Chase was set to do, would be the most clear aspect of the whole matter which loomed before him…

It was the very reason he had gone back in time afteral…

And he was the first person to do so…ever.

Chase was sure of that, he had to have been.

He was in the act of embarking on an endeavor that no one else had ever attempted before, and clearly, that had never been made accessible to anyone before now…

He had actually time traveled… the youth thought.

''Unbelievable'' he whispered as he made his away along the road.

There didn't seem to be a thing in sight. He laughed.

''Unbelievable'' Chase uttered again, this time having done so aloud as he stopped, setting his hands abroad his hips and looking around this, what amounted to a prehistoric world that he had now found himself in.

No sooner than he had adjusted his ballpoint cap, did Chase happen to stumble, forehead first, into a tree, which came about as he haphazardly bumbled about the open roads of the countryside.

Even without much glance, the youth could discern that it was a spiral of pathways that only really seemed to lead to more trees, dirt and gravel. On and on they went, and with little in the way of ending.

About an hours travel finally lead Chase to the frontier of a town

And he knew without a shadow of a doubt

That this was the Old West