Gladiator IV

A final slash of the Broadsword finished off the giant that had earnestly challenged he, the King's young champion.

The boy's eyes could hardly focus on his victory, chest heaving heavily as the almost fantastic creature's body crashed deep into the pavement, the crowd.

The immensity of the cheering that reigned from the surrounding coliseum, drowned out any withdrawal that he might have been able to allow himself from a battle against a less than average opponent.

A hybrid of a tan skinned human being, a man and a Cyclops, the enemy was no longer moving as its large body lay motionless, several inches into the ground as Feral stepped closer to it.

Once again the victor! Feral!

Feral stepped into the darkness of the King's chamber once more. The hybrid gladiators head was thrown before him.

''I am pleased with your performance lately my Champion''

Feral gave a bow

''Thank you my Lord. Im ever pleased by your praise.''

''I think the time has come…''

''You mean…?''

A look of surprise had crossed the youth's face. Was it the moment he had been hoping for.

''Yes, I now appoint you to Emissary Knight.''

''My Lord''

Feral bowed again, ecstatic, though not for long…

''And your first task for me, my chapion…now as my Knight Emissary…''

''Anything you request my King.''

''Is to slaughter the village of Gale…''