Many centuries ago in ancient Egypt. There was once a kingdom as old as the desert sands themselves that was ruled by a great and powerful king whose lust for power drove him to desire many other kingdoms to bow to him. In less than 2 years his grand army had already conquered and enslaved thousands of kingdoms and their citizens with ease. But this wasn't enough for the power hungry king. He still desired more power. Power that could rival the gods themselves. The power of immortality. Thus he sent out an urgent request to the greatest sorcerers and alchemists in the land to meet him at his palace.

After a long journey to the palace they all began to gather within the king's court with the king sitting at his large throne looking down onto them. The king stood tall at his throne as he walked towards them as he began to speak and told them.

"I desire you all to create a weapon for me. A weapon that can allow me to reshape the world in my image." he said in loud and bellowing voice as he stood in front of them with a glare that would make Attila the Hun quake in his boots. The sorcerers instantly went to work on the weapon using all of their resources and magic as it all poured into a single dagger, The Golden Blade of Ra. A tool so powerful that one could easily overthrow a kingdom in less than a day. The sorcerers now terrified of what they had created they instantly tried to destroy their newfound creation until the newfound power began to affect them. All of the sorcerers began to brutally assault and kill each other as the blade began to affect their minds causing them all to crave the great power the blade held.

Two days later, the servants of the king had found them all dead within their room with only the blade on a table. The servant's then became swayed by the blades promise of unlimited power and began to turn on each other murdering one another relentlessly with no mercy until the king saw the sudden change in his staff as he soon found the trail of dead bodies leading to the empty room filled with nothing but piles of the decaying corpses of the sorcerers and the golden blade stabbed into the table. The king drawn to its power picked it up and instantly became attached to the weapon. The blade began to feed off of the king's greed as the king began to use its grand power to conquer many kingdoms with ease becoming a great and all-powerful emperor. Then the blades power began to mentally affect him as he started to distrust his servants as he had anyone he thought would betray him executed on the spot with no regrets or thought. The blade began to affect his mind as he slowly went insane and went on a killing spree as he began to think that others would want to take the blade from him. Thus, after killing all of the citizens in his city, he began to slip deeper into madness as he hid himself away in his castle no longer able to eat, sleep, or bathe himself as he had gone insane and senile. Thus, consumed by his greed the king now lies in his castle. Holding the legendary blade to this day but now he is more monster than man.